how digestive enzymes reduce #inflammation

10.30: news.health/diet/enzymes/digestive enzymes reduce inflammation?:
. several doctors say enzymes reduce inflammation;
but they are talking about different types?
Dr.Mercola says your best source is raw food
and calorie restriction;
but Dr.Bob Martin promotes a supplement
that contains various proteolytic enzymes
and other digestive enzymes.
. the idea I got from researching
Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's
Guts and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet:
was that certain infections (candida?)
can inhibit production of digestive enzymes
so that more food is not absorbed by you
and is thus available to the infection;
this infection can be a source of inflammation
when your immune system attacks it;
so, the cure is to replace the enzymes
and go on a diet that inhibits infections
(no sugar, and low glycemic).
. if the infection is removed inflammation is reduced,
and, digestive enzyme supplements can be discontinued.
. if you tend to eat out of a blender,
keep in mind that the act of chewing
is a major source of some digestive enzymes.

Alan Dershowitz temporarily censored by youtube #zionism

10.25: news.pol/zionism/Alan Dershowitz temporarily censored by youtube:
12.31: summary:
. youtube actually censored a famous professor;
what did he talk about? a defense of zionism.
he may have since changed his material;
I transcribe his current work.


at the beginning of separated gods

10.23: news.relig/judaism/bible/genesis/
at the beginning of separated gods:
genesis 1:1 (bbe, ojb, and my translation):
In the beginning of separated Elohim,
hashomayim (the heavens, Himel),
and haaretz (the earth).

first three words of the Bible In Hebrew:
b'reishit ([at the beginning of]),
bara ([separated]),
elohim ([gods]).

professor of exegesis Ellen van Wolde:
. the Hebrew word "bara"
should be translated as 'separated'.


omega-3 medicinal effects

10.21: web.health/diet/omega-3/medicinal effects:
12.27: summary:
. fish oil has long-chained omega-3
that is very valuable for reducing disease;
you can make some yourself with
plant-based omega-3, but not much.
. plant-based omega-3 was not helpful for
reducing the risk of circulation disorders
yet one study showed it reduced the risk of
macular degeneration.
. some studies showed that supplements did not help
reduce risk of cerebrovascular disease,
only a diet of whole fish helped.
. one study showed high-dose supplements
did help with macular degeneration,
while another study showed that
low dose supplements did not help.
. fish is a source of mercury, PCB's and dioxins;
fish oil supplements that are 3rd-party tested
may help with heart disease, cancer,
arthritis, macular degeneration
and mental illness.


#microcephaly is it #Zika or #glyphosate or larvicide?

12.21: pol/healthcare/microcephaly/summary:
. Zika has been proposed by some usa officials
as the source of microcephaly birth defects;
but some doctors are pointing to pesticides.


#autism #glyphosate #Roundup глифосат аутизм

10.16: web.pol/healthcare/autism/glyphosate evidence:
. some suggest glyphosate (Roundup) causes autism;
Russia discourages the use of genetically modified crops;
would they have lower use of glyphosate?
and would they have lower rates of autism?
. some feel that Russia ignores autism,
diagnosing it as psychosis or retardation.
. some see autism rises with other birth defects,
and some see glyphosate causing birth defects.


#cancer #depression #Psilocybin the oracle

12.18: news.med/cancer/depression/Psilocybin/the oracle:
. a brain cancer patient who would later die from it
did Psilocybin and it was like an oracle
(here is what is in store for you):
it gave her a very bad experience
but also the message that while life looks bad,
a big part of it is how you look at it:
don't ruin the precious here & now
worrying about the hopelessness of the future.


Pima Air & Space and Titan Missile Museums

Pima Air & Space museum:
adjacent to DM Air Force Base
Titan Missile Museum:
This preserved Titan II missile site,
officially known as complex 571-7,
is all that remains of the 54 Titan II missile sites
that were on alert across the United States from 1963 to 1987.
the Titan II was capable of delivering a 9-megaton nuclear warhead
to targets more than 6300 miles (10,000 km) away in about 30 minutes.


LOL "too Jewish" radio said alt news is fake news!

12.11: news.pol/purges/media/
LOL "too Jewish" radio said alt news is fake news!:
. I love to listen to Rabbi Sam Cohon
hosting "Too Jewish" radio in Tucson
because Israel and Jewish culture are important
for several reasons:
# most of the terrorists we are fighting now
are Islamic reactions against Israel's creation
which confiscated land from Islamic Palestinians;
and Israel's Zionism is genuine Judaism.
# you will never know the real Jesus (Yeshua)
without knowing more about Judaism.
. but today I was surprised to hear
"too Jewish" radio say alt news is fake news.