my friend, the Hidden Imam

12.5: relig/SMI(Seriously Mentally ill)/my friend, the Hidden Imam:
. I know a guy with an interesting mental illness,
a sort of schizophrenic personality disorder,
involving a style of magical thinking
that affects his ability to socialize .
. he thinks his thoughts are being broadcast
by god to other minds all over the world;
and god uses his mind as a public bulletin board;
which means he serves the same function as
Islam's Hidden Imam, providing guidance
like an Imam or priest, but telepathically,
and passively, not by addressing individuals,
but by being a sort of TV character
who everyone knows the details of,
so that god can tell us stories
that speak to all of us . signed by god .

. Mental Health calls him SMI(Seriously Mentally ill),
which makes him eligible for disability benefits;
but I was amazed at the uncanny coincidences
that make his "delusions" seems so believable .

. I asked my friend how he sustains such a delusion,
when he's routinely going to Mental Health
and getting asked questions like
"(are the medications giving you sideaffects?)
and "(have you heard any voices?).
"(how about any new smells?) I asked,
"(this condition doesn't smell to you?).
. he responded like an Imam, without blinking:
"(in America, when you live in a glass house,
you are too smashed to pick up a stone).

. well how's is it feel having no gun ownership, SMI guy?
too bad they discriminate against certain religions, huh .
. he was not phased by this either:
"(we are all hidden;
where are the one's without protection? ).
. I guess there's always the police too;
so protective, so far away .

. it was about 1996,
around the same time my friend got a full-time job
and stopped collecting the disability benefits for his
SMI religious belief;
Israel too, wrote up plans to get off of welfare
that usa had been providing to Israel
for being impaired by religious paranoid disorder
which prevents them from socializing with Americans,
despite having free passports .

. my friend was saving so much in his 401K,
and still more in a Roth IRA;
funny, I thought,
my friend was getting his financial advice
from our christian president Bush?
"(I thought you were some figment of Islam),
I asked, "(the "Hidden Imam" or something?).
"(those muslims are sensible bankers), he reminded me,
"( they don't make loans,
or take money to risk money;
instead, they just issue capital shares;
but, Bush is making business so profitable,
by replacing the american workers
with environmentally destructive slaves ..);
he laughed for a moment, then marveled again
at just how lucky he was
to be an american at this time .

. shortly after Israel wrote up the plans
to free themselves from USA welfare;
the neocons tried to help this noble effort along
by demolishing NY city,
and making it look like Israelis were trying to
make it look like mountain goats did it .
. the neocons used such a powerful,
strange starwars dustification tech,
that a near majority of those who
actually saw it on TV
admitted they knew the towers got dustified,
and didn't collapse due to jet-strike fire
as the officials at NIST had claimed .
. everyone said mountain goats would suffer,
their kids would suffer, and blessed israel
would continue getting disability benefits
for their religious paranoid disorder .
. they would hear this in their head every 9/11,
and the neocon's psyop#911bluepill
would be working its magic .

. in the process of turning the NY banker towers
into lightly-radioactive space dust,
the other bankers became disabled by PTSD
(Post Traumatic Starwars Dustification )
and were unable to distinguish qualified home buyers
from magical thought characters .

the neocons worked on other welfare cases too:
so many profit-pinching unions
would be busted by the new rules
allowing employers to send jobs overseas .
. homeland business lost a lot of customers
as people moved to temp'jobs, and bought less;
if your business couldn't move someone's job overseas
the best you could hope for was some catastrophe
that would give you an excuse to do the layoffs:
then once they were out of the door,
down-sizing would be easy .

. by 2007, my friend's job was in the toilet,
and he was back on religious disability welfare;
then in 2008, the PTSD bankers ran out of loan money,
and, America's businesses coudn't buy their inputs,
so employers had to lay off millions
-- and how convenient too;
because, employers were stumped
wondering how to provide their empoyees
with healthcare that had skyrocketing costs
due everything a hospital spent on charity care
got put on the employer's tab .
-- why not the taxpayers tab?
American are way smarter than that !
. and they were smarter still,
gambling they wouldn't need healthcare,
and then using it anyway in emergency rooms .
. this was not actually welfare,
as you could blame this cost on doctor unions .

. our deluded "Hidden Imam",
didn't get a cost of living adjusment that year;
because the economy was so sick,
we were starting to see some deflation;
but, after the destruction was complete
with both outsourcing and downsizing of jobs,
the wealthy were quite a bit wealthier;
and, at that time,
there was the normal, healthy inflation,
so, the cost of living adjustments were back;
and, do you know what the new amount was
of the "Hidden Imam's" disability payment ?
911 and no cents . this is a true story!
. and he was still getting 911 and no cents
right up to the time he discovered
9-11 was an inside job .
(the COLA was increased only quite recently,
just the day before this was published;
he found out about the psyop only after I did,
and I found out only this year,
being a humble, nerdy cybersystem designer
who actually does live in a cave without any TV .
. my first suspicion this was a demoliton
came from an automated youtube suggestion .
. only very recently did I find Dr.Wood
who's evidence of military-class weapons on 9-11
convinced me it was an inside job .
. I also saw some videos implicating military drones
but those video's are not validated by anyone I trust .)

. believing this Hidden Imam delusion
really is G-D's chalkboard for the world,
I naturally asked myself:
. how does the world get a soul like his?
it turns out, the recipe is almost too easy:
you just leave a kid to his own devices,
and, his reputation becomes pink
(as in pink slip, or termination notice);
this can often involve a history of homosexuality,
but there are many other taboos causing pink,
and even certain obsessive thoughts can be a jinx,
such as thinking either sex seems alien ...
so? it's your brain right?
. if your thoughts become sufficiently different
then sanctification (setting apart) is required;
everyone feels you must be set apart,
and this marks you as the preeminent place
for G-D to share the thoughts
that nobody else would dare be sharing .

. what makes schizophrenia "serious"?
the essential ingredient of split-mind disorder
is the presence of involuntary thought sharing;
it means you can't help gossiping,
you can't even control what you're saying,
when every thought is heard !
. you can't be loyal to others' right to privacy,
and other's can't just let you be you,
because your mind is merging with theirs;
eg, imagine you're sitting next to the new guy,
and "you" start "thinking" the unthinkable:
"( well, I was queer;
but it made others unhappy, so I quit ... );
"( uh, the new guy is a horror show! )!
. and, all this makes your routine socializing
possibly as traumatic as battle duty .
-- it all depends on the mood of the
involuntary thought's source:
that could be your Father in Heaven,
an even harsher supernatural master,
or, for the supernaturally naive,
there's the chip implanted by the CIA,
neighbors who are witches,
or an alien abduction residue, etc .
. many schizophrenics go unnoticed,
because they are not pink: they blend in .

. when you're thoughts are pink,
co.workers want to attack to you,
but they can't directly because there's no reason to .

. my friend often found his workplace sabotaged,
workers around him would yell at each other,
or they would be quieter than usual
so the telepathy would have less to gossip about .
"(how do schiz'ics feel about being denied gun rights?),
I wondered, but then I was humored:
"( haha, imagine having to dare everyone:
   I've got a gun, you've got a reason to kill me;
   shouldn't you back-stab me preemptively?!
) . hot pink .

. this workplace sabotaging
is how the "Hidden Imam" is able to
become hidden -- he's a carrier of disability,
a promoter of Serious Mental Illness;
and, that's why the Psychiatric-welfare system
just tells the schizophrenic to stay home:
the pink ones are business profit booby traps ... .
. in the bible, being "set apart" like this
is known as getting "sanctified"
-- typical treatment for Prophets and Imams;
because, messengers of G-D are like schiz'ics:
they, have things to say that nobody wants to hear
(and every involuntary thought is G-D's doing).

. well, the "Hidden Imam" may be G-D's,
but at Mental Health,
they are quick to medicate such personalities:
this can fog up their glass house,
and, of course, reduce stone throwing .