many safe products now part of #cancer conspiracy

7.25: news.health/cancer/
many safe products now part of cancer conspiracy:
. many chemicals in our environment
are not classed as carcinogens because
they are not by themselves mutagens;
but many chemicals deemed to be safe
can conspire to contribute to cancer risk.


brain-eating infection in rivers and lakes

7.24: news.health/brain-eating infection in rivers and lakes:
Naegleria fowleri are brain-eating amebae
that enter the brain through the nose.
. there is always a low level of risk whenever they enter
warm freshwater lakes, rivers, and hot springs
(for example, when swimming, diving, or waterskiing),
particularly in southern-tier states.
. drinking infected water is not a problem [cdc].


curcumin for #parkinsons

7.21: news.med/parkinsons/curcumin:

. curcumin is found in turmeric spice;
curcumin can reduce the progress of Parkinson's
by inhibiting the misfolding and bunching up
of the brain cell protein alpha-synuclein.
. curcumin can reduce ROS (stressful oxygen radicals)
that are associated with Parkinson's.
. alpha-synuclein toxicity can cause apoptosis (cell suicide),
and curcumin can protect cells against that
[BMC Neurosci. 2010].

other things curcumin can do for the brain:
. Curcumin can chelate metals that cause
oxidative damage to lipids, proteins, and DNA.
. it can inhibit inflammation (stongly associated
with brain cell death in Parkinson's)
and, stimulate beneficial microglial phagocytosis
[immune cells in brain eat unwanted material]
to clear amyloid out of brain.

. removing amyloid might reduce the formation of
the α-synuclein amyloid fibrils found in Parkinson's;
because, the α-synuclein tends to form aggregates
when seeded by other aggregates (amyloids)
[J Biological Chemistry 2005].

. curcumin extracts are poorly absorbed;
perhaps the most potent curcumin formula
is Relentless Improvement's Curcumin
unless you're allergic to Polyvinyl pyrrolidone.

lucidamide for #parkinsons

7.19..22: news.med/parkinsons/lucidamide:
7.22: summary:
. noöpept (available as lucidamide)
has been shown in nerve cells in a dish
to save them from death due to the addition of
the alpha-synuclein that is associated with
cell damage in Parkinson's .
. while this alone hardly warrants use in humans,
noopept is known to be safe for humans,
and is used for enhanced memory and less anxiety.


ae911truth.org important rebuttal to Dr.Wood #911truther

7.19: news.pol/911truther/ae911truth.org
/important rebuttal to Dr.Wood:
. ae911truth.org has a lot of clout; because,
it includes many professionals who
dispute the official 9/11 story;
so their rebuttal to Dr.Wood
is an important one;
and shown to be in error.

#911truther Eric Larsen Ph.D

7.19: news.pol/911truther/Eric Larsen Ph.D/

Eric Larsen,
Emeritus professor at John Jay
College of Criminal Justice, CUNY,
founding Publisher and Editor of
The Oliver Arts & Open Press.
. author of The Skull of Yorick:
The Emptiness of American Thinking
at a Time of Grave Peril
—Studies in the Cover-up of 9/11.
. he gives a review for Dr.Judy Wood's
Where Did the Towers Go?
Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11

global warming theory is disputed by some scientists

7.19: news.phy/geo/global warming theory is disputed by some scientists:
. I think the point of the global warming theory,
is that even though there is insufficient data to support it,
there's a chance the theory is correct,
and if we don't act now before the data is in,
we will find it is too late to act.
. many of the following scientists are skeptics,
but one argument I don't hear from them,
is that severe global warming has happened
many times in the past [geology.utah.gov]
and thus it's due to something beyond our control.


some flu #vaccines don't contain mercury

7.12: news.med/flu vaccine/beware thimerosal:
. some flu vaccines still contain thimerosal
delivering about 25 micrograms of ethylmercury.
It is known that as little a 0.5 micromole
[114.825 micrograms]* of ethylmercury
[ 5 years of thimerosal-flu vaccines ]
can produce a 50% inhibition of the
brain's most important protective system
against excitotoxicity.


water purification

web.aq.care/water purification:
7.11: summary:
. we should store water for emergencies;
boiling is the simplest way to purify water;
but to store tap water in sealed containers,
you can keep it fresh with chlorine dioxide,
(not to be confused with chlorine bleach).
. if there's a chance the water has
protozoa protected by the dormant cyst form
such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium,
only boiling or a submicron filter can remove them
but you don't usually find them in tap water .


#Judaism The Purpose of Exile (and Suffering)

7.3: news.relig/judaism/The Purpose of Exile (and Suffering):
. just as the Israelites built wealth in Egypt,
the current exile has spread Jewish talent
into all the world
in order to build far more wealth
than what could be had from
being confined to the Promised land .
. there will be the final war by Fall 2016
that determines the global leader,
and under that leadership,
the Jewish people will take full control of Israel,
and build the 3rd Temple .


Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths

5.28: web.health/Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths:
7.1: summary:
Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths
have been reduced substantially;
but there is still danger from
letting kids sleep in car seats .
. there is a crib device that simulates a car ride,
so no need to use car rides to promote sleep .