how digestive enzymes reduce #inflammation

10.30: news.health/diet/enzymes/digestive enzymes reduce inflammation?:
. several doctors say enzymes reduce inflammation;
but they are talking about different types?
Dr.Mercola says your best source is raw food
and calorie restriction;
but Dr.Bob Martin promotes a supplement
that contains various proteolytic enzymes
and other digestive enzymes.
. the idea I got from researching
Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's
Guts and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet:
was that certain infections (candida?)
can inhibit production of digestive enzymes
so that more food is not absorbed by you
and is thus available to the infection;
this infection can be a source of inflammation
when your immune system attacks it;
so, the cure is to replace the enzymes
and go on a diet that inhibits infections
(no sugar, and low glycemic).
. if the infection is removed inflammation is reduced,
and, digestive enzyme supplements can be discontinued.
. if you tend to eat out of a blender,
keep in mind that the act of chewing
is a major source of some digestive enzymes.

Alan Dershowitz temporarily censored by youtube #zionism

10.25: news.pol/zionism/Alan Dershowitz temporarily censored by youtube:
12.31: summary:
. youtube actually censored a famous professor;
what did he talk about? a defense of zionism.
he may have since changed his material;
I transcribe his current work.


at the beginning of separated gods

10.23: news.relig/judaism/bible/genesis/
at the beginning of separated gods:
genesis 1:1 (bbe, ojb, and my translation):
In the beginning of separated Elohim,
hashomayim (the heavens, Himel),
and haaretz (the earth).

first three words of the Bible In Hebrew:
b'reishit ([at the beginning of]),
bara ([separated]),
elohim ([gods]).

professor of exegesis Ellen van Wolde:
. the Hebrew word "bara"
should be translated as 'separated'.


omega-3 medicinal effects

10.21: web.health/diet/omega-3/medicinal effects:
12.27: summary:
. fish oil has long-chained omega-3
that is very valuable for reducing disease;
you can make some yourself with
plant-based omega-3, but not much.
. plant-based omega-3 was not helpful for
reducing the risk of circulation disorders
yet one study showed it reduced the risk of
macular degeneration.
. some studies showed that supplements did not help
reduce risk of cerebrovascular disease,
only a diet of whole fish helped.
. one study showed high-dose supplements
did help with macular degeneration,
while another study showed that
low dose supplements did not help.
. fish is a source of mercury, PCB's and dioxins;
fish oil supplements that are 3rd-party tested
may help with heart disease, cancer,
arthritis, macular degeneration
and mental illness.


#microcephaly is it #Zika or #glyphosate or larvicide?

12.21: pol/healthcare/microcephaly/summary:
. Zika has been proposed by some usa officials
as the source of microcephaly birth defects;
but some doctors are pointing to pesticides.


#autism #glyphosate #Roundup глифосат аутизм

10.16: web.pol/healthcare/autism/glyphosate evidence:
. some suggest glyphosate (Roundup) causes autism;
Russia discourages the use of genetically modified crops;
would they have lower use of glyphosate?
and would they have lower rates of autism?
. some feel that Russia ignores autism,
diagnosing it as psychosis or retardation.
. some see autism rises with other birth defects,
and some see glyphosate causing birth defects.


#cancer #depression #Psilocybin the oracle

12.18: news.med/cancer/depression/Psilocybin/the oracle:
. a brain cancer patient who would later die from it
did Psilocybin and it was like an oracle
(here is what is in store for you):
it gave her a very bad experience
but also the message that while life looks bad,
a big part of it is how you look at it:
don't ruin the precious here & now
worrying about the hopelessness of the future.


Pima Air & Space and Titan Missile Museums

Pima Air & Space museum:
adjacent to DM Air Force Base
Titan Missile Museum:
This preserved Titan II missile site,
officially known as complex 571-7,
is all that remains of the 54 Titan II missile sites
that were on alert across the United States from 1963 to 1987.
the Titan II was capable of delivering a 9-megaton nuclear warhead
to targets more than 6300 miles (10,000 km) away in about 30 minutes.


LOL "too Jewish" radio said alt news is fake news!

12.11: news.pol/purges/media/
LOL "too Jewish" radio said alt news is fake news!:
. I love to listen to Rabbi Sam Cohon
hosting "Too Jewish" radio in Tucson
because Israel and Jewish culture are important
for several reasons:
# most of the terrorists we are fighting now
are Islamic reactions against Israel's creation
which confiscated land from Islamic Palestinians;
and Israel's Zionism is genuine Judaism.
# you will never know the real Jesus (Yeshua)
without knowing more about Judaism.
. but today I was surprised to hear
"too Jewish" radio say alt news is fake news.


politicalCompass.org`@addn is near @BernieSanders

11.15: proj.pol/politicalCompass.org`@addn is near @BernieSanders:
. I took a test from politicalCompass.org
that measures your position within
a political space of 2 dimensions:
an economic scale going from Left to Right
(from communism aka state-controlled economy
to neoliberalism aka liberated capitalism)
and a social control scale going from
libertarianism aka anarchy to authoritarianism.
following are the questions they asked me,
and my detailed response.
. the test allows only 4 responses:
strongly or mildly agree or disagree.
. they claim my location is shared by Bernie Sanders;
moderate anarcho-syndicalism (libertarian socialism);
although I'm sure we have some major differences,
such as my belief in childrens' rights to
parents without genetic diseases (eugenics).
. my Political Compass out of -10...+10:
Economic Left/Right: -5.5
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.13


#HappyHalloween UN Hon'Ambassador for empowerment of women is Wonder Woman

10.31: web.psy/
UN Honorary Ambassador for empowerment of women is Wonder Woman
. the chosen icon for women's equality
is a character in a race in which
the women dominate the men,
and the men struggle for equality.


DOD DNI want #cyberwar command split from #NSA

10.6: news.pol/purges/war/
DOD DNI want cyberwar command split from NSA:
10.18: summary:
. the same technology used for hacking into computers
can be used for both gathering info (NSA activities)
and for making foreign computers do malicious things
(cyberwar command activities).
. anybody with that technology can do both;
not surprisingly both activities have been headed by
the same director (a military general)
but since Snowden exposed that NSA is spying on its citizens
privacy defenders want NSA headed by senate-selected civilian
rather than a general selected by the military.


pregnancy brain

9.29: web.health/pregnancy/pregnancy brain:
"pregnancy brain" is loss of memory
or some sort of cognitive loss
that has not been detected by controlled studies,
yet there is solid indirect evidence.
. pregnancy causes insulin resistance,
and this causes the brain to use less fuel
which then results in less brain function
similar to what happens during Alzheimers.
. other sources of cognitive loss during pregnancy
include problems with sleep, and
having to reduce IQ-raising caffeine.
. magnesium enhances insulin sensitivity
(dark green leafies are the richest source).
. even though fish oil doesn't improve insulin sensitivity
it does enhance memory in some
and there is an FDA-approved form: Lovaza
(undistilled fish normally have too much mercury
for use during pregnancy).
Europe sells prescription R-lipoic acid that may help.


flossing -- very little evidence?

9.28: news.health/dental/flossing/very little evidence?:
. flossing has not been shown to prevent
severe periodontal disease, surprisingly.
nevertheless, people who brush and floss regularly
have less gum bleeding compared to toothbrushing alone.
There is poor evidence from twelve studies that
flossing in addition to toothbrushing
reduces gingivitis compared to toothbrushing alone.
. what to do if tooth erosion cuts your floss?
interdental brushes might reduce gingivitis,
(again, the evidence is poor quality).


China's judaists (Sino-Judaica)

9.26: news.relig/judiasm/China's judaists (Sino-Judaica):
27: summary:
. Jewish life in China is not doing so well;
but there is much more freedom of travel now
between Israel and China.

what is the good news? #wwIII

9.26: relig/jw.org/what is the good news? #wwIII:
. a jw.org rep asked me to look at an article
called "what is the good news?"
it makes a statement and provides scripture
that might hint how the statement is true.
. jw.org believes in heaven on earth;
angels toss out the sinners, install a global government
and then we live forever
without pain or death here on earth as humans.
. this reminded me of wwIII,
leaving only one military standing,
-- one global government --
that then enforces global arms control,
and brings peace on earth forever.
. the real you is your community,
and with global peace enforced forever,
your community (you) really could live forever
assuming your community can evolve
to travel to new stars after the Sun dies.


usa`nations sponsoring terrorism are #syria and #iran maybe not sudan

9.22: news.pol/purges/wwIII/usa`
nations sponsoring terrorism are #syria and #iran maybe not sudan:
. the move to consider taking Sudan off the list
of State_Sponsors_of_Terrorism,
would further focus on Iran and Syria
as the arch enemies of usa-Israel-NATO.
. Syria is an important naval base for Russia
only because the dictator of Syria allows it;
if the dictator were removed, Russia would lose.
. Iran and Syria are ruled by Shiites,
even though Syria is dominated by Sunnis,
hence the civil war in Syria, and a proxy war
between the usa-CIA and Russia.


why Iran targets Haifa and Tel Aviv #wwIII

9.21: news.pol/purges/wwIII/why Iran targets Haifa and Tel Aviv:
. if Iran were to punish Israel, they said
their first target would be Haifa and Tel Aviv.
I know Tel Aviv is the effective capital of Israel
but what is Haifa?


herbs that lengthen lifespan of yeast

9.20: news.health/diet/herbs that lengthen lifespan of yeast:
They identified six aging-delaying plant extracts:
Cimicifuga racemosa, Valeriana officinalis L.,
Passiflora incarnata L.Ginkgo biloba,
Apium graveolens L.,  and “particularly effective”:
Salix alba, white willow bark.


9.19: web.aq.health/diet/badmonkeybotanicals.com:
. I recently found badmonkeybotanicals
selling pure powdered extracts of herbs;
good to know they are there;
did a web search of their web presence,
customer reviews. spotty history,
some complaints of bland extracts;
but now they are rated A- by BBB.
. includes sample of extracts I'm interested in,
some I'm not sure about getting
because I'm not sure how to identify quality
(I've never seen pure powders of them before).

sources of Neuravena (mao-b inhibitor)

9.19: web.health/diet/sources of Neuravena (mao-b inhibitor):
Avena Sativa (Green Oat Grass)
is known to be an mao-b inhibitor;
especially the strains cultivated by Frutarom
and used for making Neuravena.
. the only source of Neuravena is
LifeExtension dopa-mind.
. if you trust other extracts, a pure powder is sold
by badmonkeybotanicals.com.


D'Souza's #Obama america 2016 think again

9.9: web.pol/obama/2016:obama's america:
. D'Souza's 2016:_Obama's_America is a 2012 movie
warning of major changes to the usa
should Obama be elected to office;
because he is an anti-colonialist
so usa will stop being a global leader.
. nothing could be farther from the truth;
Obama knows that the weapons revealed on 9/11
dustifying the trade towers leaving only papers
are much more powerful than nukes.
. by Fall 2016 he will be "forced" into wwIII,
that will leave only one military standing,
and there's a good chance usa-NATO will win.
. with global domination in place,
the usa will implement global arms control,
which will save Israel from the nations of Islam
and bring world peace,
because nobody but usa allies can make weapons.
. usa will be supercolonialists!


#Jesus will dethrown the Devil influencing our thoughts?

8.27: co.apt/relig/christian#jw.org/
Jesus will dethrown the Devil influencing our thoughts:
. some Jehovah's Witnesses are inviting me
to read their pamphlet;
it responds to those who would ask:
why believe in god?;
well, the existence of the god is obvious to me:
I noticed from "mental illness" [telepathy]
that thoughts come from the supernatural;
from the devil or the god -- hard to tell the diff because
good can lead to bad, and bad to good;
and the bible says the devil can tempt us;
so I figured we are really fooled:
actually, all our thoughts are influenced by the supernatural.
. the man agreed: just look at the world;
his wife gave me a tract to address that concern:


nasal B12 works? turned into prescription only

8.23: web.cook/b12/nasal B12 gel:
what happened to nasal b12? considered a drug?
make it yourself?
find a high dose pill with no silicates:
Now Foods, Methyl B-12, 10,000 mcg,
Xylitol, sorbitol, cellulose, citric acid,
stearic acid (vegetable source) and natural flavors.
. some complain potency went down
and Jarrow themselves warn the color varies from light pink to red.
(b12 has a dark red color).


Arizona ID for airports expires 2020.10

7.7: news.care/Arizona ID for airports expires 2020.10:
tucsonnewsnow 2016.3: federal REAL ID Act:
AZ is now offering a ID's that comply with
the REAL ID Act of 2005,
and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has said
it will consider AZ drivers licenses and IDs
valid in airports through Oct. 1, 2020.
The new ID is $25 and is good for up to eight years.


#911truther Predictive Programming in Independence_Day_(1996_film)

6.25: news.pol/purges/illuminati/911truther/
Independence_Day_(1996_film) as Predictive Programming:
6.28: summary:
. everyone agrees that Predictive programming
entails media hinting at foreknowledge of
some catastrophes such as 9/11;
but they differ on why this is being done.
. I believe the point of hinting at foreknowledge
is to give you the idea that The Powers That Be
have control of the media, and everything else,
and there is nothing you can do to stop them:
9/11 was planned to motivate "the war on terror"
(an expensive war against anti-zionists).
. a prime example of Predictive Programming
is when aliens attack the world
in the 1996_film, Independence_Day,
and they show waves of things turning to dust
just as they mysteriously did on 9/11.
. aliens are synonymous with secret advanced technology;
and, 9/11 was done with secret advanced technology.


graphics 2015

. these are the drawings I did during 2015;
done in colored pencils or pens.
. also a collage.


is #BDS-#Israel the #antichrist?

6.12: news.pol/purges/anti-semitism/
is BDS-Israel the antichrist?:
"too jewish" tucson radio:
. while in the usa there is growing support for zionism,
on campus there is the opposite reaction,
with much academic support for punishing Israel
using BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions).
. this anti-zionist movement is attracting a lot of
anti-semites who make Jewish students feel unsafe.
. it should be pointed out that there are
2 "Jewish" factions:
# zionists, who believe zionism will
bring the Messiah or Christ;
# anti-zionists, who believe zionism is
wrong until the Messiah provides it
(in the peaceful Messianic age).


everyone's #testosterone lowered by environmental endocrine disruptors

4.14: news.pol/healthcare/hormonics/
everyone's testosterone lowered by environmental endocrine disruptors:

Travison, Araujo, OÕDonnell, Kupelian, McKinlay.
A population-level decline in serum testosterone levels
 in American menJ Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2007.
full text:
( Study Observation years Age range (yr)
, TotalTestosterone (ng/dl) (Median, Interquartile range)
, Bioavailable T (ng/dl) (Median, Interquartile range)
1987– 89 age45–71
(501, 392– 614); (237, 179 –294)
1995–97 age50 – 80
(435, 350 –537); (188, 150 –234)
2002– 04 age57– 80
(391, 310 –507), (130, 101–163)

how is higher linoleic omega-6 oil healthier?

4.13: news.health/diet/hormonics/
how is higher linoleic omega-6 oil healthier?:
4.19: summary:
. if anything "predicts type 2 diabetes"
it is sure to tell you that the studied population
was eating too much grain and sugar.
. this study basically says that
foods with more omega-6 oil were actually helpful
in a group tending to abuse carb's.
. while omega-6 (linoleic acid) may have problems,
a major source of it is nuts and seeds:
a great source of fiber and B vitamins.
. but as for linoleic acid reducing risk of mortality,
can you really get health benefits from
guzzling corn or soy oil?
. also they found palmitoleic acid was bad
whereas that is sold as a health food;
likely they were measuring levels of meat
rather than healthy sources like macadamia nuts.
. this was a study of types of oils found in blood;
that might not be directly related to oils in diet,
due to conversions.


#nanoparticles in food untested risks #cancer

5.28: news.pol/healthcare/cancer/nanoparticles in food untested:
. nano-sized materials promote genetic instability
(used in cosmetics, biomedical, textiles, food, plastics and paints);
genetic instability might promote cancer.

Friends of the Earth`petition:
We urge baby formula companies to recall formula containing nanoparticles.


only 2.7% of #usa is #healthy #weight #diet #exercise

4.7: news.health/only 2.7% of usa is healthy weight diet exercise:
5.24: summary:
. the study found that most usa citizens are unhealthy;
90% failed due to being overweight.
. 15% of the overweight ones were seen as
both following the official usa diet,
and getting enough exercise.
. the official usa diet may be the problem:
there is no upper limit on grains;
in 2005 there was no limit on refined grains.
. the expected activity level is
150 min/wk (22min per day) of moderate-intensity
or 75 min/wk of vigorous-intensity physical activity
spread out over at least 4 days out of 10.


books about #telepathy with #pets

5.13: web.psy/parapsy/books about telepathy with pets:
. what will amazon search bring up
with "pet telepathy"?
there are dozens of books about telepathy with pets
or pet psychics or psychic pets.
. included is one that is rather scientific,
"Rupert Sheldrake's Dogs That Know
When Their Owners Are Coming Home"
in about the middle of amazon's list.
. the list below is roughly in the same order
that amazon's search provided.


grape seed extract for treating edema

web.me/med/edema/grape seed extract:
2016.5.11: summary:
. review of 2015 cook and med notes
about grape seed extract for treating edema.
I had edema in feet for 2.5 months,
then it was much reduced after 2 weeks of
quadruple dosing of grape seed extract.


@MonsantoCo #roundup chronic low doses caused #kidney damage in rats

4.19: news.pol/healthcare/roundup/
chronic low doses might cause kidney damage:
. low-dose Roundup might cause kidney damage?
this had caught my eye because recently
I had blamed the increasing kidney damage on
dramatically increasing use of fructose;
but also there has been increasing use of Roundup
(it contaminates much of the water supply now;
it might even be your rain).
and this study says low-dose Roundup in rats
was associated with slow kidney damage
(occurring over years not months).
. tests for gmo's and their associated pesticides
are usually short term (eg, 90-day) studies,
whereas any damage may take several years.


@pcrm.org is demonizing #eggs to protect hens

4.10: news.pol/animal rights/
pcrm.org is demonizing eggs to protect hens:
4.17: summary:
. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
(pcrm.org) wants us to be vegans,
which includes demonizing eggs;
and it turns out that their primary reason
has to do with animal rights.
. I am sure we can humanely steal eggs;
what this requires is not a boycott,
but the implementation of a certified humane egg;
by Humane Farm Animal Care!
(see sample of passing hen care Standards).

(unfortunately my Eggland's Best didn't pass yet).

offering humane #prochoice #eugenics for World #Hemophilia Day 4.17

4.16: web.pol/healthcare/offering humane #prochoice
#eugenics for World #Hemophilia Day 4.17:
. hemophiliacs have an inherited medical condition
that can involve untreatable complications;
we should offer free embryo selection
so that hemophiliacs can have children
who are sure to avoid this disease.
. some in the pro-life movement
will tell you that embryos are people too;
but I'm here to remind you that how I feel matters,
and many hemophiliac treatments feel aweful forever.
. an alternative that is both pro-life and pro-feeling
is to force hemophiliacs to abstain from reproduction;
which is virtually forced sterilization;
whereas selecting embryos is harmless killing
of people who don't even know they are alive:
to every embryo we discarded, I say:
. your life was sacrificed in order that
the remaining you did feel well.


Dr. Kelly Brogan`helping women's depression

3.31: co.naturalnews.com/pol/healthcare/
Dr Kelly Brogan`helping women's depression:
Health Ranger told us about Brogan's new book.
I gave amazon a piece of my mind about the one-star reviews

{Kelly Brogan M.D., Kristin Loberg}`A Mind of Your Own:
The Truth About Depression
and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives


not all ingredients have to be listed #health #cancer

news.pol/healthcare/not all ingredients have to be listed:
2.26: summary:
. do you trust a product's list of ingredients?
there are significant exceptions to the law,
and even that law is not fully enforced.
. certain carcinogens don't have to be listed
because they are formed by combining
2 or more of the listed ingredients;
eg, my soap has Sodium laureth sulfate;
(ethylene oxide * sodium laurel sulfate)
and, that includes 1,4-dioxane.
. of course there are exceptions for pesticides
because they are in trace amounts
but trace doses can be endocrine disruptors.
. talc often contains asbestos;
and the quality control is not perfect;
yet ingredients don't have to say
"may contain trace amounts of asbestos".


#Crohn's disease #saccharin #sucralose

1.14: web.med/crohn's disease:
. Crohn's disease, also known as regional enteritis,
is a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD);
which can increase the risk of cancer.
. the cause is officially unknown; but,
lifestyle choices that raise risk include
# saccharin or sucralose
# oral contraceptives,
# smoking or 2nd-hand smoke
# diets that provoke yeast or fungal overgrowth
(high in sugar or refined carb's;
or low in fiber that feed bacteria
that compete with yeasts)
# aluminum pollution in urban areas.
# low vitamin D
# nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
# prior use of antibiotics
(often killing the good germs results in
the growth of bad germs after antibiotics are discontinued;
IBD may be the immune system's response to a certain germ;
some are cured with a fecal transplant(good germs);
some go into remission on antibiotics.
. the GAPS diet might also work as an antibiotic:
it is a high-fat low-prebiotic diet that removes bad germs
followed by a fermented diet that adds good germs).
. being left-handed, you might be more inclined
to choose a lifestyle that increases risk.


gout #prevention #diet avoid #fructose

1.13: web.health/diet/gout prevention:
. an acquaintance thought oats worsen gout;
what is a diet that reduces gout risk?
. certain foods contain more purines,
which break down into uric acid,
that may form crystals in joints;
but gout doesn't correlate exactly with purines.
. fructose is metabolized into uric acid [JASN 2010].
. milk products may reduce risk despite purines;
but milk protein may be inflammatory due to Neu5Gc,
a sialic acid found in non-human mammal protein.


Islam's Sheikh Imran Hosein` scriptural ties between #Russia and #Islam

2.16: news.pol/purges/wwIII/Islam's Sheikh Imran Hosein`
scriptural ties between Russia and Islam:
. this is a transcript [and commentary] of the video
Sheikh Imran Hosein: Why End Time Will Be In 13 April 2016.
. he says there is evidence in the qur'an
that there will be an alliance between Islam (obviously Shia)
and Russia (because it is Orthodox Christian).
. Russia needs a naval base in Syria for
winter-time access to its ships and nuclear submarines
when the Russian ports are iced over
and the regime who gives him access is a Shia Muslim;
usa is trying to replace that regime with "democracy"
obviously Sunni Muslims who may not be so cooperative with Russia
after what Russia did to maintain power in Sunni Chechnya.
--. the video says nothing about April 13 (a Wednesday;
Jewish date 5 Nissan, 5776; Islam date: 5-6 Rajab, 1437)
Passover 2016 begins Friday, April 22;
IRS Tax Deadline is Monday, April 18;
Easter 2016 is March 27; Spring 2016 is March 20.
. WWIII happens by Fall 2016, but likely before then.
what else happened on April 13?
Henry V is crowned Holy Roman Emperor (1111)
-- the Roman empire never fell (bible prophesy);
Thomas Jefferson's birthday (1743)
--he drafted the Declaration of Independence;
Harvest day (Vaisakhi) for Sikhs
(northwestern India and northern Pakistan).
Spies to Jericho (1273 BC)
-- Two days before the end of mourning Moses,
Joshua dispatched two scouts to Jericho,
for their first conquest of the Holy Land.


omnity.io free search is very limited

2.13: news.web.cyb/net.omnity.io/contextual search:

. the free version of search at
seems to have access to very little content:
after a dozen searches I got directed to only 3 sources,
wikipedia, patents, and clinical trials.
. it's main feature is contextual search:
if you upload a file then it will find similar items.


does the #god tell the truth? #WWIII

2.4: relig/god/does the god tell the truth?:
. if god is always telling the truth,
who told us the genesis story of creation?
it could be that god does as he pleases:
Psalm 115:3: But our God is in heaven:
he has done whatever was pleasing to him.
Psalm 135:6 TheLord has done whatever was pleasing to him,
in heaven, and on the earth, in the seas and in all the deep waters.
and the god may say things not just poetically,
but also to manipulate us.
. it could be the god and the devil are the same entity.
. suppose the purpose of the god is to ensure
an infinite diversity of experience;
and half of that can't be good.

cosmical physics

news.phy/aether/cosmical physics:
. in the late 1800's science was evolving rapidly
and people became excited about "cosmical physics"
but that term seemed to die out after wwI (1919)
when aether theories were seen as disproved,
and Einstein's relativity principle was introduced.
. astrophysics is about objects we can see;
the cosmical physics would include empty space,
and the free energy that is found there.

. I wondered if this avoidance of "cosmical physics"
was to bury history leading to free energy aether theories;
ie, there really is an interest in cosmical physics
but it is now classified a military secret.
. meteorology was not considered a real science?
remember what Dr.Judy Wood said about tornadoes,
that they seemed to involve some Tesla physics,
antigravity and molecular disassociation,
as was seen in the Hutchison effect and 9/11
when the towers were dustified.


@realDonaldTrump supporter touts aneta.org #911truther #xfiles

1.30: web.pol/911truther/Trump supporter touts aneta.org:
. some at nytimes.com thought that the
x-files episode "my struggle",
was not funny calling 9/11 an inside job;
because that is a real issue today,
with a Trump supporter (Shaddock) claiming that.
. I was disappointed to find that Shaddock
doesn't seem to believe in Dr.Judy Wood,
since he believes planes hit the towers
(he thinks they were remote controlled)
when in fact there was no evidence of plane debris
except a single plane wheel that was easily planted.
. the site Shaddock is associated with, aneta.org,
seems excited about nanothermite,
as if that explosive could explain all the destruction;
it was obviously some unfamiliar classified technology.


Judgement day started 1999.9.11 #wwIII

1.27: web.pol/purges/wwIII/finale-time clues
/Judgement day started 1999.9.11:
"According to Hebrew Scriptures
September 11, 1999 was the
6,000th anniversary of Adam's creation, ..."
-- Uri Geller
according to a typical Hebrew calendar reading,
1999.9.11 is 5760 Tishrei 1;
meaning it is 5760 years from Adam's creation;
the magic number 6000 comes up here:
. in the Talmud the Jewish Sages concluded that
there would be six millenniums of turmoil,
to be followed by a millennium of peace;
based on the pattern set by the week of Creation
when God labored six days and rested the seventh.
. the age of peace would be after 6000 years
from the age of the creation or the birth of Adam;
the combined old and new testaments reveal
2038 years from the creation of Adam to the birth of Abraham;
1946 years from Abraham birth through the end of BC period;
for a total of 3984 from Adam’s Creation to year 1.
6000 - 3984 = 2016.


biogas good but fracking for natural gas radioactive #health #cancer

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biogas good but fracking for natural gas radioactive:
. we can make biogas by fermenting crops;
but most methane today comes from
fracking for natural gas trapped in shale
which contaminates our water with radioactive particles.