#Israel just had an election #WWIII #crimeWave #apocalypse #911neocons

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 #WWIII #crimeWave #apocalypse #911neocons:
. the bottom falls out after an election?
notice israel just had their presidential election;
that may have been the real election in USA too,
since USA's shadow gov is zionist(jewish or christian).
. the pro-settler party did well?
that is amazing .
the settlers are what gave zionism a bad name .
. wwIII is just around the corner, for sure .
. it's predicted that a new form of money
would make USA's current cash worthless?

I'm seeing the new system will be bartering
forced upon USA because of a massive banking failure
after USA is thrown into the stone age by an ebomb .
. USA is hit with a sky nuke or other EMP bomb
that knocks out all electronics in all devices,
and knocks out all the electricity
that is needed to run the phone and internet
that is needed by banking .
. most USA people are on gov assistance,
and now they won't be able to get their echecks,
and won't be able to cash their mailed checks ...
. with the power down there will be a crime wave .