#Germany circumcision ban warns #jihad

10.14: news.pol/purges/prison/
circumcision ban labeled religious intolerance:

14: 19: summary:
. after England frowned on Germany for
appearing to be anti-semitic again,
I wanted to point out a misunderstanding
about Germany's issue with circumcision .
. I have German and English blood,
my family includes American Jews,
my country is both USA and UK;
my religion is supernature-aware,
but without a belief in circumcision,
and includes a love of Islam's Prophet
however I think the Prophet is misunderstood:
in this age, he would use psychology, not war,
to pursue the dream of world-wide Islam;
and I don't think he would be against Israel,
but he would insist on community purity:
neighborhoods and businesses used by muslims
should be completely Islamic .

. the news of Germany outlawing circumcision
was made into an anti-jewish spectacle,
but notice the related news just before this:
Germany's leadership was reporting
that after embracing the immigration of muslims
it looked like "(it wasn't working out) .
[citation not locatable, heard on NPR?
but below are many reports from Germany
suggesting widespread resistance to,
or systematic "integration" of, Islam .]
. indeed, that was the same time there was
serious talk of giving up all nuclear power
-- and they were concerned mostly about
having it sabotaged by terrorists .
how did Germany ever toss circumcision?
. funny, the West has no problems with
refering to female circumcision as
"(genital mutilation);
but when Germans extend this to males,
they were sneered at as sliding back into
the anti-semitism of their Nazi forefathers .
"(is there any male who feels damaged by this?)
the English reporter asked the German;
well, yes, and I would like to add
that the damage is documented:
ask any circumcised man how easy it is to
exercise one's prostate after this operation .

. furthermore, consider the reason for it:
the Bible was all about community health,
and back in that day,
the men were told to not have anal intercourse
but they were doing it anyway
(perhaps for birth control?)
and it was giving them foreskin yeast infections,
so, then this is why, I humbly believe, that
g-d(hebrew leadership) mandated circumcision
as a way to ensure ventilation after exposure;
because, ventilation kills many germs .

. it is also known to reduce exposure to HIV
and has been encouraged as a preventive
among those insane, child-like barbarians,
who still practice unprotected
concurrent promiscuity .

. for the ultimate damage,
remember the botched circumcision
that resulted in the man's tool being destroyed?
(perhaps due to infection needing amputaton?
that wasn't what happened in that case? oh).
. in any case, the damage was so irreversable,
they tried giving the boy a sex change,
not realizing a boy's brain is
already permanently masculinzed;
therefore, he was also psychologically damaged,
and they had to reverse the operation .
. anyway, the Germans are claiming this practice is
barbaric just like female genital mutilation,
and if we religiously tolerate that child abuse,
why don't we tolerate g-d-ordered public stonings ?
. I thought that was either an excellent point,
or an ad absurdum comparison,
depending on which side I was trying to take .
. circumcision does raise stress hormones;
but an infant will forget about it;
so, I'll say this is not child abuse,
just infant abuse .

. another issue with our treatment of infants:
I'm appalled at certain late-term abortions
but, only because they are abuse (not murder);
I don't mind euthanasia;
eg, for avoiding cold, neglectful mothers;
but it seems the reason that
pain doesn't matter to our abortionists,
is that they're killing the patient anyway!

. reminds of how easily
certain Abrahamic Radicals will
send their circumcised kids off to war .
USA and MiddleEast are the big circumcisers,
and they can't seem to get enough war .
. we dont believe in euthanasia;
we do believe in Everlasting Punishment .
. euthanasia is seen as a despicable compromise:
save your youth for the good fight:
the endless fight .
... endless, hopeless, prideful war on death .

a chaser for the Blue Pill:
. we should do this circumcision for g-d?
but that's preposterous;
because, we don't question why
g-d orders something this way:
in fact, being within a g-d system
means we can't possibly see
the whole g-d or the real g-d:
we are essentially BluePilled by the supernatural;
so let's look at what our
rationality stitches together,
as we believe in a g-d plan,
but at the same time admit
we can't be sure we know what it is,
ie, we can't be sure we know good from evil,
so we need culture's AND science's help,
ie, they don't have to agree (on values)
but they should never, ever, disagree
(ie, we should respect the bible
as the wisdom of the elders,
without asking it to be a physics textbook,
because the bible's elders
were not concerned about
how long ago the universe was created;
their point is that we're living in a creation,
a dream of g-d's design .)

. I'm struck by the coincidences of the bible:
there is so much law involving public health,
and there is so much public health to be gained
from performing this circumcision on every male
assuming that your typical male is a
promiscuous or sneaky sodomizer
-- not a far-out assumption at all
given the ubiqutious embrace of family values,
which runs away from communal eyes .

10.14: political inspirations of the Prophet:
10.21: summary:
. the following theory assumes that
the g-d plan always involves evolution;
the main point of a religion
is not to be the main religion,
but rather to be the sort of competition
that will inspire the technological progress
to ensure the eternal survival of intelligent life
-- even beyond the Sun's death .
. in the time of the Prophet,
the Romans were the major empire,
but the Romans were becoming less powerful,
and were moving from an emperor worship
to the fearless, persistent christianity
that the Romans had inspired by their
killing of Christ, the apparently g-d-sent,
and their demands that Christ not be worshipped .

. the plan g-d had in mind for the Prophet
was to be the next empire
by using a sort of Judo on the christians,
taking them in a direction they're already going,
and minimizing the impact from cultural enertia .
. most of the enemy at the time were christians;
so, he would paint them as
straying too far from their roots,
and flatter them with the idea that
their Jewish roots are precious;
[10.21: indeed,
if you really want to respect Jesus;
respect his Judaism like he did:
he was a good Jew,
while Christians often were not ...]
-- not to mention the fact that
Islam's Prophet had seen the supernatural,
and the Jews were refreshingly in same camp
-- that was obvious from reading their bible .
. the Jews, along with the unwitting help of the
Christian movement's massive enertia
would be an excellent base for
making the people appreciate the supernatural,
and our essential oneness through that .
. unfortunately,
the Jews relation with g-d did involve circumcision,
so he reluctantly supported it,
reminding the cutters to use moderation .
(Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 41, Number 5251)

19: web: History of Islam in Germany:
. I thought I heard Chancellor Angela Merkel
saying it wasn't working out with muslims
but I couldn't find anything like that in print;
however, I could find many reports suggesting
problems on the street with muslims .
. the point is that Germany is misunderstood:
while circumcision laws may be
meant to make a culture feel unwelcome,
their target is not likely the Jewish community;
rather, it's a perception that Islam
has become a growing menace .

2011.9: Islamist seen as large and dangerous:
The GdP police union said the arrests underlined
the risk factor posed by Islamists in Germany.
"Those who think that the situation has
returned to normal 10 years after the
terrible attacks in the United States
and the death of Osama bin Laden
once stand corrected,"
GdP chairman Bernhard Witthaut said.
Germany has around 5,000 troops in Afghanistan
under NATO command.
Authorities say the Islamist scene is
large and dangerous,
with about 1,000 members across the country.
A 21-year-old Kosovar went on trial for
killing two US airmen who were
heading to Afghanistan from the
western city of Frankfurt in March,
in what has been called the first
jihadist attack on German soil.
2012.3: German Jews fear Islam.mil attacks:
. The Central Council of Muslims in Germany
condemned the Toulouse killings
and warned the media against
using the attacker's propaganda to try to
explain the violence.
That would "make a mockery of the victims
and hurt Muslims worldwide,"
He said the council was "deeply shocked
over the deaths from the attacker"
and had already expressed his sympathies
to the Jewish community
in a letter to the president of the
Central Council of Jews in Germany .
. a German Jewish leader
condemned the French massacre,
and said it should be regarded as
a “warning signal for Germany.
The problem of Islamism has been
“played down, misjudged and underestimated,”
Charlotte Knoblauch said in Munich.
“Hostility toward Jews is growing rapidly
among Muslims living in Germany,”
said the former head of the
Central Council of Jews in Germany,
while calling on politicians
and society as a whole
to not hide from these problems.
2011.5: USA drones kill German Muslims:
. a German was killed by a US drone
while attacking Islamists in a Taliban camp.
He had received military training
in an Islamist camp in Uzbekistan
and was under investigation by the German police
on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack.
The centrist Der Tagesspiegel from Berlin
said the nuclear disaster in Japan
has finally made the German government open its eyes.
"The government is backpedalling,
terrified of the upcoming elections
and caught up in grim reality.
Now it can no longer deny what it has always disputed:
nuclear power is a high-risk technology,
which tolerates neither human failure nor
natural disaster."
Allegations have been directed at
the German secret service, the BND,
which reportedly supplied information that
led the USA to the Islamists.
2011.6: ‘Prevention Summit’ offends Muslims:
. ahead of Friday’s ‘Prevention Summit’
being held by the Interior Ministry,
the Central Council of Muslims
has warned against putting all Muslim people
under suspicion of being radical or terrorists.
The summit was to combat fears that
in particular young Muslims
are in danger of being radicalised
by preachers and violent images
accessed over the internet.
The attack at Frankfurt Airport in March,
in which a radicalised young man
killed two American soldiers,
was a case in point
– the first Islamist attack in Germany.
. Muslim groups and security authorities
have been called together by the Interior Minister
to discuss strategies to prevent and fight
Islamist violence.
“Those who have become radicalised
are a disappearing, small minority,”
Aiman Mazyek, head of the Council
told the Schwäbische Zeitung.
“It would be fatal if the more than
four million Muslims in Germany
were to come under general suspicion.”
“We need more funds for political education,
for anti-extremism programmes,
for the training of Muslim confidants
and for exit programmes,” he said.
2011.5: nuclear prone to terrorists:
Germany's 17 nuclear power plants
are generally considered safe,
though four older reactors may close because they are
exceptionally vulnerable to plane crashes,
Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen
. the Reactor Security Commission (RSK)
investigated Germany’s nuclear security,
considering natural and man-made disasters
such as plane crashes, explosions,
terrorist attacks and cyber-attacks.
Commission chairman Rudolf Wieland
said none of the German nuclear plants
achieved the highest grades on all criteria.
Röttgen said four reactors
– Biblis A and B, Brunsbüttel and Philippsburg I –
had “no demonstrable security measures”
against being struck by even a small plane.
Chancellor Angela Merkel
asked for the commission
after the Fukushima meltdown .
She also announced a three-month moratorium
on plans she’d previously made
to extend the lifespans of the nuclear reactors.
She made the announcements while facing
 a public backlash against her
 previous support for nuclear power
and later announced she’d had a change of heart.
2011.9: Nuclear phaseout to cost Germany €250 billion:
According to the study by the
state-owned investment bank KfW,
the planned realignment of Germany's power supply
from nuclear to renewables
will require "additional investment needs of around
€250 billion by 2020."
. the German government has decided to shut down
all of its nuclear reactors by the end of 2022.
At the same time, renewables are to account for
80 percent of total electricity generation by 2050,
compared with 17 %  last year, the KfW study said.
. what is the difference between
an ocean wave and a terrorist? willpower .]
2012.3: anxious to de-nuke:
"I think that quite a large part of the population
is in favour of the phasing out ..." said Merkel.
The German government's ambitious energy concept aims to
raise the share of energy generated from renewable sources
to 35 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050.
. the electric grid must be extended quickly
if these targets are to be met, added Merkel.
A plan for network extension will be announced
at the beginning of June.
This isn't fast enough for some critics,
who say Merkel's coalition is dragging its feet.
"The government has unfortunately
put the nuclear phase out on the back burner,"
said Hubert Weiger, head of
Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND).
"This is irresponsible
considering the risks of nuclear power
and the unsolved problem of nuclear waste," he added.

2012.9: integration disrespects Islamic privacy needs:
The 12-year-old, originally from Morocco,
is going to school in Frankfurt.
She had refused to take part in swimming lessons
and had been marked down.
She filed to be given the right to
skip the classes, her lawyer arguing that
according to the Koran,
she was not only forbidden from
showing herself to boys
but also from seeing boys topless.
One of the aims of the school system
was to promote INTEGRATION
and tolerance [ of 90% nudity
-- totally immodest! --
completely unnecessary and inappropriate
where sexual encounters are not intended;
nudity only promotes skin cancer .
. most importantly of course,
muslims are concerned that nudity may promote
culturally-deadly promiscuity ! ]-12.24
2012.9: anti-militant posters offend Muslims:
A poster campaign by Germany's Interior Ministry
to advertise a hotline for those worried that
a friend or family member may be
turning to radical Islam
has incensed some Muslims who say it stigmatizes them.
Germany, home to four million Muslims,
has become increasingly concerned about
home-grown Islamic militants
after Hamburg served as a base for
three of the [alleged] 9-11 hijackers .
. Mistrust among Germany's immigrant population
increased after the authorities'
botched handling of a wave of neo-Nazi killings
of mostly Turkish[Islamic] shopkeepers.
For years, authorities told victims' families
that the murders were the result of score settling
between organized criminal gangs.
Erol Puerlue from the Association of
Muslim Cultural Centres,
one of the groups involved in the initiative,
said too much focus was placed on
extremism among Muslims
rather than in German society as a whole.
2012.8: German Free Speech offends Muslim's Sacred:
The depiction of the prophet
is prohibited under Islamic law.
Several years ago,
a Danish cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed
prompted a violent reaction around the world.
. but in 2012, outside a Berlin mosque,
50 members of the far-right Pro Deutschland group
staged a protest against what it says is the
“Islamisation” of Germany.
The protesters brandished a
[deadly-offensive cartoon]
caricature of the Prophet Mohammed
alongside banners reading “Stop Islamisation.”
. Nevertheless Berlin’s administrative court
granted Germans the right to show
[this goading rather than informational
material about a religion or culture ].
The court said the cartoons were
protected as "artistic freedom"
and could not legally be considered
as abuse of a religious group.
"Simply showing the Mohammed cartoons
does not qualify as a
call to hatred or violence against
a specific segment of the population,"
it ruled. [12.24:
-- a great day for Free Verbal FaceSmash !]
2012.10: offended Muslim attacks police:
. the fundamentalist Salafist Islamic,
confessed to stabbing two police officers,
"one cannot expect from a Muslim
that he remain calm when the prophet
is being insulted."
. The man stabbed the officers in the thigh
when a demonstration turned violent
after members of the right-wing group Pro-NRW
publicly displayed cartoon depictions
of the Prophet Muhammad.
One of the cartoons showed Muhammad
with a bomb in his turban .
2012.6: Cologne ruling was disastrous:
Non-medical circumcision
is a "serious and irreversible interference
in the integrity of the human body,”
the Cologne district court ruled.
The Cologne decision came after a Muslim doctor
performed a circumcision on a four-year-old boy.
Two days later the mother brought the child
to the emergency room because he was bleeding.
The prosecutor's office learned of the situation
and filed charges against the doctor.
The doctor was found not guilty in the first instance,
but the prosecutor appealed.
This criminalises religious circumcisions
performed by Jews and Muslims .
It says circumcision should be considered
a crime of bodily harm.
. Jewish and Muslim groups have fought for years
against a criminalisation of circumcision.
The court ruling is likely to be highly controversial
– experts expect the matter will end up
being decided by the Federal Constitutional Court.
Thousands of very young boys are circumcised
in Germany each year, mainly for religious reasons.
In the United States
most boys are circumcised shortly after birth
- regardless of their religion,
though the practice has declined in recent years
and anti-circumcision protest groups have sprung up.
German doctors performing circumcisions that are
not medically necessary have until now
operated in a grey legal area.
Until now they could claim that they were
unaware that performing a circumcision is a crime.
Even if a physician was later found guilty by a court,
there was a legal loophole
and he could claim that the law was improper
and avoid punishment.
That is no longer the case,
the Financial Times Deutschland said.
. Germany will continue allowing
circumcisions of children,
according to a draft law
prepared by the Ministry of Justice.
. the bill would permit religious officials
such as a Jewish mohel, or circumciser,
to perform the procedure
in the first six months of a boy's life,
provided there is "appropriate and effective
anaesthesia" .
The Central Council President, Dieter Graumann,
called the planned bill
a signal that Jews and Muslims,
who both practice circumcision,
remained welcome in Germany.
. Jewish groups had previously been concerned that
babies might be required to be
anaesthetised during the procedure.
. Anti-circumcision groups have criticized the bill.
A children's aid group, Deutsche Kinderhilfe,
accused the government of acting blindly
and denying young children their legal rights.
. "It is creating more problems than it is solving,"
said the group's chairman, Georg Ehrmann,
who was critical that the bill would recognize
an anaesthetic skin-cream as a sufficient painkiller.
The proposal heading to the parliament
aims to calm a storm that erupted last May
after a Cologne court ruled that a botched circumcision
violated the child’s rights because it constituted
“illegal bodily harm” even with parental consent.
Though strictly local in its jurisdiction,
the ruling’s novel application of child rights law
set off a furor of concern
about the future legal status of circumcision
. despite the positive initial reception
that Jewish leaders have given the proposal,
some question its prospects of becoming law
due to the politics of secularism in Germany.
They even express concern that
these public expressions of
concern for children’s welfare
hide an underlying anti-Semitism.
Citing well-financed billboard posters
and campaigns against the proposed law,
Berger sees Germany’s ability to
give legal protection to circumcision
as “a litmus test for Jewish life in Germany.”
Key elements of this draft bill,
are that it affirms the right of
religious freedom;
treats circumcision as a matter of
family law, not criminal law,
and allows mohels to perform circumcisions.

In the view of Berlin-based
Rabbi Joshua Spinner,
executive vice president and CEO
of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation,
“The Germans are
not protecting the child from circumcision.
Rather, they are protecting themselves
from the circumcised.”
Spinner emphasized the “otherness” of
Jews and Muslims in German culture.
Jews and Turks can be Germans, he said,
as long as they don’t retain their
separate ethnicity.
Germany currently is home to at least 100,000 Jews
and some 4 million Muslims.

According to Juliane Wetzel,
senior researcher at the
Center for Research on Anti-Semitism
at Berlin’s Technical University,
the Cologne decision accentuated a
lack of tolerance for minorities
in a society that views Jews and Muslims as outsiders.
“Islam is seen as an archaic religion,
and now Judaism is seen the same way,”
she said during an interview at the university.
. 56% of Germans agree with the Cologne ruling.

The German Academy for Pediatric Medicine (BVKJ)
has called for a two-year moratorium on circumcisions,
because they cause irreversible physical damage
and emotional trauma.

This is in sharp contrast to the
American Academy of Pediatrics
and the World Health Organization,
both of which endorse circumcision
for its medical benefits,
particularly in fighting the spread of HIV in Africa.
10.10: new circumcision bill:
. As long as the child's health is not put at risk,
and the practitioner carries out the rite
in accordance with medical standards,
circumcision may be performed.
The bill was drawn up in response to
a Cologne court decision in June,
which said circumcision was tantamount to
grievous bodily harm.
. But Aiman Mazyek, head of the
Central Council of Muslims in Germany,
said the concept of a child's “well-being”
was something that needed to be
discussed in more depth.
“In general the new law is
going in the right direction,” he added.
The ruling was, he said on Bavarian state radio BR,
an “unequivocal sign that Jews and Muslims
cannot be criminalised” for carrying out the rite.
. Dieter Graumann, head of the
Central Council for Jews in Germany,
was slightly more positive.
He hailed the bill as
“decidedly savvy, well-considered, and fair,”
in the Rheinische Post and added it was
a definite signal that Jewish and Muslim life
was still welcome in Germany.
. Diplomats have admitted that the Cologne ruling was
"disastrous" for Germany's international image,
particularly in light of its Nazi past .
About four million Muslims
and more than 200,000 Jews live in Germany.
2012.9.27: Merkel: Islam is part of Germany:
Christians need not fear Muslims,
the chancellor tells party members
September 27, 2012, 1:10 am
Chancellor Angela Merkel says
Islam has become a part of Germany
and she is urging her fellow citizens
to show tolerance for Muslims.
Wednesday, she told members of her
conservative Christian Democratic party
the great majority of Muslims in Germany
have distanced themselves from the
recent violence during protests
against an anti-Islam video
that ridiculed the Prophet Muhammad.
Merkel said about Islam
that Germans “should be open about it
and say, ‘yes, it’s part of us.’”
She added that Christians should maybe
start thinking and talking more about
their own religion again
“rather than having fear of Islam.”
Merkel’s comment follow former
President Christian Wulff’s remarks
who surprised many in 2010 by saying that
“Islam now also belongs to Germany.”