New Israel -- preventing #WWIII

. could we, in the USA,
humbly offer the Jews of the world
a chance to all be peacefully Zionist
with some ocean-side national park land
to call their own,
for an everlasting, sovereign New Israel
away from Islam's center of mass?

 . USA's Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
has 245 million surface acres,
-- 13 percent of the total USA land surface
and more than 40 % of all federal land .
. in order to replace Israel's real estate value,
we need:
. 20,700 sq.km (5 million acres),
which hopefully includes
445 sq.km (172 sq mi) of inland water,
and a mere 273 km of coastline;
a piece of Tongass National Forest could do that,
or how about southward, in oregon:
Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area ?
-- see also oregon/wa.state rivers,
california rivered areas, and cali'wild rivers .
. some combination of this ?

. for the hesitant, both in USA and Israel,
keep in mind that unless we
robotically dominated the entire middle east,
the Muslim's will to own Palestine would never die;
so, both Israeli and Muslim children
would never stop being murdered in Israel .
. the world needs a New Israel,
and USA should step up to that need .

. you'll know who really blessed Israel,
by what really happened to them;
isn't that what the Christians believe?
there are no winners after WWIII;
only a few bunkered elites .
. USA is just a bus stop on the way to heaven?
then Israel didn't really matter, did it .
. the Children didn't really matter .
. pro-life Christianity was really hollow .