real #NIBIRU danger -- not about planet X

10.2: web.purges/overpopulation/
nibiru cataclysm's political symbolism
12.24: summary:
. NIBIRU (Non-Inflationary Birth-Inflated
Rate of Unemployment)
. the NIBIRU cataclysm is a disastrous encounter
between the Earth and a large planetary object
which will take place in the early 21st century.
. birth-inflated conditions are those that
depend upon overpopulation .
.  people don't slow breeding for poverty;
and, capitalists continue to replace workers with
more profitable means of production:
automation, illegals, and immorals
(uninsured slaves in polluting countries).
... therefore,
the capitalists and the hyperbreeders
are like 2 huge planets about to collide .

#Judaism the Mayan connection

9.13: web.relig/judaism/the mayan connection:
. the Hebrew and Mayans calenders both have
world creation dates that are just 647years apart .
and, how did this synchronicity occur ?

dawn in Aquarian's World

12.20: web.relig/aquarian/myan calender:
. when is the mayan calender changing?
it's friday, 12.21, [why did I think 23?];
the ancient Mayans’ long-count calendar
ends at midnight Thursday,
. archaeologists have uncovered Mayan glyphs
that refer to dates far, far beyond 2012;
an age change happens every 5,125-years .

. our understanding of the mayan calender
may be off by two years:
some think Mayan's new age started in 2010 .
. when is the actual dawning of
the age of aquarius? [2000 or 2600 ...]
are the Mayans referring to this?
[ yes and no ... ].


Genesis sync's with Dream Theory

10.22: relig/bible/Genesis creation narrative/sync's with Dream Theory:
. the genesis story's trees of life and knowledge
appears to be aware of
the same creation story that is told by
Dream Theory and the Perfection Plan .
. the story starts with the humans
getting into trouble with the Tree of Knowledge,
and that part is getting the spotlight,
but it is these 2 trees together
  -- Knowledge and Life --  that are
 the central theme of creation:
this universe could not have existed
unless it was capable of creating
the indefinite experience .

. the main reason we can't all see g-d,
is that g-d couldn't create every experience
if there weren't blind people walking into holes .

. ... and the Truth shall set you free ...
-- Jesus Christ .

12.30: summary:
. Genesis reminded me of the Dream Theory;
because, treeing Life represents
the ability to define experiences;
while treeing Knowledge represents
the evolution of technology
and the remembering of history
so that it wasn't repeated .
. without wars the technology would not grow;
and when the sun fizzled out,
the Tree of Life would have to start over
on a new planet from a new god-seed .
. to protect the Tree of Life from restarts,
the god needs to grow our Tree of Knowledge
to get us surviving off the planet;
but we would rather be peaceful farmers
rather than torturous or bored scientists;
so,  the god controls our emotions
for getting us to burn each other;
and, then the burned ones find preventives,
-- and everything else along the way .
. any way life tried for finding peace
the rotating sword of the god's emotion controls
would cut down those rational ways .


Aquarian's church established in USA

10.29: relig/abstract islam/mecca pilgrimage:
. the mecca in the mind:
we should visit the places
where we have seen g-d's word,
or been touched by the supernatural
in some way .
. that includes using hallucinatory drugs,
like DXM, psilocybin, peyote, and DMT .

. after thinking that, I had to check out
what the mecca pilgrimage was really about .
. I was assuming it was where the Prophet
had seen the Qur'an;
but while that happened in the same lunar month,
the Mecca pilgrimage was actually about
the historic conversion of Mecca,
in the process of doing a counter-assault
after Mecca violated a peace treaty:
literally, the Mecca leadership blamed that defeat
on their god's subordination to Islam's god .


#Germany circumcision ban warns #jihad

10.14: news.pol/purges/prison/
circumcision ban labeled religious intolerance:

14: 19: summary:
. after England frowned on Germany for
appearing to be anti-semitic again,
I wanted to point out a misunderstanding
about Germany's issue with circumcision .
. I have German and English blood,
my family includes American Jews,
my country is both USA and UK;
my religion is supernature-aware,
but without a belief in circumcision,
and includes a love of Islam's Prophet
however I think the Prophet is misunderstood:
in this age, he would use psychology, not war,
to pursue the dream of world-wide Islam;
and I don't think he would be against Israel,
but he would insist on community purity:
neighborhoods and businesses used by muslims
should be completely Islamic .

. the news of Germany outlawing circumcision
was made into an anti-jewish spectacle,
but notice the related news just before this:
Germany's leadership was reporting
that after embracing the immigration of muslims
it looked like "(it wasn't working out) .
[citation not locatable, heard on NPR?
but below are many reports from Germany
suggesting widespread resistance to,
or systematic "integration" of, Islam .]
. indeed, that was the same time there was
serious talk of giving up all nuclear power
-- and they were concerned mostly about
having it sabotaged by terrorists .

post- #2012 #collapse needs Mormonism #Romney #overpopulation #revelation

10.2: news.pol/purges/overpopulation/
post- #2012 #collapse needs Mormonism #Romney:
global economic collapse is likely:
. capitalism and overpopulation
are embraced in a vicious cycle
that is building unstable comlexity .
. pop'growth causes debt that is healed by
the increasing efficiencies of capitalism;
conversely, pop'growth empowers capitalism
by lowering labor wages
and increasing the number of sales
allowing for slimmer margins .
. but capitalism is a cruel master
eventually serving only capitalists
by causing high unemployment
and even endangering itself
by being primarily incentivized by profit
which promotes destabilizing technologies:
# domino-effect vulnerable banking
# brittle just-in-time production .
. this combination can cause
very quick collapses
as a failure to finance food production,
then causes fear of food shortages
resulting in runs on food stores
that empty them within hours .
. it's illuminating that republicans chose
Romney for the 2012 usa presidency:
the icon of globalized outsourcing
and rising local unemployment;
he's notable for having been pro-choice
but then converting to pro-abstinence,
and he is politically challenged by being
associated with a "(cult) religion
that believes in long-term food storage .

. what the Romney choice tells us is that
Republican Christians are overpopulators,
and they are prepared warriors
-- may the best capitalist take all .

. remember the Romney lesson:
your free markets can rely on JIT food
(just-in-time production and distribution)
only because your community
does its own long-term food storage .

Islam's 5 pillars

[. here I organized everything around the five,
then added the way other sects do,
unless I saw them as fitting within the 5,
eg, cleanliness rituals are similar to
prayer (cleanliness of mind);]

10.29: web.relig/islam 5 pillars
(including 7 pillars of Ismailism)


Illuminati's WWIII & NWO averted by conversions!

12.21: news.pol/purges/crime/911/
Illuminati's WW3 & NWO averted by conversions!:
23: summary:
. this page transcribes a movie
GET READY! Prophecy Coming True!
scrawny2brawny`THE END IS NEAR!
(WW3, Illuminati, Antichrist, NWO)

about the coming WWIII,
which includes a reference to the
psyop#911bluepill conspiracy theory
and it shows religion is big trouble
yet at the end it points out
WWIII and NWO could be averted
if only everyone would convert?
to Islam? to Christianity, silly!


9-11, Russia, Isreal, and The Beast

12.18: co.self/dream/pol/purges/war/beast/
Russian Zionism's israel dancing on 9-11:

notes of poorly recalled dream on 12.18:
. my dream left me with the impression that
Russia was the actual source of the
Israelis dancing on 9-11;
ie, they were Russians posing as Israelites .
. this is related to russia's view of
what communism means .
. one fragment has me recall 9-11's purpose;
it reminds me that Russia is not the enemy .
[.. these sleepy notes baffled me;
so, there was much to write about them .]

12.20: what I got from notes of this dream:


#Catholic gloriously right and fatally wrong

12.8: relig/christian#catholic/gloriously right and fatally wrong:
. the Catholics were both gloriously right
and fatally wrong:
they knew that the planet was doomed unless
we coordinated under one loving govt(papacy),
but their strategy for motivation
was to claim their authority came from
Jesus being The Son of God
which then inspired the equally successful
militant Islam counter-christian revolution;
thereby ensuring
they could never claim the crown
even after 2000 years of demon-amusing war .
. another mistake of the same kind
produced the schism that resulted in protestantism;
again, the idea is that if we want a rule4all,
we need a very lightweight doctrine
that can give local variants room to breath .
. on the other hand,
the true, covert purpose of religion or gov,
has been to provoke the wars
that promote the evolution of tech
that ensures our eternal survival after Sun death .
. in this regard,
Catholicism has been a stunning success .

dream theory's tech perfection plan

12.8: adds/relig/dream theory's tech perfection plan:
. welcome to my wealth4all religion .
. you don't even have to believe in it to be saved by it,
but if everyone did believe,
it would save a lot of grief .
. the universe's god has no way of
not choosing bad experiences
(all that's left for the god to do
is making sure the bad comes first
and that some good experiences
are in power to keep civilization alive
during this boot camp of evolution);
but we've already seen
every sort of pain and inequality,
so, any time now,
we certainly could move on to
experiencing pure wealth4all .
. the emotional pains the god gives us
are put there just to provoke the wars
that promote evolution of the technology
that ensures eternal survival beyond sun death;
but, if everyone were to realize
god needs tech not war,
then we could simply volunteer
to put more money into tech .
. of course that would mean less money for
the popular entertaining games such as:
my family is bigger than your family ...
so, it's not a belief without costs;
but non-believers are welcomed to be
dragged through war:
wealth4all is optional
until tech is perfected .
. it's not like god is punishing us for
being uncooperative with the needed
Tech Perfection Plan
but if you did believe that,
the obvious data certainly could
support that view;
however, at this point in the
universe's experience distribution
war is no longer needed for
pinning the pains to the beginning;
but, war is still a backup plan
in case we don't feel it necessary to
divert population expansion funds
towards the Tech Perfection Plan .
. wealth4all: I'm a believer .


USA's pound-per-week hfcs = 8% diabetes rate

12.7: news.health/diabetes/
USA's pound-per-week hfcs = 8% diabetes rate:
High fructose consumption, higher diabetes:
. countries with lb-per-week hfcs diet
(high-fructose corn syrup)
had a diabetes rate of 8%,
which is only 1.3% higher than
countries not using hfcs .
Goran and Stanley Ulijaszek
of the University of Oxford
said of the 42 countries studied,
USA rate is 55 pounds per year;
Hungary: 47 lb per year.
. other high rates of hfcs include
Canada, South Korea, Japan and Mexico
Slovakia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Argentina,
. low-end hfcs users include:
Germany, Poland, Greece,
Portugal, Egypt, Finland and Serbia .
. amazingly, some regions still use
almost no hfcs! they include:
United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia,
France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark,
China, India, Uruguay.
Michael Goran, director of the
Childhood Obesity Research Center
and co-director of the
Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute
at the Keck School of Medicine at
University of Southern California .


9-11 Directed Energy Weapons technology

11.15 ..12.12: pol/purges/controlled demolition:
summary of my NDEW theory:
. what struck me watching Hutchison Effect vid's
was how much effort was spent on
fine tuning the RF waves to resonate with a target .
. then while studying nuclear demolition devices,
I found that much of the energy came from x-rays,
which are just like radio waves,
but at a much higher frequency .
. if there was some way to make a nuclear device
that converted x-rays to Radio Frequency waves,
then they they could be both highly energetic,
and come in every needed frequency concurrently,
so that would provide all the needed tuning:
whatever your target's resonance frequency,
this nuclear device will generate all of them .


911 disaster preparedness

11.15 ..12.12: pol/purges/controlled demolition
11.24: news: summary/
cancers from dioxin and asbestos:

. many 9/11 cancers may be from dioxin (burning chlorine):
Chlorine + Heat = Dioxin. This is finally a proven
possible alternate source for several of the cancers .
. the Lioy report also gives a maximum percentage of
20% volatile compounds in the WTC dust
and approximately 2% asbestos was also present .
11.24: summary/prevention:

. part of preventing a similar 9-11,
is knowing where all the old tall buildings are,
as you can be assured they will have asbestos,
and someone will make money if they are bombed .
. this is usually a problem only for the lower class;
ie, the slums typically get put in harm's way;
but a lot of young educated professionals
are moving back to the city,
and they should know that terrorism there
will mean a lot of cancer (in addition to inconvenience!).
. also, any fire-prone place will cause cancer
as even modern buildings use PVC pipe,
and burning that produces estrogenic dioxin .
. if much of the asbestos was dustified,
then the main problem from that
would be silicosis not cancer;
but there are many other reasons for cancers .
12.1: news: summary/prevention/
WTC Evacuation Study

Preparedness Grand Round Series 2007:
The World Trade Center Evacuation Study:

911neocon theory

11.15 ..12.12: pol/purges/controlled demolition:
"( make everyone come together,
O nation without shame;
before the day of ADONAI's burning wrath sends you violently away in flight like the chaff is blown from grain;
Seek ADONAI, all you quiet ones of the earth, who have done what is right in his eyes;
seek righteousness and a quiet heart: that you may be safely hidden in the day of ADONAI's wrath .
) -- Zephaniah 2:1-3 .
12.12: summary of 911neocon theory:
. the elites who want world peace and free trade,
-- neocons, globalists, illuminati --
are getting hit from one side by privacy paranoids
who won't even cooperate with sure national ID
-- let alone real airport security! --
and are hit from the other side by fundamentalists
who push for their religious police states
to rule over majorities and BigMoney .
. there as been some concern about 911 being
master-minded by "Israeli mafia" or mossad
but they merely overlap with the 911neocons
who's master mind is USA's very own
lack of transparency, tolerance of secret wars,
half-baked support for Israel's repatriation
-- without offering the natives a new reservation --
and the use of a constitutional republic
rather than controlling population growth
in order to support wealth4all libertarianism .

11.26: summary/why attack the towers:


1st responder's story

11.15 ..12.12: pol/purges/controlled demolition:
12.12: summary of 1st responders story:
. assuming that 9-11 was controlled demolition
I kept wondering why 1st responders died .
. later, after believing in conspiracy theories,
I wondered if the 911neocons hated unions
(fire fighters and police have great unions,
exceeded only by doctors and congressmen!);
but, I was amazed to learn later,
that many firefighters
had been told to evacuate;
many were "volunteering" against orders .
. amazingly,
the reason many fire fighters had died on 9-11,
was that they wouldn't take orders from police
(this had been an on-going conflict in 2001:
they are both different branches of policing,
and why should police boss the fire crews?!).
. even more amazingly,
higher-up's seemed to have been aware of
-- but not in control of --
the demolition capabilities of WTC# 1 & 2
(the 2 largest towers, stunningly dustified).

Dr.Wood's #9-11 #NDEW theory and my #meant-all #globalist psyop#911bluepill #conspiracy theory

11.15 ..12.12: pol/purges/controlled demolition:
"( make everyone come together,
O nation without shame;
before the day of ADONAI's burning wrath
sends you violently away in flight
like the chaff is blown from grain;
all you quiet ones of the earth,
who have done what is right in his eyes;
seek righteousness and a quiet heart:
that you may be safely hidden
in the day of ADONAI's wrath .
) -- Zephaniah 2:1-3 .
11.24: news: summary/
the public's sense of smell in 2006:

11.26: summary/why attack the towers:
. Militant Islam, AKA: "terrorists" (Islam.mil)
had already made attempts on that building;
and so, whether the 9/11 attack was done by Islam.mil
or by conspirators trying to look like Islam.mil,
that same Trade center would be a likely target .
. the Trade towers were the nerve center
of globalized secular capitalism
which is not only exporting cultures invasively
but also financing militant Zionism
to butt heads with militant Islam;
so, whether you believe gov simulated the attacks
or simply allowed an actual Islam.mil attack,
-- whether you believed the controlled demolition
was done by gov conspirators or city-tower mgt --
you can believe the reason the Trade towers were targeted
was because they were a likely terrorism target .

. amazingin 2006, one third of Americans
did believe in a 9/11 conspiracy theory
yet only half that number
believed in controlled demolition theory!


11.15 ..12.12: pol/purges/controlled demolition:

12.12: summary of psyop#911Truther:
. a psyop (psychology operation trying to
sabotage a Truther movement)
typically works by mixing the good with the bad info .
. it's been my general impression
that Dr. Judy Wood has been the most trustworthy,
and certainly has provided the most useful info .
. when seeing other Truthers outed as psyop agents,
keep in mind that every one has a gift too .
. as I studied Controlled Demolition
my theories have converged with Dr.Wood's;
however, I'm also convinced of a 911neocon conspiracy
whereas Dr.Wood doesn't speculate about this topic .

12.9: how I found RationalWiki:
. I was googling Hutchison Effects
for researching Dr.Judy Wood's theories
related to 9/11 dustification involving clean nuclear
generating radio waves of many frequencies
that when done in a static field
like a hurricane or thunder storm
provides a way to demagnetize nuclear forces
to cause cold pyroclastics .

12.9: RationalWiki/Spacebeams rebuttal is high-priority:
. Dr.Wood is the Truther's best shot;
because she is lean on theory
and heavy on evidence .
. then the recent PBS documentary by the
(Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth)
also is consistent with her,
and they are not refuted on this page either .
. she has gotten the leanest coverage
relative to her case's importance;
I would help refute her,
but besides a plague of nitpicking,
the only thing I could find fatally irrational,
was someone suggesting their own gov could do that
and then try taking them to court
-- as if that would be possible! LOL ;) .

my friend, the Hidden Imam

12.5: relig/SMI(Seriously Mentally ill)/my friend, the Hidden Imam:
. I know a guy with an interesting mental illness,
a sort of schizophrenic personality disorder,
involving a style of magical thinking
that affects his ability to socialize .
. he thinks his thoughts are being broadcast
by god to other minds all over the world;
and god uses his mind as a public bulletin board;
which means he serves the same function as
Islam's Hidden Imam, providing guidance
like an Imam or priest, but telepathically,
and passively, not by addressing individuals,
but by being a sort of TV character
who everyone knows the details of,
so that god can tell us stories
that speak to all of us . signed by god .

. Mental Health calls him SMI(Seriously Mentally ill),
which makes him eligible for disability benefits;
but I was amazed at the uncanny coincidences
that make his "delusions" seems so believable .

. I asked my friend how he sustains such a delusion,
when he's routinely going to Mental Health
and getting asked questions like
"(are the medications giving you sideaffects?)
and "(have you heard any voices?).
"(how about any new smells?) I asked,
"(this condition doesn't smell to you?).
. he responded like an Imam, without blinking:
"(in America, when you live in a glass house,
you are too smashed to pick up a stone).

messiah is defined in the Tanakh

12.3: news.relig/judaism/messiah is defined in the Tanakh:
. this transcription of Rabbi Skobac's Crash Course
will summarize the criteria that must be fulfilled
before any person can be acknowledged as the Messiah .
. the Jewish people are leaders in software,
hardware, and other key cyber technologies;
my guess is this will be the Messiah;
it's long been my belief that only robotics
could save us from ourselves .
. oh, and, this Messiah guy
has End Times written all over him ...
(notice my expansions of the bible passages
given by rabbi Michael Skobac).


there is no compulsion in religion

12.5: news.relig/islam/qur'an/
there is no compulsion in religion:
Verse (ayah) 256 of Al-Baqara, the Qur'an.
"there is no compulsion in religion.
Verily, the Right Path has become
distinct from the wrong path.
Whoever disbelieves in Tâghût
and believes in God (ar. Allah),
then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold
that will never break.
And God is All-Hearer, All-Knower.
. notice this isn't talking about Islam,
which is a superset of being religious;
. religion is the state of
being aware of the supernatural .
. this passage "(no compulsion in religion)
is typically misunderstood as suggesting that
Islam does not require compulsory religion;
rather, it is pointing out that being religious
has nothing to do with arduous self-discipline,
and everything to do with finding a true love .


#wealth4all can #fayget

11.29: news.pol/purges/overpopulation/
latinos vs hispanics:

Fox News-Laura Ingraham vs Rick Oltman (2008)
is shown on youtube discussing
"(Rick Oltman's overpopulation scare tactics)
. Rick Oltman is representing
Californians for Pop' Stabilization;
what follows is the transcript .

fiscal Cliff Notes

11.30: co.apt/pol/fiscal cliff notes:
. stupid idea heard from guest of Jerry Doyle's radio show :
. let's reverse things
so that our gov prints the money
and loans it to the fed bank
then we get the interest from these huge loans
instead of giving it to the fed bank .
 . that is non-sensical because,
we are the ones who are borrowing the money:
the fed bank doesn't need a loan:
we put 2 wars on a credit card;
and we bought all the empty houses from the crash,
so they wouldn't turn into meth labs .
. you could say those expenditures were
a poor use of loans,
but we did make those loans,
it wasn't decided by the fed bank .
. and why take out loans at all
when we're the richest nation on earth?
why not just raise the tax rates
if we agree to ring up the charges?!
[. actually that's how we got rich
pulling stunts like that!
when chinese loans are so cheap
and there are such good investment opportunities
(like in china and india)
the smart money borrows to invest .
. also it's politically hard to get tax rates down
once they are allowed to be high .
. when they talk about that debt,
they should keep reminding us
that the rising debt is merely from quantitative easing
where we borrow money to buy to bonds
such as those involved in houses that won't sell;
it's not like we keep paying too much for consumables
like welfare and warfare .
. uh, why don't they pull out of .af sooner?
they don't care about the fiscal cliff!
it means cut backs in spending for the Tea party
and it means raising taxes for the deficit .
. this is just a fixed boxing match
with a lot of show blows .]


Ventura challenges psyop#911bluepill

11.29: news.pol/purges/controlled demolition/
Ventura challenges psyop#911bluepill:
. former governor Ventura says
9/11 is an obvious controlled demolition;
see also Ventura dustifies
Shawn Hannity's 9-11 .
. Ventura's related books include:
# 63 Documents the Government 
Doesn't Want You to Read
# Don't Start the Revolution Without Me!
# American Conspiracies: 
Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies
that the Government Tells Us

. some say Ventura "failed" as governor?
well, only in the same way Obama is:
Lacking a party base in Minnesota's
House of Representatives and Senate,
Ventura's policy ambitions had little chance of
being introduced as bills.
. Ventura was questioned by the CIA
about how he became governor
(same mafia that selects CIA agents?).
Initially, Ventura's base feared his vetoes
would be overturned.
He vetoed 45 bills in his first year,
and only three of those vetoes were overridden;
but, in his fourth and final year,
six of his nine vetoes were overturned.
Ventura was often successful;
One of the most notable was the
rebate on sales tax in times of budget surplus .
Later, he came to support a
unicameral (one-house) legislature,
property tax reform, medicinal marijuana,
gay rights, and abortion rights,
while opposing the death penalty.
. he generously funded grade school education,
but did not have a high regard for
public funding of higher education,
and he opposed the teachers' union .
. he advocated a higher role for
third parties in national politics,
and favored the concept of instant-runoff voting.


creating chaos is a suicide mission

12.4: pol/purges/war/creating chaos is a suicide mission:
. I noticed a problem in our war policy
from listening to the medal of honor hero
[oct 25 2007 specialist Salvatore Giunta]
who was on the Rusty Humphrey show:
. we are supposed to charge an ambush
in order to get close to the snipers
and create chaos,
but chaos works both ways if we
try giving the chargers air support:
helicoptor gunners can't tell
chargers apart from the enemy,
thereby increasing the risk of friendly fire .
-- basically these are suicidal tactics:
hopefully you'll be left with someone alive
after all of them are dead or running into air support .


#9-11 #holocaust #denial pushback @PBS

news.pol/purges/controlled demolition/
Experts Speak Out against usa gov on PBS 2012.9.11:
Sep 3, 2012  "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"
"9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"
is getting public attention and
casting doubt on the scientific validity of
the U.S. government's investigation
into the WTC tragedy.
PBS is the first major network to air the program.
Just days away from the 11th anniversary
of the World Trade Center tragedy
and months away from the U.S. presidential election,
a game-changing 9/11 documentary
is ranking number three among
"most watched" documentaries on PBS
and number one among "most shared."
. see similar:
. books from professionals refuting USA gov reports .
11.20: Dr.Wood interviewed 
by OneStepBeyond`Theo Chalmers:
(title: Nov 15, 2011 Directed Energy Technology)


the warmest boots are gifts of the heart

11.30: co.fb/gear/shoes/the warmest boots are gifts of the heart:
LOOK: NYPD Cop Gives Homeless Man Boots,
Photo Goes Viral
You have to like what NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo did
for a barefoot man in Manhattan
one frigid night this month.
I cringed seeing that story,
wondering if the guy was sane eno' to say thanks .


Romney's smaller fed #2012 #vote

10.30: pol/obama/romney's smaller fed:
. if Romney is for smaller fed,
then what do his perfect court picks do?


obama #2012 #vote

10.30: summary:
. this is a collection of my reactions to
news about Obama, the presidential race,
or obamacare .


crash predicted after election

8.5: news.cyb/pol/purges/reaganomics/
crash coming in after election:

. at coast to coast an astrologer Joni Patry
has predictions about this november;
she also predicted the japan erthquake in march 2011
and they were very thankful for the heads up .

. she says september is a high:
there will be a major crash in november;
when the election will be like Bush's
with much irate contention about the results .
[. how could that cause a crash?
# obama wins:
people wanting romney
will rage about unemployment endless
and taxes look relentless
this could cause the market to go into theatric lows .
# romney wins:
. people wanting obama
will see obamacare getting dismantled,
and there could be something like a 9-11
to greet a usa that is once again christian-headed . ]

says we should buy xmas gifts now
because the bottom falls out:

the #singapore experience #reaganomics

8.10: pol/purges/reaganomics/the singapore experience

. why would singaporeans need coaxing
to maintain a replacement-level population rate?
they crack down on litterbugs with caning;
so, is the place just too harsh?
. in fact, up until recently, they actually did
crack down on having 3 children;
even though 2.1 is the replacement rate .
. now the gov is seeing major life extensions,
and they are getting worried about soon being
overtaxed by a heavy elder-to-worker ratio .

. it's pointed out that their elderly
currently care for both themselves and children;
but this won't always be the case,
because the gov can see that in time
their elderly will get the modern food diseases
and they will need the modern medical treatments
-- which will far exceed what they have in savings .

learn from singapore:
. they had religious overpopulation
and they burned in poverty and crime;
only when had their Stop at Two program
and got the jobs that globalization took from
affluent countries like usa
did they themselves become affluent .
. usa's greatness has actually come from underpopulation:
usa has a naturally low population density per resource;
but that of course will soon change
as the usa becomes overrun by religious overpopulators .


#vote 2012 #tucson #arizona

14, 22, 23: bk.gov/vote:
. here is how I chose for this historic 2012 vote .

Saitta's sciencedigest.org #pol #purges

25: web.pol/purges/Saitta's sciencedigest.org #pol #purges:

. I met Saitta's sciencedigest.org while voting,
when an editorial commented that he was spouting
contentious views on his educational site .
. here is the part related to pol/purges
(the ways we deal with population growth
and other resource instabilities):
October/November: 2012

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson
about a battle that goes on inside all people.
He said, "My son, the battle is between
two 'wolves' inside us all.
One is Evil. ... The other is Good. ...
"Which wolf wins?"
"The one you feed."

pbs.org`[the USA Native's] Trail of Tears 


cure for some type-1 diabetes @JDRF_Tucson

10: web.health/type 1 diabetes/causes:
. what causes type 1?
the only widely acknowledged risk factor is heredetary
due to recessive gene (needs both parents).
. I seem to recall that this is one of those hereditary things
that could be controlled by environment ...
13: web:
J Endocrinol Invest. 2012 Sep 24:
rising incidence of type 1 diabetes in belgrade
children aged 0-14 in the period from 1982 to 2005:

Type- 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease
in which both genetic and environmental factors
play a role in the etiology
. The average annual age adjusted incidence rate
of type-1 diabetes for Belgrade was 10.4/100,000
It was slightly higher in boys than in girls.
Over the 24 years incidence rates significantly increased
by 8.5% for boys and 3.0% for girls.
. the age of onset is not evenly spread over the age groups:
0-4, 5-9, and 10-14
-- it peaks during the natural rise of hormonal activity;
but only recently the rates are same for both sexes:
The age-specific annual incidence rates (per 100,000)
for the age groups 0-4, 5-9, and 10-14 were
5.5 (95% CI = 4.5-6.7),
11.9 (95% CI = 10.5-13.5) and
15.4 (95% CI = 13.8- 17.1), respectively.
The highest increase of incidence rate
was in the 5-9 age group.
The results obtained are in line with
data from other studies showing that
the incidence of type-1 diabetes has been increasing
in almost all populations worldwide.
natural hormone levels of children:
. estrogenic activity during femal infancy is quite high,
then it's supposed dip quite low until age 7 .
[. of course it should quite low in males
except around infancy? .]
Endocrine disruptors and type 1 diabetes: Is there a link?
. natural hormones can influence
the development of type 1 diabetes.
Gender differences are present
in type 1 (and type 2) diabetes,
and it is possible that sex hormones may influence
the risk of developing type 1 diabetes .
The incidence of type 1 diabetes in children
peaks at puberty,
a time of hormonal changes .
Pregnancy, another time of hormonal change,
can lead to gestational diabetes,
later followed by type 1 or 2 diabetes .
Psychological stress may be a risk factor;
and while the mechanism is unknown,
perhaps hormones released during stress
could play a role.
In addition, the hormone vitamin D
appears to be protective against it .
The role of taller height and excess weight
as risk factors for type 1 diabetes
may also involve hormones
We do not know, however, if xenoestrogens
contribute to the development of type 1 diabetes.
. if it's only slighly higher in males now,
and the rate increase for males
has been much higher than for females,
it seems that this disease is influenced by estrogens;
since during the last 25 years, due to rises in obesity,
children of both sexes have been getting
much more estrogen for that age;
but the proportional increase in estrogen
has been much higher for males .
. obesity also lowers male testosterone,
and there has been more exposure to xenoestrogens .


changed your #cooking habits? #FDA #deregulation #defunding #reaganomics

co.health/FDA dereg changed your food cooking habits?:
Help Us End FDA's Failure to Protect Food Safety
Center for Food Safety Oct 9 (1 day ago)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that each year, roughly 1 in 6 Americans (48 million people) gets sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases.  In January 2011, Congress passed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to improve our food safety laws by mandating FDA to require preventive controls across the food supply.  As the first overhaul of food safety oversight since 1938, these long-overdue measures include inspecting food producers as a means of holding industry accountable for its responsibility to produce safe foods, ensuring imported foods meet U.S. standards and are safe for consumers, and establishing science-based minimum standards for hazard analysis and documentation.   FSMA also grants FDA new recall authority for all food products, and enhances partnerships to foster coordination of food safety efforts throughout the government (local, state, and federal).  In short, this slew of preventative, protective measures would dramatically reduce the number of illnesses caused by foodborne hazards in the United States. 
Unfortunately, FDA has yet to act on this law, repeatedly missing deadlines set by Congress in FSMA for its application.  Instead the statute’s intended improvements sit idle.  Thus, FDA’s continuing delay and failure poses a continued risk of serious foodborne illness outbreaks. 
Because of this unlawful delay and the risk it is causing all of us, on August 29, 2012, Center for Food Safety filed a lawsuit
to force FDA to finish its regulations, comply with the mandated deadlines, and actually implement the law.
Now, we need your help: we are looking for more CFS members who are
concerned about FDA’s failure to implement and enforce these food safety regulations. 
*Are you responsible for providing food for your family,
and are concerned that absent properly enacted food safety federal regulations,
your family is at increased risk of contracting a foodborne illness? 
*Are you concerned about, and
have you changed your purchasing decisions,
cooking and/or eating practices
with regard to raw fruits and vegetables,

imported foods, or food that has been transported long distances?

[yes: I cook all veg now . but I wouldn't trust the fda with my kidneys;]
*Have you or someone you know recently contracted a foodborne illness?
Are you concerned that, absent better federal regulations,
you or someone you know may contract an illness again? 
*Do you own a business that sells raw fruits and vegetables,
imported foods, or food that has been transported?
Have your sales have been negatively impacted
due to recent foodborne illness outbreaks or the specter of them?
*Do you run a business subject to FSMA regulations?
Are the lack of FSMA regulations negatively affecting
your ability to plan financially for the future?
If you meet one or more of these criteria, we need your help.
Please email
or call 415-826-2770
as soon as possible to learn more.
Thank you,
Center for Food Safety


the first zombies will be the police

7.30: co.pol/purges/overpopulation/
police violence on rise:
. The DOJ reports police brutality has
“mushroomed to unprecedented levels,”
and 17 departments are now under investigation.
Most inexcusable is that these crimes are rarely punished
and these officers nearly never lose their jobs.
Tell Congress to crack down on police brutality
and prosecute it as a penalty-enhanced federal crime.
my response:
if you think I should be sorry
for what my police do,
you should see what my free parenting does
to egg them on;
this isn't just a reaganomic nut house;
this is overpopulation
turning us into zombie cannibals .

we all have to do our part #overpopulation

7.9: pol/purges/overpopulation/
we all have to do our part:

. leslie marshal is saying (via radio)
taxes on the rich are too low
we all have to do our part, (more)
my response:
. why not limit reproduction to match market signals?
she thinks family values means
communizing education?
what about taxing people who breed responsibly
to pay for the education of big-family religious invaders?
. when you communize childcare,
you subsidize sexual activity and racist ambitions .
why am I being taxed to subsidize reproduction
when it inevitably makes it harder for me to
get a job to pay those taxes?
. why encourage breeding when we are
squeezing us about global warming?

lef.org's diet survey

10.3: co.lef.org/health/hormonics/
my diet and why

funny choice of diets to follow:
Low carb/Atkins    28.57%
Vegetarian/vegan    15.87%
I eat whatever I want    14.29%
Calorie restriction    12.7%
Low fat/Pritikin    3.17%

Other 25.%

 -- where is mediterranean?
did you mean to emphasize Other,
to make a point?
let me expound on that point !
. a pritikin diet is a special version of vegetarian diet:
the low-glycemic, low-fat version
-- in fact vegetarian is often quite glycemic
and saves the animals only to kill the human!
. the atkins is confusingly 2 diets,
# the induction part:
high-fat with less than 20g carb;
# and the maintenance phase:
. the only difference between that and Zone
is not a fat limit -- there is none for
athletes who want a high-calorie diet --
the Zone's big diff is a careful limit on protein
-- generous but quite narrow limits,
just like the carbs .
. the Zone diet also differs from atkins by
making demands on the quality of the fat:
it should be monounsaturates and not sat'fats
with only the essential amount of polyunsaturates
except for fish oils . again quality matters:
only pharmaceutically distilled fish oil .
. I do the Americium Dream Lustig Zone diet
-- hormonics for short (as in hormones in harmony)
which is like Zone (mediterranian style)
but is more about higher fiber, and
lower glycemics instead of lower carbs .
. all my protein comes from
beans pureed with LE whey protein isolate
and gelatine powder
-- no zone concerns for either
glucagon impact or carb limits .
. I get some egg yolks for brain food
and for fear that vegetarianism is unbalanced .
. I consider my diet animal friendly too
but only in the future when our
combination of hyperbreeders and capitalists
gives up on lowering farm costs .
I'm a little late for this thread,
but after it was posted,
some long-term primate studies
cast doubt on low calorie dieting
being useful for longevity,
but of course it's good for health .


overpopulation inciting class warfare

7.31: co.apt/pol/purges/reaganomics/
#ows delivers centralized banking:
. on the subject of OWS
[the Occuppy WallSt movement]
out there bothering our cops, I ask:
why are they there, anyway?
they didn't have half the excuse of
southern hiafrics fighting unequal segregation;
however, while on the topic of
stupid uses of reaganomc capitalism,

usa's drug war in mexico

7.1: pol/purges/drug war/democratic drug war
invites socialism back into mexico:
7.x?: 9.29: summary:
. under mexico's previous president,
there had been a military crackdown on drug cartels,
who terrorized the citizens in response,
murdering around 50,000 .
. all this was to fight for usa's drug battle,
-- to take advantage of usa's financial assistance
and economic cooperations .
. the mexican's have a long history of being
socialists, organizing under the PRI;
and they just re-elected them .
. if the PRI was socialistic now,
that would be sweet justice,
as they would be saying to usa:
"( you think a drug war is democracy?
we would rather be socialists ! )
. unfortunately, I got no such justice,
as it was pointed out by a socialist site,
that the PRI is strongly capitalist these days .
. nevertheless,
the effect for usa is the same:
if PRI can stop the drug war violence,
I can assure you it's only because they
stopped getting in the way of drug lords;
because, with the grinding poverty of
combined Catholicism and capitalism,
the drug cartels have an infinite supply
of either dealers or butchers
-- take your pick .
. if usa was serious about the drug war
they would prevent usa's drug use;
but, while it's easy for the religious
to dictate drug abstinence;
try dictating fewer privacy rights
(like universal drug testing)
and you will find out
just how "religious" usa really is .

9.29: summary of links:
. the drug war is in, PRI is out;
PRI is no longer socialist;
Mexico's history of socialist politics;
would the US ever trust a pri president? .

7.20: web.pol/purges/drug war/
hiafric HIV rates driven by our drug policy:
"The global war on drugs
is driving the HIV/AIDS pandemic
among drug users and their sexual partners.
Throughout the world,
research has consistently shown that
repressive drug law enforcement practices
force drug users away from public health services
and into hidden environments where
HIV risk becomes markedly elevated.
Mass incarceration of non-violent drug offenders
also plays a major role in increasing HIV risk.
This is a critical public health issue
in many countries, including the United States,
where as many as 25 % of the HIV-infected
may pass through correctional facilities annually,
and where disproportionate incarceration rates
are among the key reasons for markedly higher
HIV rates among African Americans."
-- "The War on Drugs and HIV/AIDS:
How the Criminalization of Drug Use
Fuels the Global Pandemic,"
Global Commission on Drug Policy
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: June 2012), p. 2.

7.26: co.apt/pol/purges/drug war/
sobriety for trust and fear:

. the drug war is expensive and obnoxious;
so how does it survive in a democracy where
more than half [exaggeration]
have used drugs under the table?
. a key to understanding its driver
is our needing to maintain a sense of fairness
while upholding employee quality
in situations where trustworthiness is critical .
. basically, hospital staff can't get high;
so therefore nobody else can either .
the winning drug plan is this:
. we need to use our stimulant drugs
to fast-track the development of robots;
then we can replace these core staff;
and then finally the elites won't care
whether we get high,
because our monkey
doesn't even have to be in the same room
with their monkey .


World Population Day

7.12: co.fb#walkfree.org/
Today is World Population Day:

Today is World Population Day
- there are over 7 billion people on this planet.
But did you know that 20.9 million people
are living in slavery?
That’s almost 3% of the world.
World Population Day?
slavery is form of purging overpopulation;
it costs a lot to treat people well;
but if we could care less about
how much people are paid;
then we can care less about
making too many people .
why World Population Day matters:
On a large scale, demographers talk about
how rapid population growth contributes to
migration and urbanization challenges.
How it makes education and employment
more difficult for struggling countries.
Let’s break that down. ...

father & daughter drown each other

7.5: news.pol/purges/casey anthony/
her lawyer has new book:
Jose Baez` Presumed Guilty:
Casey Anthony: The Inside Story

(foxnews.com summary)

truth about obama is the truth about you

7.14: co.fb/pol/obama/the least spending increases:
Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower?
Would You Believe It's Barack Obama? - Forbes
It’s enough to make even the most ardent Obama cynic
scratch his head in confusion.
. one of many rebuttals ... .
. the problem with obama's thriftiness
is that he himself
does wish it were otherwise!
. he realizes that during a recession
the way out is using more gov' spending, not less .
. the bigger problem though
with comparing presidential thriftiness
is that neither party is doing anything about
the source of gov costs:
in the age of automation
we could all be filthy rich,
except that we keep over-breeding
( the norm is to use breeding as a
motivation for the creation of wealth,
rather than -- the apparently reaganomic idea --
using the size of family fortune
as the motivator for breeding
. there are 2 sources of national overbreeding:
immigration and lack of contraception;
the dem's are big on promoting immigration,
while the repub's are notorious for their
backing of pro-lifers
and their barking about abstinence
without any teeth like laws against fornication .
. if we don't have the heart to
punish people for breeding in poverty,
then we should pay them for
cooperating with reduced breeding;
what we do now may not be child abuse yet,
but wait until capitalism is perfected:
there will be far fewer jobs in the future
yet people's breeding will not slow down .
. we need to put everyone on welfare
and tie it to population reduction .
. the more your community reduces,
the more federal or state funds it gets
-- and the more land it keeps .

corn syrup without fructose

7.7: pol/healthcare/corn syrup has no reason
without the unhealthy high fructose:

. even though fructose is
more expensive and unhealthier,
if fructose weren't added,
then corn syrup would not be sweet,
and then you'd have no reason to
add the corn syrup itself
other than it being a cheaper source of calories,
which gets: "( huh, why I am eating
so many empty calories anyway?
it doesn't even taster better! )

-- still, it would be just as filling, [9.27:
and then it would make you hungrier later;
so, I'm sure your food processors
would continue to add corn syrup to everything
even if it didn't have sweetening fructose .]

healthcare, christians, devils, & dollars

7.1: co.apt/pol/healthcare/
christians against obamacare are not middle class:. a born-again -furious child is chanting:
"( everyone needs to **** !! ),
[a word that can humorously mean both
{ practice birth control
, grumble incessantly}]

 . hearing this child has me kidding about
obamacare pressuring us to eat right;
but seriously, the problem with our economy
is the unfair christian,
demanding we have freedom of diet*
yet also demanding we subsidize
medicalization of bad diets
with emergency room care that is paid for
on the backs of middle class insurance payers
-- not paid by the poor and rich
where most christians come from .
* [9.27: to be fair:
. christians don't necessarily agree with
freedom of diet;
in fact, gluttony is a "(deadly 7) sin .]

7.5: co.apt/pol/healthcare/
how could they hate obamacare?:
. how could the masses hate obamacare?
do they know how the middle class
is getting gouged by mandatory e.r. care?
. most who still have jobs don't pay healthcare,
and that's exactly why fewer of us have jobs!
. after seeing the steeply rising trend of
healthcare benefits due to free e.r. care,
employers are outsourcing our jobs
to countries with more sensible policies .]

7.8: todo.web/pol/healthcare/obamacare assumes
everyone is getting healthcare through insurance!

. I thought the whole point of needing to use the ER,
is that doctor's and hospitals wouldn't let you pay
except through an insurance agency .

7.18: co.apt/healthcare/obamacare won't keep costs down:
. did you know we give $25 billion to diabetics?
 . just a five % decrease in diabetes
 could save an estimated $25 billion every year!
. that's a lot of money,
 and things like dialysis are inately expensive,
 but did you see how much our doctors cost?
 could we get them to take $40k  instead of $400k?
 we could hire 10times more of them,
 and give them a needed break . no way!
 obamacare couldn't even get them to
 agree to at least getting paid only
 relative to their worth:
 by how much they improved health
 rather than how many scripts they wrote .
 . you know why?
 because we are ***heads!
 [@] {arrogantly gluttonous, like drug fiends}
 . the doctors know that wellness starts with
 patients who listen to "(you need a diet)
 but they know patients ignore such advice
 and then demand a pill for their problems .
 -- how can you make any money
 getting paid to make the ***head well ?!

7.12: co.apt/pol/healthcare/
cheaper doctor is complicated

. finding a cheaper doctor is complicated:
they are not just healers but drug police;
and, high trust is expensive;
eg, suppose we get laborers to be doctors;
if they abuse drugs and lose their medical license
they just go back to being laborers;
but make doctors high,
and they will fall hard .
. another thing that raises cost is that they are
only getting paid if they share air with you?
that's not a very smart use of a rare resource:
they should be seeing patients by video
to do most of the interviews;
how often do you really need
a physical exam? consider this:
if doctors would just get to know
you, your habits, and listen
to your perceived problems,
they might have your problems solved
without having to share your germs .
. one way to lower the cost of interviews,
is to get college students to do the them;
they can write the doctor a report,
and the doctor can add to the report
after making an additional, shorter interview .
. also, you can call any time
to add things to your file,
and a nurse will do just that
and read back what was written .]

7.19: news.pol/healthcare/
Rush speechless about Canada's success:

. Rush's Limbaugh's agenda today
includes informing us that
while usa wealth slides,
canada's wealth has risen
-- now higher than usa's --
but he has no comment on this news?
nothing to say about gluttonous socialists, Rush?
. could it be that universal healthcare
was very good for Canadian business?!

7.26: news.pol/healthcare/
a doctor's take on care's high cost:

the people who profit from healthcare.
. there are a number of overfed cats in health care
who are being given all the food they meow for.
Here are a few examples:
# Drug companies:
If government and private insurers
were not paying for most of the drug costs,
we wouldn’t buy most medications
-- the full price is impossibly high.
Even many generics are over $100 per month.
Would you trade a $500K payment from gov
for a $20K check from the consumer?
No more than my cat would turn down
the third bowl of cat food.
# Hospitals:
Stents ‘R Us hospital in our town
just built a large cardiology wing
They did this using money from a procedure
that has not been shown
to prolong life or save lives.
# Ancillary Services:
Why does a CT scan in India
cost a fraction of the cost in the U.S.?
because they can be, due to third-party payors
who shield consumers from the cost .
They pass them on to the taxpayers
or raise the rates of the insurance policies.
It doesn’t hurt them to pay so much,
so they just keep feeding the kitty.
# Doctors:
Why do docs see so many patients
that they can’t offer good care,
and why do specialists take home
3/4 of a $million ? Because they can.
Someone keeps filling the bowl.

. the third-party payor system
hides the cost from the consumer
and gets us all used to the idea of
paying for all that cat food.
All of this money is thrown at care,
and what does it get us?
Does it get us better care?
Does it get us longer lives?
Does it get us happier patients,
or satisfied doctors?
-- Rob Lamberts, MD,
is an internal medicine-pediatrics physician
who blogs at More Musings (of a Distractible Kind).
7.26: co.apt/pol/healthcare/3rd-party payer syndrome
started with medicaid and nixon's cheap food program:

( reviewing 6.20: news.pol/purges/reaganomics/
republican nixon criticized for price-raising trade barriers)
. could anyone ruin this country more than nixon?
 trying to beat inflation with cheap food
he had devastated the food quality;
at the same time,
he had just started to give away
free medical (medicaid) to welfare cases;
and that is when people's health
went straight down the toilet
even as health care costs
were going straight up .
[. medicaid is what started that culture of
3rd-party payer syndrome
where they can ask for any price, because,
the person that actually pays is the taxpayer
who doesn't even see
how the money is being spent,
while the medicaid consumer
knows how it is spent,
but has no idea how much is spent .
. the politician apparently doesn't care
because the corporate profits translate into
both corporate taxes and campaign contributions .

Rick Warren's evolution teaching animals

7.24: news.relig/evolution vs creationism/
evolution teaching makes us act like animals:
co.twitter#Rick Warren:
"When students are taught they are
no different from animals, they act like it."
--{slate, whyEvolutionIsTrue}
. notice how Warren does assume that
    if we are taught we are
    no different from animals,
    then regardless of how smart we could be
    we will then start acting like animals .
. now why wouldn't he instead assume that
    if we are taught we are
    no different from animals,
    then we might tend to treat animals better?
maybe because he knows [7.24: 9.28:
    we're going to act like animals anyway
    even when following Warren's religion
    so when we find animal behaviour
    we should go for the Big Lie
    and claim that such is de facto proof
    of being unfaithful to Warren's religion .]
. I do believe in the one true god of
    doing good vs evil for
    evolving to eternal survival

and I believe in its creationism via evolution
so, I don't think teaching about evolution
is hurting his religion .

for a proof of supernatural plays god

7.22: relig/god/a consistent intent that
doesn't seem to belong to anyone in particular:

. the reason for your personal behaviors?
it's all explained by just your DNA?
what about random variation isn't really random?
how do you show intent?
a consistent intent that doesn't seem to belong to
anyone in particular
could be god's intent .

revelation's worshippers of wealth

7.7: news.relig/bible/revelation's worshippers of wealth:
. a radio preacher is saying the bible warns of
worshipping wealth vs god?
(he can't mean it warn against being wealthy,
so what does it mean?)
. I think this means using wealth to love only self;
wealth can also represent investing in arks (loving of future),
but vs god it means wealth wasted on vanities
as opposed to wealth used for god's purposes .
. some of the bible-mentioned wealth worshippers
are actually not wealthy at all:
dirt-poor in their drug or gambling addiction
yet these also may be the "(wealthy)
that the bible is warning us about .
. another version of vain wealth is anti-charity
when capitalism will promote desperation
-- an impoverishing level of overpopulation --
simply because it's good for the business .
. the preacher started by mentioning
revelation 14:7-11:
7 In a loud voice he said, "Fear God, give him glory,
for the hour has come when he will pass judgment!
Worship the One who made
heaven and earth, the sea and the springs of water!"
8 Another angel, a second one, followed, saying,
"She has fallen! She has fallen!
Bavel [Babylon] the Great!
She made all the nations drink the wine of
God's fury caused by her whoring!"
[whoring is selling sex (for this context
sex is god's tool for ensuring future by having
an escape from both culture death
and from species extinction
-- by allowing us to change genetically
in order to succeed in new environments;
if this gift is instead traded for vain wealth,
it actually endangers the future
by spreading blood-borne diseases )
hence whoring may be an icon of
worshipping money (idols)
instead of future (god) .]
9 A third angel followed them
and said in a loud voice,
"If anyone worships the beast and its image
and receives the mark on his forehead or on his hand,
10 he will indeed drink the wine of God's fury
poured undiluted into the cup of his rage.
He will be tormented by fire and sulfur
before the holy angels and before the Lamb,
11 and the smoke from their tormenting
goes up forever and ever.
They have no rest, day or night,
those who worship the beast and its image
and those who receive the mark of its name."


Rush`speech & Loughner`violence

7.24: news.pol/purges/mass murder/Loughner/
how Rush and Glen Beck incited him:
Thomas @ townhall.com:
New York Times columnist Paul Krugman
wrote on his blog that the "hate-mongers"
Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck
contributed to the Giffords shooting,
despite later reports that the shooter,
Jared Lee Loughner,
had never listened to their programs.
The discovery that Loughner liked
"The Communist Manifesto" and "Mein Kampf"
forced media types to quickly abandon that smear,
but not retract their comments.
They're running the same play again.
. actually, Krugman still makes sense
but not in the way Thomas assumed:
Rush and Beck represent
the right-wing capitalist views
that america implicitly listens to
as they embrace reaganomics .
. Loughner was pointing out
Hitler's "Mein Kampf"
and Communism's "Manifesto"
in order to tell us that
reaganomics caused his hate
-- and it just so happens
that the icons of reaganomics
include Rush and Glenn Beck .
. so Thomas is right in one way,
but Krugman was right in another way:
Reaganomics -- and its supporters ---
caused the unemployment
that caused Loughner's desperation,
that unleashed a hail of bullets
on the Washington who will not listen
-- won't listen to conservatives
and won't listen to the jobless .
. communism always found jobs,
and Hitler even de-immigrated to make jobs .
. Loughner was all about jobs
or at least relief from homelessness;
too bad he wasn't about real population control
(immigrant control isn't enough).