911neocon theory

11.15 ..12.12: pol/purges/controlled demolition:
"( make everyone come together,
O nation without shame;
before the day of ADONAI's burning wrath sends you violently away in flight like the chaff is blown from grain;
Seek ADONAI, all you quiet ones of the earth, who have done what is right in his eyes;
seek righteousness and a quiet heart: that you may be safely hidden in the day of ADONAI's wrath .
) -- Zephaniah 2:1-3 .
12.12: summary of 911neocon theory:
. the elites who want world peace and free trade,
-- neocons, globalists, illuminati --
are getting hit from one side by privacy paranoids
who won't even cooperate with sure national ID
-- let alone real airport security! --
and are hit from the other side by fundamentalists
who push for their religious police states
to rule over majorities and BigMoney .
. there as been some concern about 911 being
master-minded by "Israeli mafia" or mossad
but they merely overlap with the 911neocons
who's master mind is USA's very own
lack of transparency, tolerance of secret wars,
half-baked support for Israel's repatriation
-- without offering the natives a new reservation --
and the use of a constitutional republic
rather than controlling population growth
in order to support wealth4all libertarianism .

11.26: summary/why attack the towers:

. Militant Islam, AKA: "terrorists" (Islam.mil)
had already made attempts on that building;
and so, whether the 9/11 attack was done by Islam.mil
or by conspirators trying to look like Islam.mil,
that same Trade center would be a likely target .
. the Trade towers were the nerve center
of globalized secular capitalism
which is not only exporting cultures invasively
but also financing militant Zionism
to butt heads with militant Islam;
so, whether you believe gov simulated the attacks
or simply allowed an actual Islam.mil attack,
-- whether you believed the controlled demolition
was done by gov conspirators or city-tower mgt --
you can believe the reason the Trade towers were targeted
was because they were a likely terrorism target .

11.26: summary/capitalism, religion, war, and eugenics:
. while it is suspicious that a need for asbestos abatement
is followed by getting a good terrorism insurance policy
that is shortly followed by an actual terrorism event
that then requires a controlled demolition,
why does the gov conspire to cover up a demolition
that would spray much of the east coast
with dioxins and asbestos ?
(I blame the asbestos on a cover up because
the planes hit only quite high
and asbestos was below the 40th floor,
so if the fire had been suppressed,
then there could still have been
a controlled abatement of asbestos).
. I'm reminded too that capitalism is a form of eugenics
where the desired genes are promoted by
lavishly funding and empowering only the Moneyed:
the outsider genes are starved;
also, capitalism is basically a non-violent form of
family feuding;
also, religions are a form of extended family
(Christianity, Judaism, and Islam -- all mafia's).
. notice too that
9-11 was the Pearl-harbor kickoff
for the war to defend Zionism against militant Islam,
(ie, defending Judaism against Islam,
and democracy against religious police states)
. trust is power is corrupting;
we keep going through this cycle of
being let down by the gov we trust,
only to replace them with more trust-me's .
. how do you make an open-source thing of gov
when they tell us our security depends on secrecy ?
-- even simple cooperation requires secrecy
when it involves various capitalists (extended families).

11.28: summary/advance knowledge conspiracy theory:
. the simmering mideast conflict is based on both
securitizing of oil-based energy supplies
and defense of Israel from Islam.mil hostilities
instigated by fundamentalist settler aggressiveness .
. at the time of 9/11, Bush was president,
a born-again Christian, saved from alcoholism .
. why couldn't he just judo-throw public opinion
into disdaining Zionism, oil, and mideast conflict? ...
... the key event preceding 9-11 (considering
America's revenge-seeking tendencies),
is that, just a year earlier,
USA's Navy had gotten savaged by terrorism,
and yet there was no call to defend our honor
at that time .
. how do we get the public's attention?
should we let the homeland feel this terrorism?
indeed, evidence of advance knowledge of 9-11
can be found in reports by various
FBI and CIA whistleblowers .
 . also, not only was the NSA allowed to
spy on everyone without a warrant;
but, amazingly, they even got Obama to
crackdown on whistleblowers
-- ones who threaten "(national security).
. blood for honor, my friend,
-- that vampire is wasting your taxes,
crippling your children,
and blinding your sense of morality .

11.30: summary/
illuminati just problem-solvers not conservatives:

. it doesn't matter what you call them
-- neocons, globalists, illuminati --
say you are a conservative who knows
that a stiff rod makes a good child;
you know that your people need more surveillance,
but they don't think they need that
because there is no terrorist cells lurking among us;
wa la: 9/11 has produce such a spectacle .
. they had a problem, and they solved it .
"( make everyone come together,
O nation without shame;
before the day of ADONAI's burning wrath
sends you violently away in flight
like the chaff is blown from grain;
all you quiet ones of the earth,
who have done what is right in his eyes;
seek righteousness and a quiet heart:
that you may be safely hidden
in the day of ADONAI's wrath .
) -- Zephaniah 2:1-3 .

12.1: news: summary/"Israeli Mafia" conspiracy theory:
. this video on "Israeli Mafia" conspiracy theory
suggests that 9-11 was an Israeli plot
meant to motivate the usa public
into defending Israel against Islam .
. it reminded me that europeans
for most of christian's 2000 years,
have been persecuting non-christians,
including Jewish europeans;
and, I suspected the USA christians might still be at it,
blaming Jews in order to cover another plot .

. the "911neocons" plotting a New Pearl harbor
aren't just christian, but also capitalists who are
trying to apologize to Jews and control Muslims
to promote peace for globalized trade .

. militant Islamists antagonize Israelis
because Israel was recently a muslim territory
-- this changed only after the World Wars,
when it was given to the christian-USA-europeans
who gave it to the Jewish peoples,
because it originally belonged to them
(in the year 200AD, Israel was part of Roman Empire,
and shortly after converting to christianity,
the christian Romans evicted the Jews;
then the Muslims conquered it until 1900AD)

. capitalists are trying to keep trade routes open,
and they need peace in the middle east
because the route next to Egypt and Iran
is a very quick shortcut to China and India .
. they can't see giving up Israel
(eg, by moving them to a National Park)
so, to bring this terrorism to a head,
they invented the 9-11 New Pearl harbor
to get the public support to both
militarily clean up militant Islam
and also get more powers to spy on citizens,
to better maintain the peace
that greases global trade and free markets .

. notice that 9/11 was not a lie:
terrorists did mean to do us harm;
our leaders simply applied a sort of judo,
throwing them harder in the direction
they were already going .
. the question is not whether can trust
Jews, or capitalist, or government;
but, can you trust trust?
. private parenting is the root of
all other forms of privacy .
. and privacy of government office did 9-11 .

12.2: summary/the shining truth about Jewish people:
. among 9-11 conspiracy theorists,
jewish entities are often confused with the
illuminati, New World Order, or luciferians .
. lucifer "Light Bearer", the planet Venus,
appears to be one of the brightest stars .
. I think it means being well-educated;
because, knowledge is what makes us aware
of the situation's actual level of desperation:
education is our morning star, our lucifer .
. desperate situations require desperate measures;
and this realization of hidden desperation
is how the educated can form ugly secret societies
that conspire to use catastrophes like 9/11
to make the masses aware of insidious poisons .
. due to the low education of the labor class,
the majority can't see the quiet desperation
of a civilization's slowly increasing chaos .
. the secrecy of the society is needed because,
before the age of ubiquitous intelligent computers,
the mass's sheer size and power to resist orders
means they can overthrow any obvious commander;
yet, without any orders, they increase chaos
by breeding poverty and then starting wars
-- just trying to get what everyone honestly needs .
. distribution of the wealth won't work;
because it only fuels more breeding
leading to more need for distribution
until all the wealthy have shared everything;
and then the war lottery starts again,
only now the wealthy have no place to hide,
because they shared their wealth
instead of using it for their escape from the lottery .
. wars will ruin the wealth of most,
but they do provide lottery winnings for a few
-- at least until the age of WMD's
(weapons of mass destruction);
but, even then, when nobody wins anything,
wars could still be fueled by religions
which have the uneducated masses believing
there's a glorious heaven for dead warriors,
a place with friends like Jesus, virgins, etc .
. wealthy civilization cannot exist without
either secret society orders,
or the age of ubiquitous intelligent computers
that have the power to control population,
so that distribution of wealth has a chance
without restarting a war lottery .

11.17: co.apt:
how did Directed Energy Weapons get involved?:

. just because I'm a conspiracy theorist,
doesn't mean I'm holding it against my gov;
I understand they were thinking like this:
. if we stop this 9-11 attack,
then the people expect us to stop the next one,
and we know we can't stop every attack,
so, we have then lead people into delusion,
only to burn them later;
whereas, if we let this attack go through,
then people get burned as they would have anyway,
but at least we cut through the delusion
and start the process of needed change,
retooling our obsolete military strategies .
. we knew for a long time about
how vulnerable we were to airport abuse,
whereas, the proud risk-seeking public,
would not tolerate complete airport security
until there was an actual airport devastation;
-- even then, many would still insist
that freedom from body searches
is worth the collateral damage coming from
the inevitable, eventual intelligence failure
that lets an even worse 9-11 slip through !
11.19: the rebuttal:
. on the other hand, it's fair to point out,
that by engaging in a 9-11 negligence conspiracy
the gov was assuming catastrophy is inevitable,
and how can they be so sure of that?
. for instance,
we could end the motivation for Islamic terrorism
by transplanting Israel to a USA fed-land carve-out;
and, the chances of that would be pretty good,
like so:
. they could have just publicized this 9-11 plot,
and used that close-call to introduce preventive ideas
like invasive airport security,
and converting some ocean-side national park
into New Israel .
. usa's Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
has 245 million surface acres,
-- 13 percent of the total USA land surface
and more than 40 % of all fed land .
. in order to replace Israel, you need:
. 20,700 sq.km (5 million acres),
which hopefully includes
445 sq.km (172 sq mi) of inland water,
and a mere 273 km of coastline;
a piece of Tongass National Forest could do that,
or how about southward, in oregon:
Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area ?
-- see also oregon/wa.state rivers,
california rivered areas, and cali'wild rivers .

why pretend demolition is a jet felling?:
anyway, let's assume a 9-11 negligence conspiracy:
. when the gov found a 9-11 plot to abuse the airport,
they deemed the best course of action
was to simply pretend it surprised them,
meanwhile planning for how to minimize the damage .
. they made the Pentagon more impact resistant
(the 1993 renovation was nearly complete for 9-11)
but their biggest challenge by far,
was how to deal with the Trade Tower fires .
. there would be so much jet fuel,
that it would burn for days,
and every day would disrupt $millions in business,
or spread the fire to other parts of the city;
so the best course of action during a jet strike
was to do a controlled demolition
to put the fire out quickly;
however, only the gov's top-secret DEW technology
could be trusted to do such a precarious job
(so tall a building filled with so much free jet fuel).
. I started investigating this because
I was appalled at why we would have
a controlled demolition for fire suppression
that would not warn firefighters before activation
(403 first-responders died in the demolitions)
[11.27: actually,
they did try to pull out the firefighters;
so the rest of this paragraph
just records my ignorance: ...]
. at least I can rest assured knowing that
first responders will not likely be so abused again .
. the reason they didn't tell the firemen
about the controlled demolition,
was that it involved top-secret technology,
so the entire thing would have to be secret .
. they would claim the jets did it,
and who could differ with that story,
since there was no data to refute the claim ?

11.23: news: there were 403 first-responders that died
(12.12: news:
. this tritium report indicated 406 fire & law officers;
but there was also one FBI special agent,
and one Secret Service master special officer;
403 of these are likely first-responders . )
Authorities determined that 2823 people
died in the attack on the WTC
including 157 people onboard the aircraft,
343 New York City Fire Department firefighters,
23 officers from the New York City Police Department,
37 officers from the PANYNJ Police Department,
3 officers from the New York Office of Court Administration .

advance knowledge conspiracy theory:
11.18: news.pol/whistleblower/9-11/Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer:
. Shaffer has testified before Congress
on issues relating to 9/11 intelligence .
. on a radio interview, he said he didn't know
that what he was saying was being witheld by the DOD,
and that's how he got branded a whistleblower .
11.19: conclusion:
. Shaffer was responding to our expectation that
there were ways to get good intelligence,
and if we would just fully use the available ways,
then terrorism wouldn't happen to us .
. but the elites view of this has been that
we do need to let bad things happen,
in order to get the funding from tax payers
to develope the needed better defenses .
. I too have have been skeptical of
our ability to have perfect intelligence indefinitely;
but I could be wrong about that:
. it could be a psychological fact of life
that when people are given privacy rights,
their inner gambler takes over,
and they tend to maximize their use of privacy,
esp'ly during communications which they think are
too partial or coded to be a vulnerability .
. but with big data processing power
putting all those little pieces together,
they would be wrong about how much we can know .

11.19: news: advance-knowledge theory/
"abject intelligence failure"

Six months after Sept. 11,
Sources in the Pentagon, White House and Congress
grumble that the nation's intelligence bureaucracies
were caught flat-footed by the Sept. 11 attack
—"It was an abject intelligence failure,"
a White House aide says .
The CIA and FBI have been in a desperate scramble
to fix a broken system before another strike comes .
America's national security system
is designed to fight Soviets
rather than suicide bombers.
[. well,
those seeking funds for a new
military and intelligence infrastructure
sure have our attention now! ]

11.19: co.apt: advance-knowledge theory/conspiracy plausible:
. we can't get war funding done without
something really bad happening,
so let it! seems to be a pattern here:
this was rumored to be the case with
both Pearl harbor and 9-11 .

11.20: co.apt: advance-knowledge theory/some were warned:
... there is one way where the future can
change the past:
. imagine that you're g*d the programmer,
running your world in a simulation;
you can see that the future holds 9/11;
so, to save the Chosen in the Trade Towers,
you have to have some way to alert them
before 9/11 ... (not sure why g*d would want to
text anyone, but ...).
[haha, oh yea: a god could just
whisper in their mind!
. many in the intel industry knew about 9/11,
and this was made obvious when
some relatives leaked that knowledge
in order to save their own .]

11.20: advance-knowledge theory/look at that:
. this treatment by our gov reminds me of
how fathers produce bullies:
"( my dad beat us up grumbling about muslims;
and so the next muslim I see is getting hammered ).

11.21: advance-knowledge theory/look at that/background:
. some have portrayed Israel as ensuring wwIII;
but if you study the history since Christ's time,
we have seen a series of empire attempts:
first, a slave-based Pyramid Scheme by the Romans,
then a religious-conversion craze by Christians,
who were then challenged by Muslims,
using basically the same model:
religion was a key military weapon .
. the Romans evicted the Jews from Israel,
and, after the Romans converted to Christianity,
the Muslims conquered Israel from the Christians .
. the Christians won the latest round during wwI:
in 1922, the League of Nations granted Britain
a mandate over Israel (known as Palestine)
who then turned Palestine into a
"(national home for the Jewish people)
which encouraged 100,000 Jews immigrate;
resulting in a series of Muslim or Arab revolts,
most notably in 1936,
when the Nazi's had forced the immigration of
250,000 of Germany's "1000 pounds sterling" Jews .
By the end of World War II,
Palestine had become 33% Jewish,
and fought for independence from the British .

11.19: co.apt: advance-knowledge theory/CIA not constitutional:
. the fathers of the constitution
had no checks and balances for the CIA;
because, it had no CIA in mind at the time;
. congress was treated like a bunch of monkeys
when they tried to investigate the CIA;
does anyone have the ability to do this?
not even the president?
well, the president is their boss!
(the pres at the time was Bush,
and he was perfectly happy with their job),
. haha, if you can get clearance by the CIA,
you might already work for the CIA!

11.25: co.apt: why we can be spied on now:
. they know we know 9-11 was fORking us
... and that's why NSA gets to wiretap everyone
checking for terrorist cells .
. even if we didn't pay taxes, the 1% industrials
could still pay for the entire military machine;
what they need the middle class taxes for
is the middle class entitlements .
. look at the president:
you have to be some sort of psychopath
to take that [smiley face] job
-- what else can he do ?
you can either be president or be toast .
. it's up to you .
. it's too big to fail you can tell,
too big to lie .
. you can tell this too because he's
cracking on whistleblowers
without even blinking .
[ after trashing Bush for similar fascisms ].
. and half the public
thinks gov is lying about 9/11 ?
they must think it's patriotic to
go along with being woken up for a terrorism war .
. new york got hosed with nukes and asbestos;
the terrorists themselves never could have
caused that much damage
[not with a pair of box knives and mace;
did you see them say this was a
$ billion conspiracy ?
-- did I say they were too big to lie ?
. sometimes they are just too ambiguous to lie:
whose $-billion conspiracy ? they didn't say .]
29: wake-up's details:
. gov's involvement in 9-11 is so obvious,
it seems to be a sort of manifesto:
"( . like our involvement in 9-11,
our foreign policy has not been so good;
but neither has Palestine's or Israel's;
the problem is that everyone is
defending the same expectations:
wrongs will be made right,
stolen things will be returned,
people will not be evicted from their homes,
... all this leads to such conflict
we can hardly defend the expectation that
"(civilians should not be terrorized);
what can we do
when right expectations are simply wrong?
)-gov's manifesto .

12.7: news: Illuminati 2012
End of the World Conspiracy Predictions

. this vid is saying they can tell by matching prophesies,
that we are at then end times;
when they said there will be starvation,
I just went ballistic:
here is the christian's new testament
predicting what their new policies would do
and their masses were clueless:
. we followed the g-d of fruitful & multiplied,
multiplied even when it wasn't so fruitful,
right down to the massive starvations,
and the weather patterns of overpopulation .

. sitings of ufo's have happened much more after 2000 .
[. Hutchison said he saw ufo's and aliens;
I wondered if aliens are watching us,
and visit those playing with high tech .
. if this is true, then after 2000 (2001.9.11)
they would become very interested in us,
because we obviously had mastered
a very important technology played with by Hutchison .
. this was obvious from space because,
that use of NDEW tech had changed the earth's
magnetic polarity strength an amazing amount .]

. wars and rumors of wars ....
revelations tells of a fateful army
whose number was that of China's today .
. they show North Korea (you remember them,
how they were scalded by USA-USSR war games).
. they showed Putin (head of today's USSR)
standing with Iran (the fascist branch of Islam).
. turned from [god's] truth to fables -- 2 timothy 4:4
worshipped creature instead of creator -- romans 1:25
"(Seeming to be wise, they were in fact foolish,
23 And by them the glory of the eternal God was changed
and made into the image of man who is not eternal, [jesus?]
and of birds and beasts and things which go on the earth.
24 For this reason God gave them up to
the evil desires of their hearts,
working shame in their bodies with one another:
Because by them the true word of God
was changed into that which is false,
and they gave worship and honour to the thing which is made,
and not to him who made it,
to whom be blessing for ever. So be it.
) -- 12.12: making a god of christ foolish?
[. the idea of idol worship has its truth in
the human tendency to cheat by stealing the cheese,
use of sex for pleasure (breeding in poverty, tearing down wealth)
finding the feeling of power through opium
instead of deserving the feeling from the fruits of working smart .]
. some depart from the faith,
giving heed to [accepting the word of]
deceiving spirits [delusions about the supernatural]
and doctrines of demons [laws of cultural destruction]
-- 1 timothy 4:1
[. they are showing a picture of a girl who is
giving a hand signal that at first glance
seems like the love sign (amer'sign languag)
LV = right hand with pinky, index, and thumb out .
. but it's backwards and thumb is hidden,
suggesting a female genitalia .
. they then show all recent presidents
giving signals more like the love sign,
(obama uses both hands,
and also uses his left hand like as if to say
I'm on the phone).
. they also lament "(even cartoon characters do it!)
it's pointing at someone with left hand,
but also has the pinky extended .
. they are assuming all these mean the same thing,
something about demon doctrine .

. these are laws meant to test us;
not to build us up directly but by creating wars,
they build up the future indirectly
but evolving the tech that fights wars and chaos .
. what is so seductive and deceiving about the demon doctrines
is that there is much wisdom and a kernel of truth;
but also some very important troublesome riders,
that stick with us only because
"(god requires obedience to His doctrine);
how about that! (we can use that and so can demons).
. the christians repackaged judaism's wisdom,
deception#Christian: This One is the Son of God .
and most of all, islam repackaged
christian's [god's love for all] message:
deception#Islam: This Prophet is the Final Word .
. a man who is a messenger for the supernatural
cannot know from the authority of the supernatural
whether the verse is from satan or angels;
how can he be sure? only religious science
can find the true nature of
Spirit# Eternal Civilization .]

. after introducing the idea that a culture has been
making you interested in the occult and fantasy,
it suddenly drops into the 911neocon 911bluepill theory,
where the purpose is to so rattle the public
that they accept a new form of currency,
the smart card, and the very secure version of that
will be the mark of the beast,
where your card is a microchip implanted under your skin .
. he's right, just thinking about the violence in the news,
I'm already interested in hiding my wallet under my skin .

. back to prophesy:
"(the antichrist will also give
depraved wisdom to an unhappy man,
so that he will discover a way to
carry on a conversation with another
from one end of the earth to the other .
-- St.Nilus, year 430:
( sounds like generic schiz'ia to me!
you, phil? oh, yea, that's him ).
. shows pictures of angry globalists on the phone .
"(for then shall be great tribulation
such as was not since the beginnning of the world
to this time; no, nor ever shall be ),
-- mattthew 24: 21 .
. no scripture is cited,
but it's said to describe a pole shift
that would occur shortly before a very hard time .
"(there was a great quake;
and the sun became black .. and the moon became as blood;
every mountain and island were moved out of their places
. there were voices and lightening so close you could hear it,
1/3 of trees and all grass burned in a hail of bloody fire)
-- revelations 6:14, 12 .
"( there will be much famine,
then the comet comes,
and [what must be new york city?]
will be devastated by quakes, storms tidal wave,
divided and in great part, submerged .
. the comet forces much of the ocean to flood,
coastal cities live in fear;
many of them tidal-waved to death;
and, escapees die later from plagues
[from unsanitary conditions of packed, homeless people]
) -- St.Hidlegard 1100year .
. the comets proximity may be what causes the pole to reverse .
[ pole to reverse coincident with
the age of global warming:
. but another reason it could happen now
is that is when the tech is advanced eno'
to have the NDEW weapon
that destroyed the trade towers on 9/11;
if that were used to full effect,
that could apply eno' magnetic energy to the planet
to do something similar to a pole shift .
. also they showed Putin next to Iran;
and we know Putin has this NDEW tech too,
and in the end times the last islam.mil target will be Iran .]
"(when tv, submarines, and aeronautics arrive,
   half the world will die bloody
) -- Mother Shipton 1600's year;
( likely thinking of what TV would do
to promote the use of war machines ).
. Putin will also ally with China,
and they remind us again, Putin sides with Iran .
. USA is pulled in by zionism,
but why is Germany allied with USA specifically ?
. Germany wins as the leading economic nation?
[ ah, German is taking the gold from USA now;
because, they know, in the next showdown,
USA's infrastructure is getting decimated .
. did you know why nazi Germany didn't attack the Swiss?
that's where their money was banked .
. England is decimated ?
[ they were seen as the one siding with USA;
Germany is just the wwIII's banker .
. weapons we have not even dreampt of?
[ that would be the 9/11 NDEW tech
-- we can't even mention this .]
. germs that cause sickeness
and electric rays that devastate the earth .
. USA had not given up its starwars program,
and Russia was able to rebuild a new USSR .
. Africa will not be affected
--[ same old anarchy and mass starvation?!
(oh but this is written by an Afrikaner,
a white in southern africa)
and people will despise light skinned people
[ esp'ly in europe? ouch .
I guess Orientals or Arabians took over .]

. things will happen when the ice starts melting;
[ but that is likely anyway from
tech = good at war and overpop;
then overpop = ice melt .
. very good at war ripens with ice melt .]
job 38
daniel  12: 4
And at that time Michael will take up his place,
the great angel,
who is the supporter of the children of your people:
and there will be a time of trouble,
such as there never was
from the time there was a nation
even till that same time:
and at that time your people will be kept safe,
everyone who is recorded in the book .
And a number of those who are
sleeping in the dust of the earth
will come out of their sleep,
some to eternal life and some to eternal shame.
--[ this is not the ressurection;
it means the wwIII will be such that
the only survivors come from underground bunkers;
and both sides will have bunkers,
but one side will feel like a winner, and the other a loser .
. the children of daniel represent the new way
where tech is seen as the salvation;
and the losers that caused this mess,
will be the zionist-christians and the islam.mil .]

[ and the winner we're banking on ...:
. if the other prophesies are right,
that makes sense Germany is a winner
because those guys are not insanely religious,
and have the smartest mix of socialism and capitalism:
don't let the bums pile up .
. USA seems like the big powerhouse,
but their power is in money and intellectual property:
it's completely portable and international .
. the number of people who actually own USA
could fit in a German health spa .]

[. the mark of the beast debate reminds of
why that would be eternal damnation:
when we find the technology to hide our wallet,
then we will have perfected the evil of
segregating those freely breeding in poverty
from those freely breeding in wealth .
. this mountain of power could have been for good,
but we remain immature socially .
. this is the anti-christ for sure:
letting people burn in free parenting,
free to be losers .
. the christian way would be to
limit population size to a size which
we would feel comfortable sharing our wealth with .]

. see revelation 14: 9-12
"(revelation 13: 16-18)
[. what jumped out at me was 16:
the classes that exist during the beast`mark
include the poor and not free:
imagine a high tech world where there still exists
the poor and the not free? amazing .
. this is how freedom = anti-christ:
free parenting and its overpopulation
are the root of all evil .]

. shows a member of the Church of Satan
who has a picture with a hand sign like love,
but with the thumb retracted,
[ and I see now that if the thumb being out = loV
then this satanic sign is lol (laughing out loud).]

. the seal of satan's church is
"in nomine dei nostri satanas,
luciferi excelsi!",
"ave voluptatis carnis!"
[ here's the top google's for that:
-- google detects italian, but then doesn't translate?
ask it to do latin:
In the Name of Our God, Satan,
Lucifer of the Most High!
Hail, pleasures of the flesh!
. I know from studying their satanic bible
that the reason for the pentagram
with the goat fitting right in there,
is because the goat urinates on itself
which reminds one of laws that are
having the effect of urinating on self unnecessarily .]
. do you think the worldly elite
are interested in serving your purpose?
[. more pictures of presidents with hand signals .]
revelation 13: 16-17 predicts in the last days,
a New World Order
. indeed the devil must be a dictator
in order to rule the world .
[. actually what that scriptural passage says is
"( there will still be the poor and non free,
also allowed to wear the mark of the beast ).
and if you look nearby in the text,
they are not forced by a dictatorial beast;
they love the beast:

4 And they gave worship to the dragon,
because he gave authority to the beast;
and worshipping the beast, they said,
Who is like the beast? and
who is able to go to war with him?
... and there was given to him
authority over every tribe and people
and language and nation.
--[ that is our friend the high-tech globalist,
with all their delicious consumables
... right up to armageddon .
. it was given to him to make war on the saints
(the christian zionists, islam.mil,
and conspiracy game paranoids
that are resisting national id card, etc,
maybe also the Putin-style of christian,
and Chinese saintly over-protectiveness) ]
Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth.
It had two horns like those of a lamb,
but it spoke like a dragon.
12 It exercises all the authority of the first beast in its presence;
and it makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast,
the one whose fatal wound had been healed.
13 It performs great miracles, even causing fire to come down from heaven
onto the earth as people watch.
14 And those who are on the earth are turned from the true way by him
through the signs which he was given power to do before the beast;
giving orders to those who are on the earth
to make an image to the beast,
who was wounded by the sword, and came to life.
15 And he had power to give breath to the image of the beast,
so that words might come from the image of the beast,
and that he might have put to death
all those who did not give worship to the image of the beast .
16 And he gives to all, small and great,
the poor and those who have wealth,
the free and those who are not free,
a mark on their right hand or on their brows;
17 So that no man might be able to do trade
but he who has the mark,
even the name of the beast or the number of his name.
18 This is where wisdom is needed; OR Here is wisdom.
He who has knowledge
let him get the number of the beast;
because it is the number of a man:
and his number is Six hundred and [AND 10 AND] six.
--. new evidence puts the number at 616 not 666 .
12.08: the 2 numbers of the beast:
. the beast would be fatally wounded yet lives
reminds of muslim fights by suicide ...
. rumor was that an emporer commited suicide
and either way -- 666 or 616 --
the beast number spells that emporer's name .
. weird, the likeness of emporer to christ:
it was rumored this emporer would rise again
 as if he had died just to possess a different body
or many bodies  -- like Christ .]
globalists are advancing the plan of the anti-christ;
the doctrine of lucifer .
8 And I saw a grey horse, ridden by Death;
and Hell [Sh'ol] came after him.
And there was given to them authority over
the fourth part of the earth,
to put to destruction by
war, famine, plagues, animals. OR
sword, food-removal, death, beasts of the earth.
-- rev 6: 8 .
. the vid is concerned that depopulation plans
will be done sneakily rather than through war,
they will see a need to quaranteen
to administer vaccines,
that could cause death rather than cure it .
. if there was resistance,
they might ban "(our) guns too .
[. remember,
what the constitution had in mind was
the ability of each state to have its own militia
because that would check federal powers;
but the power of the fed is now so great,
that a first strike takes the whole pie .
. the constitution needs a different protection scheme .
(not that personal guns are a bad idea;
but we should mend the constitution
to support that specifically;
it's not in there now;
we should avoid the Waco mess by also insisting
that children belong to the community,
not to the parents .
. enjoy your gun,
you're not threatening the children ...)]
. this was striking news to me:
flu of 1918, Eleanor McBean PhD, ND,
swine flu expose;
"( I was an on-the-spot observer of the 1918 flu epidemic;
all those seeing it
had the characteristics of all the very diseases
that the people had been vaccinated with
immediately following WWI ).
--[ and promethius came down with fire
(to help man) and (oops, 

excuse me said timidly:)
sometimes people got burned .
. I think what happened is that
if using attenuated parts of virus,
if any of them do live, then they can
trade DNA with even the dead virus
and these new frankenstein virus
can be very sharp like HIV .
. another take on this conspiracy theory
is when they run out of popular vaccine,
and the next batches
have the unfortunate side-affect of sterilization .]

rev 13: 10:
. look at the difference in translation ! amazing .
jewish vs modern:
10 "If anyone is meant for captivity,
into captivity he goes!

10 If any man sends others into prison,
into prison he will go:

If anyone is to be killed with the sword,
with the sword he is to be killed!"

if any man puts to death with the sword,
with the sword will he be put to death.

This is when God's holy[set-apart] people
must persevere and trust!

Here is the quiet strength and the faith
of the saints.

matthew 13: 45-50 [who defines what good means?]
45 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a
trader searching for beautiful jewels.
46 And having come across one jewel of great price,
he went and gave all he had in exchange for it.
47 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net,
which was put into the sea and took in every sort of fish:
48 When it was full, they put the good into vessels,
but the bad they put away.
49 So will it be in the end of the world:
[at the close of the age]
the angels will come and take out the bad from the good,
50 And will put them into the fire:
there will be weeping and cries of sorrow.