creating chaos is a suicide mission

12.4: pol/purges/war/creating chaos is a suicide mission:
. I noticed a problem in our war policy
from listening to the medal of honor hero
[oct 25 2007 specialist Salvatore Giunta]
who was on the Rusty Humphrey show:
. we are supposed to charge an ambush
in order to get close to the snipers
and create chaos,
but chaos works both ways if we
try giving the chargers air support:
helicoptor gunners can't tell
chargers apart from the enemy,
thereby increasing the risk of friendly fire .
-- basically these are suicidal tactics:
hopefully you'll be left with someone alive
after all of them are dead or running into air support .
. this story of getting close was needed in this case
because they lost a scout whose gear was taken,
so, they had to jungle-search for the night vision goggles
otherwise, the enemy could use the goggles to
see every laser-based communication
that goggle users get from and give to air support .
. he suggests we pull out now if we have no other objective
than pulling out in 2 years .
. when he was reminding the public (and the enemy)
that they would be safe from air support
only if they didn't try get distance from the chargers
Rusty stopped him as if he was punch drunk
and didn't know he was giving away national secrets;
maybe Rusty might simply be helping him with
selling one of his books
(Living with Honor: A Memoir)
12.5:. Salvatore's right, we should stay home until we
develope robotic chargers, or at least drone chargers .