wealth4all religion

3.24: adds/minimalist religion:
. the religions I'm seeing so far
are too much into micromanagement:
. the main thing to keep in mind
when designing a religion,
is that it is very easy to stray;
and, we have to work at
maintaining a moral community .

. a prophet simply needs to point out
where we erred,
and enlighten us as to why our way was an error:
eg, Islam's final prophet
has told us that many take offense
when we have seen magicians like Jesus
and confuse "son of god" with
"is a diety by father is a god".
. however, then the prophet is Final,
and is busy with micromanaging us:
we don't need to hear about
how many wives we can have;
rather, it is sufficient to remind us
that widows have often been ignored,
and this has lead to prostitution,
or to a lack of proper parenting;
hence we need some institution for widows:
either multi-marriage, monastaries,
or some other sort of commune .
. there needs to be a place for everyone .

. generally,
any commandments should be paired with a rationale,
or with what the practical alternatives are:
ie, if we don't have a given law,
then some related ugly history will recur .

. often the problem is grace:
if we don't define righteousness
then we bump into each other
and there is no peace,
not because anyone's actions are wrong,
but because our actions together
are uncoordinated .
. on the other hand,
we don't need to coordinate with everyone,
hence, our grace rules can be specific to
our particular gated community .

. federations should have minimal rules:
a common 2nd language,
and some very generic expectations
such as recognizing declared buddies
as being legally equivalent to a spouse .
. your community can demand marriage,
but your federal hospital should be
recognizing your designated buddy as being
the one who can visit you,
and make decisions on your behalf .

. the key to peace is a combination of
isolating cultures to gated communities,
and also maintaining a consistent superculture
such that if we want to switch cultures,
our childhood culture has not defiled us
in the eyes of other cultures .

. concerning decisions of land use,
fascism lets the military decide,
while capitalism lets the market decide;
but we should keep in mind planetary purpose:
we need to mine the earth,
and for that the state needs land rights .
. we can strip-mine without destroying ecosystems
by letting the ecosystem grow back
before moving on to the next patch .
. however any fears of extinction
should not be getting in our way,
because all planets die when their sun dies,
so we need to do what we can
to prepare for space travel .
. the main point of environmentalists
has been or should be
that the human has grown like a cancer
without regard for either other species
or even for our own futures .
. imagine a Europe that was not overpopulated:
there would have been no need to
get pushy with the First Americans:
Europeans would have just
gently introduced them to things they like
and ask for trades with things we need .
"( . if you let us mine this land
we can show you much better hunting elsewhere .
. if you let us irrigate this land,
your crops will make you rich,
and you can give us a cut for our work .)

. we should promote a variety of races,
but we should not promote
very large numbers of cultures
since there is only a finite amount of space
with which to reward good genes .
. cultures that promote crime
should be put on a one-child policy
and then as their numbers leave many vacancies,
they are consolidated into fewer gated communities .
. successful cultures (ones without crime)
are either communally parenting,
or have strong neighborhood policing .

25: adds/the jesus molecule:
. communists disdain religion;
so, Jesus should be repackaged as a
lesson in psychology, a community unifier .
. when you have problems with your comrads,
instead of starting a feud,
we take it to your community .
. but what if that is against macho culture ?
so from that we can see the jesus molecule
is just one type of community:
if you believe we all matter, that feelings matter,
then Jesus works for you,
(at least when you can find others like yourself ).
. this is real churching:
we believe in what our country or state believes,
but we also offer this style of community policing .

28: adds/relig/wealth4all/harm prevention:
. remember, harm prevention is salvation,
and, if you think punishment is preventive,
you are sadly deluded my friend;
and that delusion obstructs our salvation .
. we need more gated communities,
and more communal parenting .
. what could prevent "terrorism war"?
why should we have a militarized service
that is secret ? because a democracy
would never support their agenda .
. but the people are no saints either
as they obstruct wealth4all:
# wealth4all means real accountability:
# wealth4all means population control;
# socialism is not wealth4all
(unless it includes pop'control)
# commercial privacy is not wealth4all;
# parental privacy is not wealth4all .

28: adds/relig/wealth4all/
mystery is the opiate of the people:
. so much of life is private,
and privacy means secrecy:
much of knowable life is a mystery .
. when we have a secret military
we can't see the "justice" system
-- and, we can't see the defendants .
. when we have private sausage factories,
we can't see what's in our sausage .
. when we have private parenting,
we can't see how different we are;
ah, difference is good, no?
so who would disdain gated communities?
we know from studying internet malware
you aren't protected by blacklisting,
because new criminals are born daily;
rather, you want to know who you can trust,
and invite that group only
to walk the same streets you do .
. where do you put your bad kids?
you put them on our streets .
. and what makes bad parents?
bad societal supervision of parenting.
. also, good kids can become bad
if there seems to be no opportunity;
and, what causes that?
unregulated population growth
that isn't coordinated with employer plans .
. we're simply expecting too much
from capitalists we don't even know .
. before we have that kid,
did we ask our self:
"( how is my kid going to be of use
when there are more people than jobs?
. what if I wasn't so good at connecting,
and my kid is a chip off the ol' block?
. that's where mystery saves us:
the ugly questions don't show up .
. mystery is the opiate of the people .