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12.20: web.relig/aquarian/myan calender:
. when is the mayan calender changing?
it's friday, 12.21, [why did I think 23?];
the ancient Mayans’ long-count calendar
ends at midnight Thursday,
. archaeologists have uncovered Mayan glyphs
that refer to dates far, far beyond 2012;
an age change happens every 5,125-years .

. our understanding of the mayan calender
may be off by two years:
some think Mayan's new age started in 2010 .
. when is the actual dawning of
the age of aquarius? [2000 or 2600 ...]
are the Mayans referring to this?
[ yes and no ... ].

. some say Aquarius starts at 11:11 GMT
= 4:11 Phoenix & Tucson time .
. the earth is turning eastward,
and we are just starting to turn into view of sun,
so China would be getting dusky then .
. the Mayan calender is phoenix time right?
why would their day start at 4?
the bible's day started close to sunrise also;
but they chose 6am as the day's start .
. perhaps it starts at 4 not 6 because of
astronomical relations other than sun-earth .
. perhaps it divides the day into 3rds vs 4ths;
4am is the third of a day before noon .]

21: web.relig/aquarian/
mayan calender tell start of new era:

the 11:11 phenomenon:
. a unique phenomenon sweeping the globe,
involves people feeling oddly “triggered”
whenever they see the numerals 11:11
on their digital clocks and watches.
This has been going on for years now,
and what’s so fascinating is the fact that
these people have independently come to the conclusion
that they are being “woken up” to the idea
that humanity is standing at some sort of “gateway”
on the path of our expanding spiritual awareness.
. certainly it's no coincidence that
the event that ends the Mayan calendar
the winter solstice of 2012 (12.21)
will occur at exactly 11:11 Greenwich Mean Time!
( 4:11 Mayan time ).
For forty million years, dolphins,
-- the brainiest mammalian species --
have been living such a transparent existence.
Utilizing an incredibly accurate
sense of ultrasound,
dolphins are able to "see" inside one another
via high-frequency echolocation.
. this may be a way attracting attention
so that as-if telepathies can be directed .]
In the global community of dolphins,
there can be no hiding, no lying,
no reason to mask anything but truth.
In other words, what we would call
an Aquarian existence
–a seemingly impossible dream–
has been a reality to dolphins
for millions of years.
Most of 2012 Mayan prophecy
comes from an ancient Mayan book
now known as the Dresden Codex.
9.13: web.relig/judaism/the mayan connection:
one renewal of the Mayan calender is Dec 21, 2012:
Carlos Barrios, an indigenous Mayan tradition keeper,
says that the Mayan Daykeepers
view Dec. 21, 2012 as a rebirth,
the start of the World of the Fifth Sun.
. it will be the start of a new era
resulting from and signified by
the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator,
and the earth aligning itself
with the center of the galaxy
for the first time in 26,000 years .
This cosmic cross is considered to be
an embodiment of the Sacred Tree,
The Tree of Life remembered in
all the world's spiritual traditions.

 . the four traditional elements are
 earth, air, fire and water .
 the emerging era of the Fifth Sun
 will call attention to a fifth element: ether.
 -- the rarefied element of the Heavens --
 "ethereal" is related to the regions beyond earth:
 the heavens .
 [ ether Greek aith─ôr ‘upper air,’
 from the base of aithein ‘burn, shine.
 a substance believed to occupy space
 beyond the sphere of the moon.
 . in the mid 17th century:
a very rarefied and highly elastic substance
that permeated all space,
whose vibrations constituted electromagnetic radiation.
in the mid 18th century:
highly flammable volatile solvent and anesthetic .]
 . Ether has also been the name for
electromagnetic conduction;
[ but after it was shown that
the electromagnetic field is not static
it was replaced by relativity theory .]
Mr. Barrios said:
"Within the context of ether [as-if telepathy]
there can be a fusion of the polarities,
[no more clearly-defined good or bad roles]
... But right now the realm of darkness
is not interested in [sharing minds].
They are organized to block it.
new age @ debunkingskeptics.com:
. chinese astrology, the Pyramid Prophecies,
the Revelations of Merlin, the Hopi Indian Prophecies
and myriad of others do, interestingly,
coincide with our present era,
the Days of Judgment and Reconciliation
(east India's "Age of Khali").
For the first time in known history
ALL of the major prophecies actually seem to
agree when it comes to timing
but yet, we are still looking at a window
when the "celestial door way" was opened
of roughly 3 generations --3*25 = 75 years--
that began [ 16 August 1987
--  25 years before the Harmonic Convergence
occuring throughout 2012;
the Mayan Great Cycle of 5,125 years
or thirteen baktuns of 144,000 days each
– a total of 1,872,000 days.
This cycle effectively encompasses the cycle of history;
from its beginning at 3113 BC
to its conclusion, in 2012 AD. ]
The world also passes through
Astrological ages every 2,500 years,
[ that's half the Mayan cycle, notice .]
The transitions of the ages are most defined
by events starting roughly at
150-250 years from the "threshold"
( The Harmonic Convergence
+ 3 generations[ on either side of it? ]
= the over-all transition phase
). If we look at the events that
most affected society and social conscience
over the past 150 years alone,
we can see key points and ideologies
that pave the way towards a more
global and "social" way
by which to function and perceive things.
Documents like the U.S. Constitution,
the Magna Carte, etc. were just the seedlings.
. a Threshold Stage demands a kind of
great Judgment that shakes out the old ways .
The "Great Awakening" as it were .
AGE OF AQUARIUS is actually 2600:
What does the Mayan Calendar
have to do with the Age of Aquarius?
The Mayan Calendar isn't based on the Zodiac,
so there's no comparison to the Aquarian Age .
Each system has its own relevance and timing.
The end date for the Mayan Calendar in 2012
isn't the beginning date of the Aquarian Age.
the end date for the Mayan age
is based on the alignment of the winter solstice
with the galactic equator.
This event actually occurred at
the winter solstice of 1999,
one season before the spring equinox occurred
90° from the galactic equator, a related event.
This means that 5000 years ago
the Mayans (actually the Toltecs then)
miscalculated by 10 to 20 years
the alignment of the galactic equator
with the winter solstice .
In the third millenium, we can clearly discern
that the 1950 IAU definition of the galactic equator
missed by about five years
in terms of precession of the equinox.

Official status of the Age of Aquarius:
No official astronomical body has
agreed upon a specific date
to begin the Aquarian Age.
No world body has recognized
the spring equinox of the year 2000 AD
as the start of the Age of Aquarius.

Definition of the Age of Aquarius:
The Age of Aquarius is one of the
twelve great ages that are determined by
the location of the vernal equinoctial point.
The age is named after the 30° zodiacal sign
that the vernal equinoctial point is located in.
The equinoctial point is the position of
the sun on the spring equinox.
Day and night are of equal length
on the both the spring equinox and the autumn equinox.
The autumn equinox sign is not used
to determine the age name:
Precession of the Equinox. Singular.
The sun on the ECLIPTIC
crosses over the equator on the spring equinox.
The sun orbits the core (center) of the galaxy
once every 220 million years;
Because of the motion of the Earth
through the solar system,
the ecliptic is not a perfect eclipse
because the Earth will sway due to
the gravitational attractions of the planets .
The ecliptic is actually the average position
of the sun as seen from our vantage point on earth.
Remember that it is
the earth's motion around the sun
that causes the sun to [apparently]
traverse the path of the ecliptic.
From the viewpoint of the sun, it is the Earth
and the other planets of the solar system,
which are revolving around it.
Our vantage point here on Earth
causes optical illusions such as
the retrograde motion of the planets
in the zodiac.

the Aquarian Age is approximately 2160 years
(1/12 of a 25,800-year astronomical cycle
determined by the precession of the equinox).
The exact length of time for the
full cycle of the precession of the equinox
is difficult to determine.
Some believe that
the astronomical ages aren't of equal length
and are actually determined by the
arbitrary size of the constellations.
The ancient ages were definitely based on a 30° sign.

Using modern star maps,
the Aquarian Age begins in 2600 AD
The astronomical ages may be based on
the intersections of celestial planes of reference:
The ECLIPTIC is the path of the sun.
The ECLIPTIC is a great circle on the
celestial sphere of 360 degrees.
The ECLIPTIC is the center of a
band of constellations called the ZODIAC.
The zodiac ring consists of 12 zodiacal constellations.
The constellation Ophiuchus also crosses the ECLIPTIC.
The ZODIAC encompasses a band of constellations which
the sun, moon and planets travel on.
The ZODIAC stretches out about 20 degrees
on either side of the ECLIPTIC.
The width of the zodiac is usually defined by
the extreme positions of planets in celestial latitude.
Neptune and Pluto currently define
the extents of the zodiac,
but other bodies might conceivably define
the extents of the zodiac
if they are classified as planets.
CELESTIAL LATITUDE is measured in degrees
north and south of the celestial equator.
The celestial equator is the projection of
the earth's equator onto the celestial sphere.
The sun appears to move
counterclockwise along the ecliptic
because of the revolution of the earth around the sun.
The moon also appears to move
counterclockwise through the zodiac
because of its rotation around the earth.
The planets generally appear to move counterclockwise
around the zodiac except during
the phenomena called retrograde motion
and is based on the relationship between
the earth's position in relation to the sun
and the other planet's positions
in relation to the earth and the sun.
360 degrees on the celestial equator.
great circle on the celestial sphere
in the same plane of the earth's equator.
The CELESTIAL EQUATOR is a projection of the
earth's equator onto the sky.
The CELESTIAL EQUATOR changes its position
in relation to the direction that
the earth's axis is pointing.
It is the relationship between the
that defines the
precession of the equinoctial point.
The tilt of the earth's axis
in relation to the plane of the ecliptic
is the same angle between
the celestial equator and ecliptic:
23.5 degrees.
great circle on the celestial sphere
passing down the middle of the Milky Way
as seen from earth and
through the center of the MILKY WAY galaxy.

Orbis Lacteus (milky circle)
is the name Cicero (102-49 BCE) used
for the circle of stars we call the Milky Way.
The equinoctial point is [at this writing]
now located in the constellation Pisces
but has recently moved
into the sign of Aquarius.
The sun conjoins the vernal equinoctial point
on the spring equinox of each year.
The sun obscures the stars of Pisces and Aquarius
on the spring equinox
because those constellations are located
behind or too near the sun at that time of year.

Precessional Cycle:
The axis of the earth slowly wobbles
something like the wobble of a spinning top.
The time for a complete precessional wobble
is about 25,920 years,
which is called the Great Year
or Platonic Year or Great Solar Year ... .
This means that the top axis of the earth
points to the star Polaris at this time,
but will point to Vega in about 14,000 years.
The Great Year is divided into 12 months
which are called Great Ages.
These Ages are based on the signs of the zodiac
that the Equinoctial Point is in at the time.
It takes about 2,160 years for the equinoctial point
to go through one of the twelve segments of the zodiac.
We believed [during the writing of this page]
that the Equinoctial Point would enter
the segment allotted to Aquarius
on the Spring Equinox of the year 2000 AD.

It is believed that the Neanderthals
coexisted with modern humans for 5 to 10 thousand years,
but disappeared after contact with
the Cro-Magnons who migrated into Europe
about 40,000 years ago.
Neanderthals survived up to 200,000 years
before either being eliminated or
absorbed by the Cro-Magnons.
We can expect that 26,000 years ago
the Neanderthals were expanding
out into Europe between ice ages .

What does the Zero Point
have to do with the Age of Aquarius?
. There are several zero points in vogue today.
The one that astronomers are concerned with
is called the equinoctial point,
which is also called the beginning of the sign Aries
and is at Zero hours of Right Ascension
and is at the zero degree mark of ecliptic longitude.
This zero point is the location of
the sun at the spring equinox.
This zero point has special significance
on the beginning date of the Aquarian Age
because it is the point that will be used
for hundreds if not thousands of years
as the reference point for
making star charts and celestial atlases.
21: web:
MayaMath&WorldAges .
Mayanism/December 21, 2012 .

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Happy Holidays!
JibJab Year in Review 2012: The End is Here!
Hurricanes! The fiscal cliff! Honey Boo Boo Child!
The bizarre events of 2012
look a lot like omens of the apocalypse!
JibJab takes inspiration from the Maya...
[!] (a comedy of all the political fun
and it's all ending from a meteorite ).

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