ae911truth.org important rebuttal to Dr.Wood #911truther

7.19: news.pol/911truther/ae911truth.org
/important rebuttal to Dr.Wood:
. ae911truth.org has a lot of clout; because,
it includes many professionals who
dispute the official 9/11 story;
so their rebuttal to Dr.Wood
is an important one;
and shown to be in error.
esp'ly this section:
Wood asserts that the steel "turned to dust."
One of the key observations
that she uses to support this conclusion
is the dust that appeared when
a portion of the North Tower's core
finally came down about 12 seconds into
the destruction of the North Tower,
several seconds after
the floors that used to surround that core structure
had been pulverized or had fallen to the ground.
Upon studying the video of the "spire," however,
we find that the steel did not "turn to dust"
(see, for example, the next-to-last segment in
[a good catch of the spire dustified]
). The spire clearly simply fell after being "shaken"
– most likely by explosive charges,
leaving behind, in mid-air,
the pulverized concrete that had been resting on,
or statically stuck to, the steel.
[ unfortunately for them,
they gave a great video that completely refutes
what they claim and verified Dr.Wood's claims.
As is well known,
air resistance causes dust to fall slower than structural steel
(note the final remaining column falling faster
than the dust in the third photograph of the sequence).
Also, if the structural steel was "dustified,"
one would expect to see at least some evidence for
partially "dustified" steel members in the debris,
[ how can they say that when
dustification physics is a military secret?!
but in fact there is evidence of partial dustification:
(see jelly beams, lift & disruption, and other)
yet nothing of the sort is shown
in Wood's book or website.
[ not true, see above.]
One would also expect
a much higher fraction of the dust
to be consistent with iron-rich material
than the 5.87% maximum of iron-rich spheres
detected by RJ Lee Group (RJ Lee; see below).
[ even when the dustification process
is known to cause transmutation
as revealed by the Hutchison effect?
The massive structural steel frames of the Twin Towers
(100,000 tons each)
were roughly equal to the mass of concrete in the towers.
Since the proportion of concrete powder in the dust
was found to be up to 30%,
one would therefore expect
a similar percentage of "dustified" steel,
but none has been found.