design of all world wars discovered #WWIII

2.8: pol/purges/gemini/design of all world wars discovered #WWIII:
The New World Order
- Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy (2:06):

Pike, inspired by Lucifer in 1871,
predicted the trajectory of all 3 world wars:
# wwI:
. uses the British-German divisiveness,
(despite sharing the same royal lineage)
to kick off the war that will permit the
replacing of the czars of Russia
with an atheistic communism,
that destroys other governments,
and weakens their religions .
# wwII:
. ensures that anti-zionism
phoenixes into Palestine Zionism;
this war must also sufficiently empower communism
to balance the power of the christians;
# wwIII:
. Islam and Palestine zionism [state of Israel]
mutually destroy each other;
the christians will align with zionists,
who are then suppressed by the communists
thereby fighting to the point of complete
physical, moral, spiritual, and economic exhaustion .
"( we {illuminati, luciferians} shall unleash
the Nihilists and the atheists,
provoking a formidable social cataclysm
which in all its horror
will show clearly to the nations
the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery
and of the most bloody turmoil ...
. the multitude,
disillusioned with christianity ..
will receive the true light
through the universal manifestiation of the
pure doctrine of lucifer,
brought finally out in the public view;
... this will follow the destruction of
christianity and atheism,
both conquered and exterminated
at the same time ).