before there were ants, there was Light

. before there were ants, there was Light!
. this is my new ant farm showing off its light show:
Fascinations AntWorks Colors of Life
(see vid of lights changing).

. my yard's ants are hibernating right now;
I'll be gathering them next spring
(I'm thinking I can just leave it by their nest
by putting it in a pit, upright
in case it tends to melt in the sunlight;
and they will soon start drilling it for food;
when they are really into that, it's ready to cap).
. if you can't find any ants,
they will ship you some for $10;
but they don't mention a queen;
and ants live only 1 to 3 months .
ANT CHOW Refills ALL Gel Ant Farms
my amazon order:

shown with magnifier

changing colors

poke holes to get ants started

comes with free magnifiers too

Fascinations.com's Colors Of Life AntWorks

 . this arrow show a sensor that controls the lights .

 the carsonoptical.com` LumiLoupe