recovering from artificial joint surgery #med #osteo

bone will heal much faster if you
load up on vit'c and arginine;
I get mine cheap here: BeyondACenturyInc.
$44 Arginine base 1000 grams
-- or Buffered Arginine (with malic acid)
(I buffer mine with citric acid)
$11 Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder 42g
--arginine needs insulin sensitizers
and antioxidants
to avoid adverse events:
$20 Magnesium Orotate Powder
--insulin sensitizer
Melatonin Capsules - 3mg, 120 caps
Melatonin, Time Release - 2mg-60 tabs
Alpha Lipoic Acid Powder
-- powerful cheap anti-oxidant
Opti-Sel (200 Mcg Selenium)
-- to make the melatonin do its thing . Support Wikipedia