9-11, Russia, Isreal, and The Beast

12.18: co.self/dream/pol/purges/war/beast/
Russian Zionism's israel dancing on 9-11:

notes of poorly recalled dream on 12.18:
. my dream left me with the impression that
Russia was the actual source of the
Israelis dancing on 9-11;
ie, they were Russians posing as Israelites .
. this is related to russia's view of
what communism means .
. one fragment has me recall 9-11's purpose;
it reminds me that Russia is not the enemy .
[.. these sleepy notes baffled me;
so, there was much to write about them .]

12.20: what I got from notes of this dream:
. when I first saw 9-11,
Russia and China seemed suspect
because they had just recently complained that
USA's pursuit of a National Missile Defense
-- by causing obsolescence of nuclear missles --
would greatly increase the cost of their
keeping parity in a new arms race;
and the Russians also pointed out
it would violate the 1972 ABM Treaty .
. during 9-11, when Russia's head visited USA's,
it seemed like they were trying to calm down the
wide-spread rumors that 9-11 was a communist plot .
. at least the visit was not escalating tensions;
but I also sensed some smugness:
"( wow, a missle shield really helps
when NY is destroyed by your own jets ).
now I'm looking at this meeting again:
. perhaps the soviet's were concerned
that USA had broken treaties dealing with
the use of nukes for demolitions;
so Russia wanted to show the world
that they were not concerned about
this being an obvious nuclear event
(basically, they knew it was a DEW tech
and there are no treaties about this(?)
except concerning military weather control) .

. USA is not just Capitalism & Freedom,
it also conveniently infiltrated by cults
whose intent is to pump up the population size
which has the side affect of
cheapening the Labor wage
(greatly pleasing the capitalists, of course).
. I refer to these cults collectively as
the anti-christ, or Beasts,
since Jesus Christ sought to set us free
whereas these so-called pro-life religions
actually turn us into sex addicts .

. keep in mind that wars are good for
both Capitalists and the Beast
for the Beast, war can restart a stall:
. after populations exceed resources,
they can't grow more until
excesses of population are destroyed .
. for Capitalists, war is a cornucopia:
it's during times of war
that people will buy the high tech gear
-- for any amount of money --
and then work for peanuts to the death
( peace-time capitalists can only dream
of this sort of efficiency! ).

. also keep in mind,
how g-d uses the devil:
the purpose of g-d's evil (ev-l)
is to evolve (ev-l-) high tech:
because, only the existence of high tech
will save us from sun death
(having to start from scratch again).
. g-d's devil (d'ev-l) is pushing us to war
in order to evolve this tech
-- the ev-l now is for future's good:
devil = d'evil = 'ev-l = evolve
= eternal life .
. the Beast's job is to create
scarcity of limited resources
to ensure the existence of these ev-l wars .

there's still hope:
. these End Times could last a long time
because it's the tension of near-apocalypse
that creates the most tech evolution .

12.21: History of Israel:

. Israel was Jewish thousands of years ago;
but in Jesus Christ's time
it was forced to be part of the Roman Federation .
. after Christ's death,
the Romans had problems with Christians,
and this may have splattered onto the Jews;
because, by the year 136,
both Jews & Christians had been expelled from Israel
but by 313 the Romans had become Christianized
and then by 636, Islam ruled Israel .
. starting around 1095,
there were a few centuries of rule by
Christians, Mongols, and Mamluks;
but by 1517, Islam ruled Israel again,
and Europe was rabidly Christianized,
so the Jewish people were mostly hiding
or moving towards the North & East .

. 1914 was the beginning of the end
of Islam's control of Israel;
that was when the Ottoman Empire
took sides in World War I:
UK, France & Russia were up against
Germany & the Islamic Ottoman Empire .
. many Jews were rooting for Germany then
because Russian Royalty had been very cruel,
whereas Germans were smart Capitalists
who knew how to make money with the Jews;
but by 1917, Russia had been Communized
(which brought hope for change there)
and UK had promised Jews a home in Israel
if they would help fight Islam;
so, with help from international Jewish financing,
Islam had been rolled back, but also
German Capitalist's were severely punished;
and, this is when they created Nazism,
to become as anti-Jewish as the Russians .

. waves of rejected Jews had embraced Israel,
but it was already comfortably holding Muslims
who were increasingly crowded and angry .
. this anger lead to numerous attacks,
including attacks on USA's military abroad;
but nothing that really affected USA's homeland,
and nothing USA could blame on a country;
so, USA had no country to attack,
and no homeland`support for changing to a
country-less style of attack .
. the 911neocons solved this with 9-11:
a conspiracy to devastate our homeland
with "hijackers" from no particular country
apparently financed by international Islam.mil .]

9-11's Dancing Israelites:
. the conspicuous dancers on 9-11
who were claiming to be from Israel
seemed to know when&where it would happen;
some thought this was evidence of
Israel being among the conspirators
who had allowed 9-11 to happen
in order to start a war with Islam.mil .

Dreamy sees "Russia is not the enemy"?:

. recall 9-11's purpose is to start a
$100Trillion war with Islam.mil;
so, how is that dream reminding me
that Russia is not the enemy?
it's not an enemy to either of USA's
conflicting 2 sides:
. for all the anti-war liberals,
communism does try to end war,
and, for the neocons,
communism does it with a police state:
. another intent of the 911neocons
besides motivating the public to fight,
was to have a police state
-- just like Russia has --
which they can't get in times of peace;
because, well, democracy naturally demands
the maximization of privacy rights
and freedom of the press .]

why would Russia implicate Israel?:

. Jews and Russians have both appreciated
the sharing and stability of communism
but Jews invisioned a place where
the state would respect all religions
and would be a loose international federation
that sought to end wars by ensuring that
everyone was ruled by democracy;
ie, labor rules labor,
(wars are caused when labor is the puppet of
either royals or Beastly religious cults;
because royals and religious leaders
are the main cause of Labor class desperation).
. the Russians, by contrast,
saw the Jews as being a war-causing spy;
because, Jews alone had a blood religion
that allowed them to trust each other
(having the ability to form conspiracies)
and this gave them a power that could
have the Jews ruling over all others
just like a royal family did before;
and, by having many international ties,
Jews could profit from wars with Russia
while still spying on Russia,
and helping it lose these wars .
-- this can't happen in USA though
because, its labor class is a Beast cult
(ie, competing variants of pro-lifers)
and this is completely compatable with
any agenda pro-family Jews could dream up .[12.21:
. if we were concerned about wars,
we should add a constitutional amendment
banning international financing of wars:
ie, no borrowing to fund wars we fight in .
. to be a model of wealth4all,
institute law-enforced population control
(let the smart, rich, or popular breed).
. who needs a war, when we're all happy?
. if you're going to invite Jews into Israel,
create a reservation for Palestinians .]

. the Russian's use of communism
would build Labor power by federating
as many neighbors as possible
and then politically subsuming
all the enclosed religions
(that implies the remaining religions must be
ones that embrace everyone,
which is the main reason for expelling
only the Jewish religion).]

Russia has often been scorned for
oppressing politically active Christians
and banishing all known Jews to Israel .
. now imagine at 9-11,
the Russians assumed Jews will cause wars
and here they see that the 911neocon's plot
is meant to start a war against Islam.mil
basically just to defend Israel,
-- what else? the right to
Peddle Capitalist Porn in Islam Country ?
. naturally, let's hypothesize,
Russia sees this is a time to laugh:
"( let's send our Israeli spies over there
and dance on 9-11!
this will be the laughing of the century,
because, for so long,
Russia has been sneered at by USA
as being that Paranoid who abuses Jews .
. we told you these Jews would be trouble,
and here you are
defending the tiny Israel against
300 million muslim suicide bombers .
. woohoo .).
. is Russia really the most likely one
who would be trying to implicate Israel
as being part of the 911neocon conspiracy?:

. I think it more likely instead that
mossad or 911neocons themselves
were out there with dancing Israelis;
because, the 9-11 conspiracy theorists
would already have this idea about Israel
but they may then quietly try to
conspire against Israel or Jews;
so, by making the connection obvious,
it would already be dealt with publicly,
and then the 9-11 conspiracy theorists
would not be secretly anti-Jewish;
because, the entire public will know
conspiracy theorists suspect Jews .

dancing for conspiracy theorist suppression:

. another benefit of dancing Israelites
is conspiracy theorist suppression:
. back when Nazi's were trying to woo Germany,
Hitler wrote a book warning everyone about
a Jewish conspiracy that was holding back
Germany's good capitalism;
so then when hitler was elected,
that sent the message it was very OK
to be a Jewish conspiracy theorist;
911neocons used this same psychology,
only in reverse:
after USA saw Israeli dancers for 9-11,
any talk of 9-11 conspiracies
would be tantamount to anti-semitism
which is obviously unamerican;
ie, the dancing Israelis on 9-11
were yet another psyop#911Truther
meant to install psyop#911bluepill .

. also, mossad's official story could be
simply that they suspected it was true,
and it would be a happy occassion because
it meant Israel's terrorists
would be USA's new target;
and, Israel would have new relief from terrorism .
. the official grassroots Jewish story
could be that Israel is very much
2 political factions;
and one of them is not happy about
USA`Christians thinking of Israel as their
ground-zero for an apocalypse that must happen
before the Messiah Jesus Christ returns .
. Beasts .