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Support Wikipedia . I usually only give to disasters,
because that's when redcross calls;
but I'm so glad to find a micro-lending network on-line .
. I recently gave $25 to a similar wikipedia;
they are trying to spread into india
and other places in need of free education .

Kiva on-line all-star micro-lending facilitator
. Kiva  has Charity Navigator's highest rating

. reading about a recipient being an
Internally Displaced Person in Azerbaijan
(of Turkish ancenstry?)  I was reminded that the
aftermath of WWI might still be lingering
(the Turks sided with Germany against Russia);
but, in fact, there were many ethnic cleansings by Stalin .
. the Turks were deported from USSR's Georgia in 1944,
some to Uzbekistan,
and in 1989, 50,000 were forced to Azerbaijan .
. they had moved into Georgia from the Ottoman Empire
during a 1299-1922  expansion.
. also between them was the 1877–1878
Russian war with the Turks,
back when the Russians were christian,
and the Turks were a Muslim theocracy .

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