optical backups are important #WWIII #EMP

2.26: co.cyb/xu/backup/optical media for EMP attacks:
linux/ Span DVD - backup software?/fisheater May 18th, 2012:
 I have 100GB of photos I would like to back up on to DVD
for remote (safety deposit box) backup.
I looked into brasero, but the documentation is lean.
I searched online and the forums with not much luck. 

optical backups are important


defend #PETA against "ag gag" bills #torture #whey #beef #milk #cheese

2.23: news.pol/animal rights/
defend #PETA against "ag gag" bills:

Undercover investigations by PETA
have put on TV and in newspapers
—for all to see— the routine beatings,
mutilation, sexual abuse,
and other severe cruelty to animals
prevalent within the animal-based food industries
and often lead to historic industry-changing
criminal charges and convictions.

Exposing cruelty will be next to impossible
—indeed, absolutely impossible—
if lawmakers under the influence of factory-farming interests
in New Hampshire, Nebraska, and other states
succeed in passing bills that could make it a crime
to photograph or to record video or even sound
on factory farms and in similar facilities.


one bright child, one dark history #WWIII #China #USA #Israel #Iran

12.12.20: pol/purges/war/Taiping_Rebellion:

13.2.5, 2.6: summary:

. free-trade Globalists have 2 main threats:
grudges from the Chinese, N.Korea, communists, ...
over who controls global capital's culture;
and, rivalries from the Islamic empire
over who controls global social's culture .
. if the USA-europe-Israel-India alliance
ever massively attacks one of these threats
they will likely have to face the other;
because, both Iran and China, when 3rd worlds,
had be quite abused by USA-european imperialism .
. Nostradamus . WWIII .
. Obama's intentions are good but not heeded,
the Navy acts headlessly to offend Iran;
then the Eastern powers intervene .
. if USA tries to protect Taiwan,
that could be an act of war on communism;
such a war might involve WMD's
(weapons of mass destruction);
because China could feel confident
that USA would never nuke China
since the insiders that actually
control USA's use of WMD's

have all their assets there in China,
and would never waste their own capital .


EMP bomb could throw USA into stone age #WWIII #zombie #apocalypse

1.8: pol/purges/wwIII/emp
2.1: summary:
. here is the military's report on EMP threats,
where a single nuke miles above USA
creates a magnetic wave so powerful,
that the currents it induces in wires
will fry all our computers except military,
and could erase all data on hard drives .
. history has shown that when the power goes out
the crime wave is proportional to the outage's extent .
. we could be eaten alive by the mobs
before our enemies even set foot on our space .
. the worst part is our utter reliance on electricity
for pumping our water and fuel .
. without water and sanitation,
we will quickly be visited by epidemic disease .

USA seen as expansionist to Russia #WWIII

2.1: news.pol/purges/wwIII/USA seen as expansionist to Russia
another way wwIII happens;
and usa is eager to start; because,
they have no control over mob's population growth;
there is no need for all these people;
but they keep demanding the economy be expanded
because they grow and need more jobs .
. automation is here,
christian is right about armegeddon:
unrelenting pop'growth is the universal religion:
and we will pay for such devil worship .