dreamed #WWIII by Easter

1.1: pol/purges/wwIII:
co.self/dream: assassinated hitler-like starts it:
. dreamed a hitler look-alike got assassinated;
what does that symbolize?
worried about how wwIII starts;
is that supposed to be Obama?
likely a mideast character that Obama has to retaliate against;
and, then this retaliation snowballs somehow;
because, the communists are against how we intervene .
"(let Israel manage by itself!), I'm fretting;
and then cowering in the other direction:
"(and if they start nuclear does that snowball ?).
co.self/dream: Easter:
. I had been dreading the 2013 new year,
fearing that would be the start of WWIII;
a WWIII study in my dream finds
Easter is significant to it,
as is the plastic version of something .
. on waking I realize that traditionally
Easter (the spring or vernal equinox)
was the new year to early christians;
and, so any predictions associated with New Years,
may be happening around Easter
... which is Iran's New Year (March 20 or 21).
1.31: easter island:
. the dream focusing on Easter
could be referring to the codeword: Easter Island
( after they demolished the ecosystem,
they just started eating each other
until everyone was gone ).
. don't those guys fish? yea but they were cold !
and they ran out of fuel and insulating material .

1.2: co.fb: 2013 backwards spells eros:
[!] image says: (
this is the year for love:
2013 backwards = eros; ....: )
my reply:
. funny seeing this; because,
I just dreamed wwIII is near Easter;
if that's right,
we'll need plenty of love (mating) this year .

1.2: co.fb: Mayan Apocalypse fizzle like Y2K?:
December 18, 2012
I hope the Mayan Apocalypse doesn't fizzle like Y2K did!
my reply:
I just dreamed wwIII is around Easter (the Iranian new year).

1.2: co.fb: The MOST Important Video About Israel You'll Ever See!:
via Jews News Yesterday at 9:59am ·
    The MOST Important Video About Israel You'll Ever See!
    Can ancient prophecies about Israel be true?
    Is the Bible true or relevant today?
    This video will put those questions to rest!!
my reply(to jewsnews):
I just dreamed wwIII happens near spring
(easter or Iranian new year):
. that vid said a nation's wealth has been
proportional to their care of the jews they contained;
why don't we invite all of israel to USA
and skip wwIII?
. it's predicted USA will be nuked;
and if it happens,
it's because, we militarily
defended Isreal [staying in Palestine]
instead of inviting those Jews to be our neighbors .

1.3: co.self/dream: depression with flash dreams:

. due to mega-dosing melatonin for depression,
I was getting just flashes of deep dream,
and then waking up each time:
# time bomb wires;
# grass is very tall where my side walk should be:
(that's like it is normally,
but the dream's narrator showed these grass blades
stretching very tall, as if it was past time for the
reaper to show up).

dream: yellow tree:
. flash of a form like a kid's painting of a tree;
but colored plastic yellow like a salamander;
growing in the sidewalk
the same area where the very tall grass was seen .

dream: DEW makes earthquake:
. having just felt an awakening quake,
I got the idea that the quake was real;
caused by russia using DEW tech
to pull energy from the ground,
and apply it to weather control .

dream: inferno..2..6..native's karma:
. see a hand with a card reminding of a tarot game;
but this card is like a tablet computer:
it's a movie of a fire
with a "2" superimposed over the flames .
-- that is one of the most artistic
dreams I ever had .
... minutes later,
another flash of a card,
this one has a "6" on it .
[ what does 2..6 mean?
2 is the icon of a face (a nose and eyebrow);
6 is a male's genitals [notice it can be seen as
either an erection or a droopy wish for erection .].
. a minute later,
flash of native American having on some clown makeup
in a way that makes his face have
big frowning white lips .

1.3: co.self/psy/meditation/
sensory deprivation results in sobbing:

. too depressed from sleepless anx
to do anything without mental pain?
sensory deprivation can be a source of hallucinations,
and that might be how DMT helps shamans;
so try to go in a trance,
keep trying to clear mind
as a sort of sensory deprivation:
. a few flash dreams,
less than I had hoped for .
. there were constant interruptions
by conversations to myself;
and the feeling of breathing
or being in a particular pose;
but I reminded myself,
that is ok, try simply surfing to
peaks of nothingness
rather than trying to sustain that .
. this eventually resulted in a lot of
crying for no apparent reason;
aweful, loud crying like some DMT trips;
the crying got esp'ly loud
when my inner voice gently reminded me
I still had the thought of
someone feeling their body breathing;
I became aware of not liking being asked to kill myself,
to kill all my thoughts .
. like something inside me,
was really using me as an outlet .
. then while writing this,
I realized that my meditation reaction
was just like my wwIII anx;
they are asking me to kill myself -- literally!
and then there was more loud crying .

1.4: news: no more russian children for USA:
. Putin's Russia has for various reasons
been glad to allow adoption by USA citizens
of their special needs children;
but now they found a good excuse for stopping that,
right when it looks likely
they are going to dustify USA?
. just keep in mind,
multiple prophesies say wwIII is soon;
and, intuition shows it is plausible .

1.5: co.self/dream: obama's reset installs gemini:
. dreamed an obama-look-alike is spanked
which embarrassed me [I voted for him],
but I tried to look at the bright side:
at least it would bring light to the injustice of
a federation in which no state was allowed to experiment with
any drug cultures besides the poisonous alcohol .
. in fact, the Obama admin has been relatively
light on federal drug governance .
. the look-alike factor reminded me of wwIII:
the war starts after electing a pro-peace voice,
[Obama promised to wrap-up the wars]
and then the military ignores our elected;
yet, the world has to assume the country's military
does absolutely speak for the country,
and so, the USA military's reaction to Iran,
will be the ultimate voice of our leadership .
. an Iran crisis could happen like 9/11:
the neocons wanted war with Islam.mil,
so they attacked the homeland themselves
just to say Islam.mil did it;
likewise, when the 911neocons want armegeddon,
they will attack Iran, knowing full well,
the communists will attack USA for that .]

1.12: co.apt: the zombie apocalypse:
. having no electricity after a nuke
will virtually mean having no police;
hope everyone has their own weapons;
because, [criminals] will fly with no police .

1.12: co.apt: a suicidal Israel:
. if we would create New Israel
zionists would be safe in the USA;
but for Israel in Palestine
there can only be tough love
with settler expansions provoking terrorists .
. if USA tells israel to accept New Isreal
or they are on their own militarily,
then they might get suicidal
starting a nuke fight with Islam-communism [13.2.23:
that would rain nukes on their ex-friends too ].

1.13: co.self/dream: Mogadishu:
. on waking, my inner voice said "Mogadishu"
as if that had something to do with
a political reality that may work against us .
2.23: web:

Mogadishu (means "The Seat of the Shah"),
is the capital of Somalia
and an important port for centuries.
"( Somalia could be for uranium
what Iraq is for oil ).
"I Dream of Mogadishu":
“(When I first saw Mogadishu in 1992,
the capital looked like a transplanted set from
“Mad Max” movies,
about a surreal post-nuclear world
where scavengers survive by
slapping together debris and bits of scrap metal. ...) .
After the ousting of the Siad Barre regime in 1991
and the ensuing civil war,
various militias fought for control of the city,
later to be replaced by the
ICU (Islamic Courts Union).
The ICU subsequently splintered into
more radical groups, notably Al Shabaab,
which have since been fighting with the
Transitional Federal Government
and its AMISOM [African Peacekeeper] allies.
With a change in administration in late 2010,
federal control of Mogadishu steadily expanded.
In early August 2011,
government troops and their AMISOM partners
had reportedly succeeded in forcing out
Al-Shabaab from the parts of the city
that the group had previously controlled.
Mogadishu has subsequently experienced
a period of intense reconstruction.

Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down, 1993):
. as part of USA's Operation Gothic Serpent
(capturing warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid)
two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters were downed,
and a 60-minute raid turned into
an overnight standoff .

Second Battle of Mogadishu (2006).
The opposing forces were the Alliance for the
Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (ARPCT),
and militia loyal to the Islamic Courts Union (ICU).
The conflict began in mid-February, 2006,
when Somali warlords formed the ARPCT
to challenge the ICU's emerging influence.
It had been alleged that the USA was funding the ARPCT
due to concerns that the ICU had ties to al-Qaeda.
The ICU militia won control of Mogadishu
and ARPCT forces left the city.

1.19: co.apt: the war to end everything:
. the zionism-vs-islam threat is knawing at me;
wwII was supposed to be the war that ends all wars;
wwIII just ends everything -- back to the stone age .
as if other:
. yea, but we have the tech now;
it's not going anywhere:
we'll be back up in no time
-- our elites will, anyway .

1.20: co.apt: world peace ... just kidding:
. they might reserve photonics for military use only?
that would keep the masses concerned about e-bombs;
there would be world peace ... just kidding .

1.21: news: another dreamer sees wwIII on 2013.2.23:
. a movie director uploading on 12.2.6
imagines war on 2013.2.23 starting as
a first strike on Jerusalem by Iran .
. is that a symbolic number: '13.2.23 ~~ 3223 ?

1.23: news: #Israel just had an election
#WWIII #crimeWave #apocalypse #911neocons:
. last year a trends analyst was predicting
that the bottom falls out after an election?
I notice on 1.23
that israel just had their presidential election; ...

1.26: news: zionism/
January 2013 the beginning of dark times:

Israel's January 2013 parliamentary election
will be the beginning of the end
of the Prime Minister Netanyahu era;
because, when the new government is formed
it will be so far to the right and nationalistic
that the Zionist-supremacist political forces
Netanyahu has embraced
will eventually marginalize him .
The concept of a racist state,
be it Nazi, South African or Jewish,
cannot be sustained.
It can only be perpetuated by the same violence
that eventually consumes and destroys it.
nostradamus`mabus could be M.Abbas:
After 20 years of promises
down a road with no destination,
the so-called Roadmap of Peace,
the Palestinians have opted out
and seek a route to statehood
that Jews sought in 1947 through the UN .
The Palestinians now are
one big step closer to statehood.
A landslide vote of the UN General Assembly
established Palestine as an Observer Nation
despite threats from the US and Israel.
In response,
Zionist elements in the Israeli government
came clear on what has always been their intention:
not to follow a two-state solution
but to expand Israel into a greater Jewish State
by seeking to gain lebensraum (living space)
in the West Bank lands to Israel’s east.
After UN vote, the Netanyahu government
jumped at declaring the construction going forward
for over a thousand new settlements.
This will not only ensure his
reelection in January as Prime Minister
but it fulfills the Zionist Supremacist aspirations
of Netanyahu’s recently departed father:
to reclaim what God and the Bible tells Jews
is their greater homeland that includes
ALL the land west of the Jordan River,
including the Palestinian West Bank.
If this settlement is built,
it will effectively destroy any chance of
a two-state solution.
Prophetically speaking,
Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen)
[President of the Palestinian Authority],
is a foremost candidate for Nostradamus “Mabus”.
Thus if a new Israeli-Palestinian collision
leads to M.Abbas dying or being assassinated,
he might fulfill the Mabus prophecy
that portends wwIII (and the Third Antichrist)
that could last 25 to 27 years!
1.24: co.fb/pol/purges/wwIII/iodide tablets:
. even when nukes are used just for EMP
that could present some fallout risk ...
I just bought: 'iOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets,
130 mg (14 Tablets)' by iOSAT
In 1982, the FDA approved IOSAT potassium iodide tablets
for blocking the thyroid's absorption of
cancer-causing radioactive iodine ...

1.25: fam3: if wwIII was the hell we deserved, why did we deserve it?:
. this piece gives context and interprets
the christ's most famous law .

1.25: fam3: New Israel -- preventing #WWIII .

1.2, 1.25: web: Easter and New Years:

. Easter is the first Sunday after
the full moon (the Paschal Full Moon)
following the northern hemisphere's vernal equinox.
. ecclesiastically, the equinox is reckoned to be on
March 21 (even though the equinox occurs,
astronomically speaking, on March 20 in most years),
and the "Full Moon" is not necessarily
the astronomically correct date.
The date of Easter therefore varies between
3.22 and 4.25 .
Eastern Christianity bases its calculations
on the Julian calendar whose 21 March corresponds,
during the 21st century, to 3 April in the Gregorian calendar,
in which the celebration of Easter therefore varies
between 4 April and 8 May.

1.2: versions of New Years around the Vernal Equinox:
# March 25:
-- early Christian celebrated 3 days after
the Vernal Equinox (March 22) .
# Northward equinox (3.20 or 3.21)
The Iranian New Year, called Nowruz,
is the day containing the exact moment
of the Northward equinox,
which usually occurs on 3.20 or 3.21,
commencing the start of the spring season.
The Zoroastrian New Year
coincides with the Iranian New Year of Nowruz,
and is celebrated by the Parsis in India
and by Zoroastrians and Persians across the world.
In the Bahá'í calendar,
the new year occurs on the vernal equinox on 3.21,
and is called Naw-Rúz.
The Iranian tradition was
also passed on to Central Asian countries,
including Kazakhs, Uzbeks and Uighurs,
and there is known as Nauryz.
It is usually celebrated on 3.22 .
# first New Moon after the Northward equinox:
Babylonian New Year
# April 1:
The Assyrian New Year,
called Rish Nissanu, occurs on the first day of April.