aerosolized prions for biological warfare

1.20: news.health/prions/aerosolized prions for biological warfare:
. prions are 100 percent fatal;
but have been avoidable simply by
eating low on the food chain;
a new study has found that an
aerosolized form of sheep`scrapie prions
could cause death when inhaled by mice .]

ScienceDaily (Jan. 14, 2011):
Mad cow disease -- aka BSE,
(bovine spongiform encephalopathy)
is a 100% fatal spongy degeneration
in the brain and spinal cord.
The disease is transmitted by
tiny micro-organisms known as prions.
. over half a million cattle have died from
various prion diseases
. 15 % of Colorado deer populations
carry chronic wasting disease .
[. the original source of prions
is genetic mutation .]

. controls on high-risk offal
were introduced in 1989;
and, less than 300 people have died
from mad cow disease;
but, due to its long incubation period,
the number of human and animal deaths
is expected to rise.
Almost half a million BSE-infected animals
had entered the human food chain
before the controls went into effect .

Professor Adriano Aguzzi's team
at universities of Zurich and Tubingen
and the University Hospital Zurich
found airborne aerosolized sheep`scrapie prions
could cause infection in mammals .

farmed fish are fed cattle parts:
still interested in farmed fish?!

farmed fish provide less fish`health benefits:
. omega-3's increased markedly in
those patients that ate fish fed on
feed containing pure fish oils.
It was also shown that in these patients
the levels of marker substances for
heart and vessel disease
were much better than in patients eating
fish raised on pure rapeseed oil.

think about losing freedom to choose:
. crowded caged farmed fish are promoting the
hyperbreeding of fish parasites
that then reduce the health of surrounding wild stocks .