Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths

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7.1: summary:
Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths
have been reduced substantially;
but there is still danger from
letting kids sleep in car seats .
. there is a crib device that simulates a car ride,
so no need to use car rides to promote sleep .

Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths
include cases where the cause is clearly
suffocation or strangulation in the crib,
or in some place of sleeping;
cases where the investigation finds no cause
(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, SIDS)
and cases where there was no investigation [cdc].
. in 1990 there was published ways to avoid suffocation
by placing the baby on its back for sleeping,
and this reduced the number of SIDS,
from 130 to 39.7 in 2013 (deaths per 100k births)
but the number of strangulations has increased to 20.8
and uninvestigated infant deaths has remained at 26.8
. infants and toddlers are dying in
car seats, slings, swings, bouncers, and strollers;
these devices are not intended for
unsupervised sleeping;
but, strangulation was often by the shoulder strap
when the seat strap was neglected
[j pediatrics 2015].
. many parents use a car ride to get their baby to sleep;
but car seats are not designed for sleeping
. there is a device added to the crib
that simulates a car ride:
The SleepTight &reg Infant Soother
"The vibration unit and sound generator
simulates the sound and motion of a car going 55 mph.
The vibration unit attaches underneath the crib
(springs or wood bottom cribs only).
The sound generator attaches by Velcro
and simulates the wind sound from a moving car.
Test results proved that 85% of all babies
stopped crying in an average of 4 minutes
using this medical device.
In an independent study conducted by
Contemporary Pediatrics,
two out of three pediatricians recommend the
SleepTight &reg Infant Soother
instead of medications for colic relief."