wealth4all religion

3.24: adds/minimalist religion:
. the religions I'm seeing so far
are too much into micromanagement:
. the main thing to keep in mind
when designing a religion,
is that it is very easy to stray;
and, we have to work at
maintaining a moral community .

petrodollar vs BRICS's Gold Trade Notes

29: summary:
. this is a transcription of an interview
with Dr. Jim Willie of GoldenJackass.com .
. the dollar as the world's reserve currency
is being challenged by the Eurasian Trade Zone's
or BRIC'S Developent bank's Gold Trade Notes .
. at the same time,
the USA's military alliances with oil producers
which ensured easy loans for USA's debt addiction
are being challenged by offers of similar alliances
with China's military services and Russian arms;
and, this may influence the risk of inflation or war .


Einstein prepping for Israel PR 1955

4.19: news.pol/zionism/Einstein prepping for Israel PR 1955:
4.20: summary:
. this reviews Israel-USA history around 1955,
when Israel was working with Einstein
to give a nationally televised speech
celebrating Israel's Independence day .
. Einstein's main motivation for embracing Israel
was worrying about post-WWI German Jewish refugees;
he hoped Israel could absorb them;
and so, he hoped that Palestinians could
coexist peacefully with those in need;
but he didn't appear to have been familiar with
the same Bible used by fundamentalist Judaism
which glorifies the conquering of Palestine
with no thought to the democratic values
that Einstein so hoped for .
. however, I did like his idea for peace:
start with a strong federal presence,
and gradually relax it as individual communities
were better able to govern (and defend) themselves .
. I didn't see how a USA-style democracy could work;
but, I could see an Israel with a variety of religions,
as long as each town could determine its own religion,
and Jewish settlers didn't try to take
what the Palestinians were already established in
(there was plenty of desert to live in
and plenty of sun to drive desalination efforts).