recovering from artificial joint surgery #med #osteo

bone will heal much faster if you
load up on vit'c and arginine;
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#thyroid optimization may save bone,vision #health

11.2 ..11.4: health/thyroid/
lifestyle choices that improve function:
low thyroid is very common:
. age-related hypo-thyroid
-- ie "(normal) TSH levels --
is as common as the many modern diseases,
and that may be more than a coincidence .
. there are ties to bone loss,
atrial fibrillation,
and blindness due to glaucoma
(you may be at increased risk if you are
nearsighted or hypo-thyroid).

. I will first explain how common low thyroid is,
and how it can be mistaken for hyper-thyroid
-- that's important to realize because
some are avoiding the iodine they need
under the assumption that they are hyper-thyroid
when, in fact,
both the low and high thyroid extremes
can have the same symptoms
of a rapid or erratic heart .

. the unprecedented rate of obesity starting in the 1980's
may be due to the combination of
not only replacing sugar with high-fructose corn syrup,
but also replacing the iodine in bakery goods
with bromides that actually inactivate
what little iodine you might already be getting !