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defend #PETA against "ag gag" bills:

Undercover investigations by PETA
have put on TV and in newspapers
—for all to see— the routine beatings,
mutilation, sexual abuse,
and other severe cruelty to animals
prevalent within the animal-based food industries
and often lead to historic industry-changing
criminal charges and convictions.

Exposing cruelty will be next to impossible
—indeed, absolutely impossible—
if lawmakers under the influence of factory-farming interests
in New Hampshire, Nebraska, and other states
succeed in passing bills that could make it a crime
to photograph or to record video or even sound
on factory farms and in similar facilities.
Known as "ag gag" bills,
these proposed laws would not only gag
but also make criminals out of anyone who
exposed horrific industrial abuse of animals.
Our investigators and whistleblowers
could face arrest, stiff fines, and even jail time
for making such evidence public
if pending bills are passed.

They are the latest challenge to PETA's work
to stop the suffering that we have
repeatedly documented and exposed
at facilities supported by some of the largest
meat and dairy corporations in North America.

. we have so far managed to defeat similar bills
in Wyoming, Florida, Minnesota, and Tennessee.
But the threat is far from over.
Please stand with us now
as we shine a bright light on the daily terror
that animals are subjected to
when treated like commodities.

By making a generous gift right now,
you'll be supporting one of the single-most
powerful and effective ways that PETA has
to help expose and stop cruelty to all animals
as well as strengthening all our efforts for animals.