real #NIBIRU danger -- not about planet X

10.2: web.purges/overpopulation/
nibiru cataclysm's political symbolism
12.24: summary:
. NIBIRU (Non-Inflationary Birth-Inflated
Rate of Unemployment)
. the NIBIRU cataclysm is a disastrous encounter
between the Earth and a large planetary object
which will take place in the early 21st century.
. birth-inflated conditions are those that
depend upon overpopulation .
.  people don't slow breeding for poverty;
and, capitalists continue to replace workers with
more profitable means of production:
automation, illegals, and immorals
(uninsured slaves in polluting countries).
... therefore,
the capitalists and the hyperbreeders
are like 2 huge planets about to collide .

7.15: how global economic collapse could unfold:
Metis Risk Consulting`
Understanding, communicating and managing
large-scale systemic risk .
With support from:
The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability
"Designing systems for a changing world"
p23: Hysteresis
the system can maintain its local equilibrium
over a range of changing conditions,
but those changing conditions
can also change the system's resilience.
At a certain point, a slight change in the conditions
can cause a tipping point
where the state is transformed
into something very different.
For example,
a lake's clarity depends on fertilizer run-off;
but nothing happens until the tipping point;
Once in the turbid state,
reducing fertilizer run-off to below the tipping point
will not return the system to its clear state:
run-off may have to be reduced
far below the tipping point to resume clarity
 This would be an example of hysteresis.
Hysteresis of unemployment rates:
It is possible that there is a ratchet effect,
so a short-term rise in unemployment rates
tends to persist.
An example is the notion that
inflationary policy leads to a
NAIRU (permanently higher
'natural' rate of unemployment) ... .
NIRU Non-Inflationary Rate of Unemployment
In monetarist economics,
particularly the work of Milton Friedman,
NAIRU is an acronym for
Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment,
and refers to a level of unemployment
needed to suppress inflation .
It was also introduced as NIRU
(Non-Inflationary Rate of Unemployment):
NIBIRU (Non-Inflationary Birth-Inflated
Rate of Unemployment)

. the Nibiru cataclysm is a disastrous encounter
between the Earth and a large planetary object
(either Nibiru or Planet X (size = 4*earth))
which will take place in the early 21st century.
. after seeing NIRU stand for
Non-Inflationary Rate of Unemployment;
it may occur to one that planet NIBIRU
could be the initials for Non-Inflationary
Birth-Inflated Rate of Unemployment .
. birth-inflated conditions are those that
depend upon overpopulation .

.  people don't slow breeding for poverty;
and, capitalists continue to replace workers
with more profitable means of production:
automation, illegals, and immorals
(uninsured slaves in polluting countries).
... therefore,
the capitalists and the hyperbreeders
are like 2 huge planets about to collide .

. economics has assumed that there must be
some degree of unemployment
simply because the last 5% of unemployed
are not productive; and furthermore,
trying to maximize employment
would signal to everyone that they
didn't need to work hard to keep their job,
which would lower everyone's productivity
( that is tantamount to giving money away
and causing inflation because
low productivity = cost per product is higher
-- not a big problem if you buy only imports,
but then capitalists just dump your jobs,
and invest in imports ).

. however, with increasing population,
one must work harder to keep a job
not only because the competition feels hotter,
but also because of inflation,
which happens even with high unemployment
because you have to pay for
more prisons, police, and for the care of
unwed mothers or adoptions .
... not to mention that in a capitalism
where the rich are getting much richer,
you are dealing with cash flooding:
. there are so many of the rich
that they are setting the prices,
so you are paying what they can afford
even for essentials such as
food, housing, cars, ... congressmen .

. the word is an Akkadian term for
"crossing (as in rivers)" or "point of transition".
In Babylonian astronomy, nibiru is
the highest point of the ecliptic,
i.e. the point of summer solstice,
and its associated constellation.
. as the highest point in the paths of the planets,
nibiru was considered the seat of
the summus deus [literally, supreme god]
who "( sets the course of stars
and shepherds all the gods like sheep )

--  Babylonian creation myth .
. Nibiru stands as a post at the turning point,
the guide or sign post in a sea without calm
between heaven and earth .
-- on a complete cuneiform tablet
Zeitschrift für Assyriologie (ZA), no. 47, p. 17
. there have been several predictions
about when the planets will collide,
and they are all politically symbolic .
. dates of significance include
2003, 2010, and 2013 .

nibiru # 2003.5.27:
. 2003.5.27 is the eve of unveiling
a draft of the European Constitution . [12.24:
. the EU banking crisis, on-going in 2012,
is an icon of a doomed finance system
designed without accountability .]
month of May:
. named after the growth goddess,
economic growth is the expected magic
that doomed banks are designed to deliver .
in May, cows can be milked 3 times a day .
. the day 27:
27 = 3^3^3 .  perfect cube .
27 = 2+3+4+5+6+7
27 is the atomic weight of aluminum
-- strongest metal per weight & cost .
27 is the atomic number of Co
--( cobalt, the blue in jewelry,
-- and the activity of B12, the memory aid .
--. from German`Kobalt: imp, demon,
-- or German`kobold: goblin, sprite
-- because the presence of cobalt-bearing ore
-- made it more difficult to extract silver ).

nibiru # 2012.12.21:
[12.24, 12.25:
. a galaxy is a spiral arrangement of stars,
the core is densely packed,
and then there are arms that become less dense
with distance from the core .
. just as our solar system rotates around a star,
our Sun exists within an arm of a galaxy .

. December 21, 2012 is the date of a
rare astrological transition
-- back into the age of Aquarius,
where, on the dawn of your planet's shortest day,
your sun is lined up with your galaxy's center .

. ni-bi-ru means (bridge, crossing way),
. a tipping point can also be thought of as being
a sort of bridge, or ni-bi-ru .
. the most significant ni-bi-ru is life's
transition to a high-tech singularity
along with global catastrophicchanges
such as the galactic core flare-ups,
overpopulation, hyperinflation,
or destabilizing advances in weaponery .
. the NIBIRU ni-bi-ru is where the
Birth-Inflated Rate of Unemployment
fails to be Non-Inflationary,
because our economy expansions can't keep up,
and becomes a bridge to catastrophe:
as the poverty becomes higher
so does the birth rate,
until there is starvation, drought, or war .
. such massive death dramatically increases
the risk of infectious epidemics
that can affect the upper classes as well .

. the Aquarius age that is dawning in 2012,
happens to be roughly coinciding with
a number of ominous tipping points
which are also consistent with
several doomsday predictions
(Nostridamus and the Bible's Revelation).
. the Mayans supposedly end their calender
right on this rare date of coincidence,
as if they knew things would be so different,
that calenders wouldn't even be necessary,
thereby adding significance to anything Mayan .

. in Egyptian philosophy,
Maya means “universal world order”
and in the age of Aquarius,
empires and orders will give way to
personal responsibility and freedom,
through an understanding of
how we are all psychically connected .
. we may massively find g-d because
it is in times of catastrophic crisis
that gifts of telepathy tend to be realized .
. if the supernatural were to reach all
then it could be considered a total ordering .
. another way to receive gifts of spirit
is to see more psychological synchronicity
which could be more apparent in an age of
pervasive robotic surveillance .]

 nibiru # 2010.7.23:

. 2010.7.23 is my calculation of the
mayan calender's end (see footnotes)
(I don't know much about calender math
but let's see what happens ...)

. of great political significance
was the 2010 Tea Party neutralization of Obama
. it was july when Congress's Michele Bachmann
formed the Tea Party Caucus
in the House of Representatives
. the nibiru-scale conflict of our society
is whether we go with
the democrat socialist (birth control and welfare)
or with republican capitalist
(let our individual profits decide who breeds).
. the Tea party was a pivotal moment,
because the Democrat's presidency
was neutralized by a Tea Party congress .
. on the eve of the 23rd, the founder warns
congress shall listen to the Tea party,
not lead it .

on that same day:
The torch lighting ceremony for the
first Youth Olympic Games,
to be held in Singapore from August 14 to 26,
[an icon of well-oiled capitalism]
is held in Olympia, Greece.
[an icon of political neutralization like USA's
where the conflicted socialists & capitalists
results in financial ruin .]

on that same day:
Disasters (capitalism = deregulation):
. alarms on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig
are found to have been disabled before the explosion
and subsequent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
... but who is going to prison?
a judge is guilty of taking bribes to
assist in the jailing of juvenile defendants .
[. as the unemployment rises absurdly,
prison mgt is going to be Big Business .]

on that same day:
A court in the U.S. state of Arizona
listens to challenges to the state's
policy against illegal immigrants.
[ the heights of oblivion:
where do you think those immigrants came from?
the same hyperbreeding culture as yours!
you won't stop them until you
stop parenting anarchy generally,
replacing it with some combination of
Cap-&-Trade 2-child breeding with
free welfare for following a 0-child policy,
where a 3rd child is coming from combinations of
voting by scientific merit, popularity, or wealth .]

on that same day:
. Israel is sued for the Gaza flotilla raid
[. Israel is an icon of patience,
and the tortures of overpopulation:
. day#1 on this great Earth,
overpopulation causes starvation,
but invasions avoid starvations,
and finally,
empire-building guards against invasions .
. communism is a form of empire building .
. capitalism is about internalizing invasion:
let us keep our national boundaries,
and then let free-market profits decide
whose family will do the expanding
within our own nation's borders .
. the roman empire invaded Israel,
but the Israelis or Jews were very learned
and they thrived as the first globalized capitalists .
. this was not very popular ...
# not among europeans under royalty
# not among europeans turned christians
# not among arabs turned muslims
# not among germans turned nazi's
# not among russians under royalty
# not among russians turned communists .
. around 1950 the world thought they would help
by returning the Israeli's back to their homeland,
but the Muslims took this as an invasion:
"( the hungry overpopulators are back!
  and obviously it seems the invasion was
  instigated by those infidels,
  the man-worshipping Christians!
) --- 2 empire builders are at it again .
 . do Muslims support the Prophet?
or do they put up with this Zionist invasion
from the USA's Christians?
. as long as Europeans already stole ... er, I mean
responsibly developed America,
why don't they give a slice of it
to the state of Israel? or to Palestinians?
well, the idea of having separate states
just doesn't work for globalized capitalists,
and a Jewish state doesn't work for
USA's fundamentalist christians .
. invite a missle-throwing muslim state?
well, it depends how you appease them ... ... ... .

. with all these overpopulaters
cross-culturally interbreeding,
do we really have room for
giving every culture its own home state?
. well, whenever you decide that corporations
really are people, who deserve a
home with some privacy,
make sure to give the Zionists
a home away from the Muslims !
-- end of torture . 12.30:
. they say that Islam is just overstepping;
but what if Iran knew it wasn't alone?
suppose attacking it would bring on WWIII,
and half the world is looking for Armegeddon,
while the other half is wincing at USA's foreign policy?
. what if someone goes nuclear on Israel? ]

footnote# how I arrived at mayan ends 2010:
At a level even greater than the Calendar Round
is the Long Count, an immensely long system
of five increasingly larger cycles
that ultimately measures a time period
of over 5,000 years.
Like the modern Western calendar
which uses three numbers to denote
three time units (year, month, and day),
the Long Count used five numbers
to represent five time units.
For convenience,
archaeologists have devised a system of
writing just the numbers separated by dots
starting with the largest unit.
For example, means:
9 baktun, 3 k'atun, 17 tun[360days],
8 winal[20days], and 11 k'in[days].
k'in = 1 day;
winal = 20 days; [days are numbered 0..19]
kal = 20 (a pure number, reminds of kalender)
tun = 18 winal = 18*20 = 360 days;
--[ integer number of winals in a solar year .
winals in a tun are numbered 0..17]
k'atun = 20 tun (about 19 years and 8 months).
baktun = 20 k'atuns, = 20* 20* tun = 400* 360 days
= 394.2505 years (assuming 365.25 days per year)
It appears that the maximum number
that the baktuns unit can arrive is thirteen.
[yet they have a base-20 system ?
that should make calender with this many years:
394.2505 * 20 = 7885.010267
and their calender starts at year -3114.6968;
August 11, 3114 BCE. = - 3114.6968
so, the logical end of it is:
7885.010267 - 3114.6968 = 4770
-- we might be off the planet by then !
but if they indicated the cycle was
13 * 394.2505  years,
why would they choose that ?
-- by the way,
that seems to end at 2010.5597 not 2012
0.5597 * 365 = 204th day of 2010 .
(july 23, or july 22 in leap years)
... but I'm not sure about calender math ...
. they were simply being artistic:
the use of 13 baktun was just a symbol of
a civilization's limited lifespan;
they had deified the number 13 as being
the number of winals for a harvesting cycle;
however, the winal's significance was from
being the same number of days as was in
their numeric system's number of digits;
and while their base was 20, our base is 10,
so we would deify 26 not 13,
and if we had no faith in civilization,
we would say it would be gone by
394.2505 * 26 = 10,250.513
-- more than 8000 years away .

10.2: origin of the first Maya calendar:
. 20 is the number of fingers on married self,
hence, their base-20 number system;
9 months is the length of a growing season;
20 * x = 9? x = 13 .
. 13 * 20 days = 260 days
= 8.5 months * 30.41666 days per month .
. 13 * 20 days elapsed from the planting,
through the growth, drying, and harvesting, to storage .
[then by convention of corn field size ...]
13 * 20 days were needed
from the choosing of the new corn field location
until the burning of the felled forest patch
--[ the time it takes to fell all the large trees .]

9.16: mayan words that look like ours:
way: spirit
tok: flint -- talk = fire starter;
witz: mountain
juun: book -- June  = most important goddess;
-- other interesting words:
k'al: 20 [their number's base]
ix: woman [part of a goddess's name]
bak: bone[. notice how bak is used in the calender:
bak-tun = 20 k'atuns, = 20* 20* tun
where a tun approximates the solar year,
and their calender has no higher order*
like bak-tun is the root of a tree
or the bones of our anatomy
-- similar to our eon (a billions years):
there is no higher unit of time;
eg, if you want to say a trillion years,
there's no unit for a 1000 eons .
*: refuted: it does have higher order .

12.22: relig/judaism/the mayan connection/
no end to calender:

cycles above the bak'tun:
Here are the first few of the
known long count cycles above bak'tun:
Piktun     20 Bak'tuns     8000 tuns     2,880,000 days
Kalabtun     20 Piktuns     160,000 tuns     57,600,000 days
Kinichiltun     20 Kalabtuns     3,200,000 tuns     1,152,000,000 days
Alautun     20 Kinichiltuns     64,000,000 tuns     23,040,000,000 days