is #BDS-#Israel the #antichrist?

6.12: news.pol/purges/anti-semitism/
is BDS-Israel the antichrist?:
"too jewish" tucson radio:
. while in the usa there is growing support for zionism,
on campus there is the opposite reaction,
with much academic support for punishing Israel
using BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions).
. this anti-zionist movement is attracting a lot of
anti-semites who make Jewish students feel unsafe.
. it should be pointed out that there are
2 "Jewish" factions:
# zionists, who believe zionism will
bring the Messiah or Christ;
# anti-zionists, who believe zionism is
wrong until the Messiah provides it
(in the peaceful Messianic age).

. how could the Jewish anti-zionists be right?
even without Zionism, there will be wwIII,
and it will leave only one surviving military power
which will then enforce global arms control
so then it could enforce global peace
and it could protect zionists from angry Muslims/Arabs
who were disempowered and displaced by zionism.

. how could the Jewish zionists be right?
zionism goads Iran into terrorism,
and eventually usa-Israel invades Iran,
but Iran-Syria-Shia muslims are assisted by Russia
starting wwIII, and deciding the global peace maker.

. I'm sure many BDS proponents are aware of
the likelihood of zionism causing wwIII;
and, their efforts to punish Israel
are really efforts to prevent wwIII,
and postpone the Messianic age of global Peace,
that is, they are trying to be an anti-messiah;
or literally, an antichrist
-- unrelated to the antichrist of Revelation,
based on the idea that Christ = Messiah,
and the fact that the Jewish Messiah
is known to usher in the age of global peace
which is impossible without wwIII,
because the democratic liberals
and the theocratic muslims
can never agree to share power
without one or the other being forced;
nor can anti-zionists agree to share power with
pro-zionists who untterly humiliate them.
. Judaism as a religion
clearly has many "g-d"-given commandments
that require not only owning the "promised land"
but also rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem.
. there is no complete freedom of religion
without zionism, according to Jewish zionists;
and their religion has a very long history;
the Jewish anti-zionism is a recent invention,
a response to being expelled less than 2000 years ago.
. while religious freedom requires zionism,
what happened to the muslims in Israel
was a devastating humiliation, and a reason for wwIII:
the antichrist doesn't have a chance.

1 John 2:18:
Little children, it is the last hour;
and as you were given word that the Antichrist would come,
so now a number of Antichrists have come to you;
and by this we are certain that it is the last hour.