#badBIOS @dragosr vs Mac, Linux and PC

4: cyb/sec/#badBIOS/ 
30: summary:
. malware that spreads via usb devices
can infect other usb devices,
and the problem is not the os;
it is the hardware and usb standards
which expose the os to malware infection .
. Dragos Ruiu talks about a mac infection
which sounds like the one I got;
it prevented me from reinstalling the os;
and it started infecting my chromebook,
but the chrome os was able to clean it up .
. my 2005 ubuntu laptop was not so lucky .
. a laptop in my future that will likely do well
is one running the xen hypervisor,
hardened with the Qubes OS .
(see #Qubes #Xen vs Dragos Ruiu's #badBIOS).

#Qubes #Xen vs Dragos Ruiu's #badBIOS

6: co.cyb/sec/qubes/Xen vs Dragos Ruiu's #badBIOS:
me to qubes-devel 5:41am:
. reading about the #badBIOS infection,
I was surprised to learn that all computing accessories
(mouse, trackpad, hub, keyboard, and of course
 flash drives) could have a software-programmable firmware
and this could be infected with malware that could spread
to your next computer if attached to dom0 .
. I was also concerned that a new flash drive malware
-- Dragos Ruiu's #badBIOS --
could infect a next machine without even being mounted;
is this a new threat that xen has yet to adapt to?

#superfood #slowcarb trehalose

30: web.health/trehalose:
. trehalose is a sugar(sucrose) substitute,
that has a moderate glycemic index,
and various medical benefits .


AquaBounty salmon #gmo #fishoil

news.pol/healthcare/gmo#AquaBounty salmon:
. the new gmo fish has an elevated potential
to be allergy-causing, [ consumersunion.org ]
and elevated levels of the IGF-1 growth hormone,
which is linked to colon, prostate and breast cancers;
but how much of that risk
would be in the fish's oil?