optical backups are important #WWIII #EMP

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linux/ Span DVD - backup software?/fisheater May 18th, 2012:
 I have 100GB of photos I would like to back up on to DVD
for remote (safety deposit box) backup.
I looked into brasero, but the documentation is lean.
I searched online and the forums with not much luck. 

optical backups are important

this is very important question because of
the looming threat of EMP attack
(electromagnetic pulse from mile-high nuclear explosion
or galactic core ejection);
all magnetic storage devices are vulnerable;
so, important backups should also be on optical media .

year 2007 suggests AMANDA or dar:
. says all the "big shops" use AMANDA .

AMANDA (Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver):
* Linux Journal Readers' Choice Award *
. back up multiple hosts over network
to tape drives/changers or disks
or optical media.
Amanda uses native utilities and formats
(e.g. dump and/or GNU tar)
and can back up a large number of servers and workstations
running multiple versions of Linux or Unix.
Span tapes, i.e. if a single backup is too large for one tape,
Amanda will split it and put the pieces on
multiple tapes automatically.


dar is a shell command:
that backs up directory trees and files, taking care of
hard links, Extended Attributes, sparse files, MacOS's file forks,
any inode type (including Solaris Door inodes), etc.
It has been tested under Linux, Windows,
Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, MacOS X
and several other systems,
. you need is dar [1]. It’s a command line archiving tool
that you can use to archive your entire system,
your homedir, or any folder.
It can compress the archive,
and it can split it into slices of whatever size you want.
So if you were burning to CDs
you met set the slice size to 600MB.
Dar would split the archive into
however many 600MB files as necessary.
What’s more, dar can pause after producing each slice,
so that you can burn the slice to a CD
then delete it (or do anything you else you like)
before telling dar to continue.
This means you only have to have
600MB of free space on your disk,
even if your total archive is much bigger.

kdar is a gui for dar .

lxsplit is used after a compress or tar .

. if anyone is coming from Windows 7zip,
it is working within Wine .