graphics 2015

. these are the drawings I did during 2015;
done in colored pencils or pens.
. also a collage.

3.3: a crooked cross:
. my first drawing has a crooked cross
and a lot of city-like geometric shapes;
around my cross there was something like a beetle
which reminds me of the ancient Egyptian religion.
. why a crooked cross?,
I had just been reading the bible
and I felt left out of religious community
for embarrassing self-abuse I had done as a teen
that telepathy may inform them of;
I could get whole-hearted acceptance from christians
if only I would only believe as they do;
but like muslims I believe Jesus was not a god
and that he did not actually die on the cross;
but unlike muslims, I don't believe in a final prophet;
I believe we are still evolving,
and the god will always be talking to us.
. when my conscience reminded me to
draw some life in my picture
I was very uptight about doing it wrong,
and drew only a couple of eyeballs peering over a skyscraper.
. next time I will draw really fast,
and see what I can find that instincts created.

3.10: trike and war worries:
. 3 pillars representing wwIII;
a guy on a trike is engulfed by teeth
representing my worries about my trike getting stolen,
dwarfed by problems I'll face during wwIII.
. below is the face of a god
that fills my life with apprehension.
. on the cheek of the god is a rose,
representing a beauty that comes with thorns.
. the god has a false eyelash like the
the gang leader in Clockwork Orange
which reminds me of having schiz'ia:
he does what he wants in his youth
and then later he becomes tortured into submission
then he attempts to take his own life
and is finally coddled by the state.
. schiz'ia means always walking with a god
that is telepathically informing people
about my past as well as my daily thoughts
which is like being tortured into submission
and ending my life socially;
but the state coddles me with cash and medications.
. there are prison bars
but they are perpendicular to the usual way,
indicating I'm a prisoner in a different dimension,

3.24: a female face:
. I tried doing more random drawing today
because it might channel the spirits;
what I like about children's artwork,
is that when they don't know what they're doing,
the god is working through them.
. when I draw a random face,
what sort of expression will show up?

3.24: wwIII on my mind:
. I started drawing a generic face;
I included on the forehead a symbol of wwIII;
it was a set of 4 bars forming 3 sky blue spaces;
that represents freedom
which we will have so much more of
after one government controls the planet;
because, then they can feel safe about
letting us make use of Tesla physics
which can be used for both beam weapons
and for clean unlimited free energy.
. after the wwIII symbol was in place,
I drew his hair in the shape of fire.
. for filler I tried using random waves
rather than careful shading.

3.31: pol/purges/wwIII/next:
. I had a vision of tall grass overdue for a mowing,
and it reminded me of periodic wars.
. the clouds form the word "next",
and under the tall grass, there is a stream
that starts turbulent and becomes calm,
representing the idea that this particular war
might be the last one for a long time
because it will usher in global arms control,
so there won't be 2 sides to start the next war.
4.7: the god of schizophrenia's dog:
. another picture of the god,
it started angular suggesting the Star of David,
but then I wanted to avoid drawing that,
so instead of one upright pyramid laid over the upside down pyramid,
there were smaller pyramids coming from each eye.
. there was a 2-headed dead dog below the face
that represented schizophrenia's splitting of the mind
into a guy that had kept a lot of secrets
and a god who was now exposing those secrets.
4.14: bonsai tree:
. a gift to my mother, a bonsai tree
like the ones we saw together recently
at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

4.21: going global:
. started out as an abstract of tiles,
then I added a "III" for wwIII, and after the III,
there was a flying saucer representing the Tesla physics
that will be revealed during wwIII,
and then the tiles get very large,
representing globalized government.

5.5..6.16: scribble art:
draw randomly, and then fill in the sections.

6.23: guy with red beard:
. he reminds me of a viking, full of beer.
. a pointy head like the Atacama alien find.

6.30: tree of life:
. a tree with labels for roots and leaves;
the roots are like where you draw your strength from,
and the leaves are things that come and go.
. I saw the roots as god, culture and family;
the leaves were recreation, sex, accidents, work, and artwork.

7.7: family crest or coat of arms:
. I drew a hexagon with 4 parts,
a star (representing the self),
a group of stars arranged in a hexagon
(relationships are the cells that make up society)
a pair of snakes climbing an obelisk
(adversity driving technology causing adversity,
building a tower of progress),
and an infinity sign (the ultimate goal
is eternal survival of civilization).
. the obelisk was in a vision of mine;
it was upside down and I was looking at the bottom of it,
which suggested I was the opposite of progress
(had been a careless teen, and my young adult was
surviving unemployed in a homeless shelter).

9.8: another coat of arms:
. I used the same design as my last coat of arms,
as much as I could remember:
in the first edition, the first corner was a simple star,
the 2nd corner was a hexagon studded with stars
within a blanket of other hexagons.
. in the 2nd edition,
the first corner was a star studded with stars
(as if to represent a fractal design)
the 2nd corner was a blanket of hexagons
with one hexagon highlighted with darker ink
representing your community is part of a network of communities.

7.14: the time I felt the most loved:
. I was doing dxm and stimulants (theophylline),
when I began having visions,
like dreams except I was awake.
. I felt that the god communicated with me,
and felt loved by the god.
. the first scene is 4 eyeballs,
then 2 under great stress until finally
the one eyeball is much relieved to be unified
since having the eyeballs merge was stressful.
[this would later remind me of wwIII
leading to a single global government.]
. there was a wild ride going up and then down,
forming a sine wave, and cycling back,
forming an infinity sign;
and the vision was saying that was like sin
(doing things that don't progress eternally,
but instead let every up be followed by a down).
. there was an upside down obelisk;
I'm at the top but since it's upside down
I'm staring at the bottom;
that reminds that when I had this vision,
I hadn't done anything to care for myself
yet I was cared for by the Christian homeless shelter,
so it was saying my progress was upside down.
. there was a star system that formed the image of a man,
and that man was a star in yet another constellation of stars
forming another image:
always look for the bigger picture.
[ notice in fractals, the bigger picture
is a copy of the smaller pictures.]

7.21: ultimate war enduring peace:
. about wwIII again,
a pair of birds hold a banner that reads:
ultimate war & enduring peace.
. over the banner the Freemason's sign shines like the sun;
below there are trumpet flowers,
reminding me of Easter and renewal;
a flying saucer representing the advanced tech that won the war;
and an eye on a stalk representing the global government;
below that were 5 coffins arranged like a hand,
as if the hand of the global government.

7.28: dream catcher.

8.4: the inner view:
. a scene with windows;
showing what we would like others to see,
what we are hiding, what we see out the window,
what we see others hiding.
. I drew one window with green grass and a shining sun;
inside the room it was dark lit only by a fire
suggesting the man was homeless,
and it was night time with moon and 3 stars
(the middle one is a star of David).
[reminding me I feel like one of the Chosen people
being touched by the god with schizophrenia's telepathy.]
. under the window was a frowning purple face,
suggesting the man was unsure about his sexuality,
or not a good example of his male sex,
and he was just a face with wavy lines like the sun,
only the waves were purple,
suggesting the man was telepathic about his inadequacy.

8.11: collage:
. cut picts out of magazines,
and paste together a collage.
. I used contrast for comedy,
the girl is happy to dive,
while a child looks worried in a sled.
. there is a big statue of Jesus,
and I found some goats which reminded me of
the 2 thieves on either side of Jesus.
. there are many scenes that don't follow a theme,
I just thought they were beautiful.

8.18: horsing around:
. drawing a man's face;
and a sort of horse to his right,
a copy of a friend's drawing.

8.25: painting eternal culture:
. paint a plaque with your favorite word (or symbol):
I chose a royal-purple eternity sign,
with a starry night background.
. purple represents royalty and thus community;
it represents the importance of
the eternal survival of community
by having the technology for star travel
for when our sun dies.
. the constant creation of new galaxies
is are our path to eternal life;
we travel off the planet to new stars.

9.1: pair of chickens.
9.8: another coat of arms [see 7.7]

9.15: sprout, cloud, alien, cat, teeth, lip, drippings, 2-headed bird:
Russia's symbol is a 2-headed bird;
wwIII will look like an alien invasion (9/11 technology).
9.22: relig/judaism/sins released through animal sacrifice:
. a guy who feels like he ate pork (unkosher)
is becoming clean by sacrificing a chicken
during kapparot shortly before Yom Kippur.

9.29: yin yang:
. large yin yang circle with
left side rising with smile (green)
and right side with frowning (red).

10.13: relig/judaism/Israel's 3rd temple:
. Israel's 3rd temple (swallowing the gold dome mosque);
the bricks look like teeth;
there is something like blood oozing.
. the time is 999999 about to roll over to 1:
the new age, the messianic age,
where wwIII leads to global goverment and arms control
which results in global peace.

10.20: tesla lab:
. inspired by Tesla's dielectricity.
10.27: girl with halo and claw:
. picture of girl's head with a halo;
abstract designs and clouds; beetle.

11.3: pyramids, alien eye, clouds and sun.

11.10: coloring in a mandala.

11.17: wwIII teeth:
. a wide mouth with 3 teeth, reminding of wwIII.
11.24: mountain and maze:
. a mountain like Japan, a hooded head like a ghost;
designs like a maze, a pulse graph;
mentions "picamilon" because we were talking about
supplements that relieve anxiety.

12.1: 2 birds:
. the bars on my drawing reminded of the
Jewish candle array (menorah).
. a lot of geometric shapes, symmetrical;
the sides are rapid scribbles.

12.08: like an orange:
. looks like 2 halves of an orange opened
to expose a tuft of grass, all mounted on a stand.

12.15: islam:
. there are 2 pyramids and a huge quarter moon;
reminding of the flag of Islam;
(wwIII coming by Fall 2016,
will heavily involve the faction of Islam
that is anti-zionist);
the pyramid on the left has an eye at the top
reminding of the illuminati or the dollar bill;
the pyramid on the right has a green moon sliver at the top,
and is composed of animal cells instead of bricks;
that moon is growing another yellow sliver
placed as if the green moon is horned.
. there are three grasses tipped with stars.

12.22: blimp:
. it looks like a blimp;
but mostly filled with abstract designs.
there is a gunner bay at the bottom of the blimp.

12.29: woman with 3 eyes:
the 3rd eye has a pink iris, the other eyes are blue.
. it reminded me women might be more intuitive,
and it might have something to do with
the spirit being more protective of their gender.