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11.29: news.pol/purges/overpopulation/
latinos vs hispanics:

Fox News-Laura Ingraham vs Rick Oltman (2008)
is shown on youtube discussing
"(Rick Oltman's overpopulation scare tactics)
. Rick Oltman is representing
Californians for Pop' Stabilization;
what follows is the transcript .

11.29: background:
. what Laura has in common with cheap labor
is being a fundamentalist Catholic:
breed for jesus to crowd the sinners out:
. high crime . increasing taxes .
. but one thing she has right:
immigration control is not enough:
eventually we will need
a 2-child per female policy,
with 3 children allowed only among
those voted for, or popular, or wealthy .
where's accountability?:
. then again, why is this gov's job?
yea but the republican plan
is to stop feeding the unemployed;
yet the democrats are in control:
food stamps are through the roof
and, yes, they are staying that way!
(the era of intelligent automation is here,
so there are too many unemployed long-term
to be cared for by extended family).
12.9: and with eye on the ball now:
. the republican plan increasingly taxes us
to pay for prisons, police, and terrorist wars .
. so both parties are wrong
if you're about tax reform;
but what about all that crime from free breeding?
that is increasingly victimizing our children .
. USA is growing faster than india or china;
and, 80% of that growth is coming from
immigrants and their children!
laura snaps back:
. china is worried about not having eno' pop now,
so how do you enforce this one-child utopia?
. we merely want to see the immigration laws enforced;
borders are being left open so that
employers can have access to cheap labor .
. "(population stabilization) sounds a lot like
population control,
and that sounds like the baseless alarmism
in that book population bomb,
whose predictions never came to pass .
. we also don't need predictions of a pop'bomb
for people to understand that overpopulation
decreases our standards of living
including reduced education of children .
. with [free breeding] we also have more loving people
who pass down their culture to the next generation
[that is code for: we have Christ's Army now,
so we don't need no stinking education! ]
. we're worried about future generations of this country, ...
. { fake it? yea | fayget? yea }.
. if you're worried about overpopulation,
why is it about just about the borders?
it's across the board, right?
it's white, brown, and black
-- or is it just brown-skinned people
you don't think should be born ?
. you're focusing on illegal immigration;
and, I think that gets you into murky territory .
who else is Rick Oltman ?
. Rick Oltman has worked for border security
and immigration enforcement for over twenty years.
He has lobbied in Washington, DC
and in dozens of state capitals
for secure borders and immigration enforcement.
He has been featured on PBS's Jim Lehrer News Hour,
MSNBC Reports, CNN - including Talk Back Live,
Lou Dobbs and Anderson Cooper 360,
FOX Business Channel and FOX News Channel
including Hannity & Colmes,
The Big Story, In the Heartland, Cavuto on Business,
Glenn Beck, Just In with Laura Ingraham,
FOX and Friends and many other interviews.
In 1994 Rick was Chairman of the
YES ON 187-SAVE OUR STATE campaign
supporting Proposition 187.
In 2004 Rick led the effort with Arizona activists
to qualify Proposition 200, Arizona's state initiative
that required proof of citizenship
when voting or applying for public benefits.
Prop 200 won with 57% of the vote.
2012.11: Oltman` Tough immigration law enforcement
wins Hispanic vote every time .
. this is where I got the idea for my article's title:
Latinos vs Hispanics .
. Latino essentially mean Catholic
(the Pope speaks globally in Latin)
. Hispanic essentially mean Spanish speaking .
. keep in mind that Catholics are hijacked
by a non-negotiable anti-family-planning stance
even when it so erodes the standard of living
that it results in many youth turning to crime .

. someone on the prisonplanet forum says
Rick Oltman is a member of
 "Council of Conservative Citizens"
 which claims this statement of principles:
“We therefore oppose the massive immigration of
non-European and non-Western peoples into USA
that threatens to transform our nation into a
non-European majority in our lifetime.
We believe that illegal immigration must be stopped,
if necessary by military force
and placing troops on our national borders;
that illegal aliens must be returned
to their own countries;
and that legal immigration must be severely restricted
or halted through appropriate changes in our
laws and policies.
We also oppose all efforts to mix the races of mankind,
to promote non-white races over the European-American people
through so-called “affirmative action” and similar measures,
to destroy or denigrate the European-American heritage,
including the heritage of the Southern people,
and to force the integration of the races.”
. Oltman is simply looking for those who
share his sentiments about defending our borders,
and preventing the Democrat party from
using population expansion to their advantage
when it implies degradation of our living standards
faster than it would naturally occur by our own
population growth (as seen in Europe,
where everyone has to ride bicycles like in China).

prisonplanet forum's take on the youtube clip:
General Discussion for the Prison Planet
Educational Forum and Library >
World Depopulation Plan ATTACKED by Fox News !!!!!!
Louisiana Cops Plan for “End of the World” Scenario
February 27, 2010
Police in Louisiana’s Bossier Parish
are training for an “end of the world” scenario, ...
dubbed “Operation Exodus,”
inspired in part from the Book of Exodus in the Bible.
Parish Sheriff Larry Deen plan is to
protect Bossier Parish’s vital resources,
in the event of a catastrophic event,
such as war or a terrorist attack.
[ or the Zombie apocalypse ...]
Deen said he had been thinking of the plan since
the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001,
reports Drew Pierson.
Under Deen’s plan, the police will use volunteers,
supplemented with active public safety personnel,
that will be dispatched to vital areas in Bossier
to protect them from looters and rioters
--[ the Zombie apocalypse .]
Instead of normal riot equipment
such as shields and batons,
the volunteers will be armed shotguns
and have access to a .50-caliber machine gun
mounted on a vehicle dubbed “the war wagon.”

Unemployment is currently over 20%
and a record number are on food stamps.
The share of the unemployed who
lost their jobs permanently
is at its highest level since at least 1967,
the first year for which the Labor Department
has these numbers available, ... .

Celente predicts riots and unrest
on Fox News in November, 2008

“Widespread civil violence inside the United States
would force the defense establishment to
reorient priorities in extremis
to defend basic domestic order and human security,”
a study produced by the U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Institute
predicted in late 2008.
Economic collapse, terrorism
and disruption of legal order
could require deployment of forces
within the U.S., it said.

Northern Command is specifically tasked with
implementing martial law under
Continuity of Government.
The Military Commissions Act of 2006
restrictions placed on the military
to support civilian administration
by the Posse Comitatus Act,
the latter restricting the military from
working with local law enforcement.
In addition to the Military Commissions Act of 2006,
a 1994 U.S. Dept of Defense Directive (DODD 3025)
allows military commanders
to take emergency actions in domestic situations.
11.29: co.apt:
. the rest of this article blames it on the bankers?!
it was the overpopulation
that created unemployment;
[and the automation only brought it sooner]:
look at china:
they didn't just take your jobs,
they right-sized their population
with that one-child policy,
so they have just the people they need
for the jobs available;
that's why they prosper now .

11.30: Catholics are hijacked by capitalists:

. while Catholicism started out with good intentions,
it has turned into a cult hijacked by capitalists
who are oppressing the poor by discouraging birth control
and encouraging them to stay in poverty
 to fuel their demand for VERY cheap labor .
( it's fine to talk about abstinence,
but if they are obviously not using it,
then they need help from law enforcers:
. if anyone has kids out of wedlock,
then they should be treated for a
child-abusing mental disorder
or to avoid that treatment,
they are free to ask others to adopt their family
-- before they make additions to that family --
like being accepted into a charity community,
or a farming commune, etc .
that guarantees their child will be either
employed or taken care of from cradle to grave .
robots will soon save us:
. having no job will make it obvious that
what we have here is Chri-apitalists
running a soul-saver poverty-slaver farm .

. we need an anti-slaver, wealth4all movement
that says:
. you are paid to live in our community
if you follow our rules:
. when a community adopts a family,
or a family's parenting account is ripe,
it is agreeing to pay the kid's entire life's welfare costs .
. there is no food stamp money going to
individuals or families,
everyone has to be adopted by a community:
christians demand abstinence
but if you are bad then they
let you stay in a women's shelter
where you are separated from sex,
but if you get pregnant again what do they do?
(all these children are being unleashed on tax payers,
not contained by them).
. the wealth4all's community
pays everyone to practice birth control;
it also pays for 1 child -- cradle to grave --
but having a 2nd means they need to
ask someone else to adopt their family,
or accept our new treatment plan:
being separated from the opposite sex .

. so christian capitlists have their rules
and wealth4all's have other rules,
and then we can do this incrementally .
. there should be a federal law that requires all parents
to be adopted by some community for backup
having kids limited only by that community's rules,
or they need to have sufficient money in a
parenting savings account .

. co.wealth4all's are not giving permission to have a kid,
we are paying you to have
only the kids that the community requests
( like when you win our nobel or olympics prize )
if you have an sexual accident
then we have to cut back on prizes,
and you have to accept supervision
when being around the opposite sex .
. we need a fed system in which
we are not taxed for
the freedom to breed like mountain goats;
we pay your unemployment
or we find you a healthy job,
and you follow our parenting rules,
or you find some other community
to pay for your entire cradle-to-grave care .