you want to subsidize corn and healthcare?!

1.17: web.health/glycemic index of various corn products:
65 Sweet corn, (has fiber and germ)
70 corn flour (same as sucrose)
85 corn starch (same as white bread)
-- the de-germed flour of the corn kernel
115 corn syrup --[ higher than 100 indicates a toxin .
   . it's measuring the rise in blood glucose
with pure glucose assigned an index of 100;
if the rise is faster than glucose,
it means something in it
is preventing cells from using it,
thereby keeping it dammed in the blood stream .]
70 high-fructose corn syrup drinks, hfcs sodas
--[ should be 115:
this is corn syrup with fructose added;
while the glycemic index appears low
it's because they testing a dilution .
. fructose doesn't become glucose
so it has a zero glycemic index;
but it does turn into triglycerides
that are making glucose less easy to use .
. by diluting the corn syrup
there's less of it test;
whereas the usefulness of the test
is not in showing how much a given calorie load
will turn into a given blood sugar load,
but rather,
in giving an idea of how fast
the blood sugar is increasing
-- important because the body can
put out insulin only so fast,
and if it can't keep up with that soda,
then there are short bursts of
brain-damaging high blood sugar;
in its rush to catch up, the insulin overcompensates:
bringing the blood sugar too low,
then the system protects itself from low brain sugar
by using cortisol to make the body insulin resistant
so there will be more for the brain;
at the next can of soda,
this insulin resistance will make the problem worse .]