zoonotic pathogens

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. zoonoses are the diseases that can be
transmitted from animals to humans,
"the risk for transmission of zoonotic agents
by close contact between pets and their owners
through bed sharing, kissing or licking
is real and has even been documented
for life-threatening infections such as
plague, and internal parasites"
and other serious diseases.
. several people have died from infections
after pets licked their open wounds .
. pets are exposed to salmonella in their food,
and if they've become littered with their own feces
the salmonella can stay alive for up to 12 weeks.

. 53% of dog owners consider their dog to be
a member of the family,
and 56 % of the Pets Are Family set
say they sleep with their dog next to them .
. dogs can carry some meningitis vectors,
and MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).
. dog worms can be a source of human toxocariasis,
causing serious vision problems for young children.

. disease transmissions from cats
are far more prevalent, and often more serious .
. a case of the plague in arizona occurred
when a child slept with his flea-infested cat.

. Cat Scratch is a bacterial infection
causing serious damage to the
liver, kidney and spleen of humans
from the scratch, lick or bite of a cat.
. the germ is also contained in the flea feces
that are dropped by a cat onto food prep areas .