Iran's WMD's aren't in Iran #WWIII #crusades2000 @geraldcelente

1.2: news.pol/purges/wwIII/
Iran's WMD's aren't in Iran #WWIII #crusades2000 @geraldcelente:
1.3: making the connection:
. communism could have an empathy for Iran
because of USA's use of economic blockaids
to force Iran's people into a democratic uprising:
if you tried that on China,
that would be an act of war .
1.28: re-eval'ing my threat model:
. N.korea just said it's going to test a nuke on us?
I am reminded that my latest paper is
so sure Iran is the heat;
but some think Iran's image is a total frame job
(it's been contested that Iran threatened Israel).
. and furthermore, why do I believe
Nostradamus predictions about Iran?
other Nostradamus predictions seemed true
according to those who knew how to read ambiguity?
why would g-d send a warning?
... well, why not, right? but the point is,
why are we sure this is g-d's warning ?
well, we are in a lot of heat with Iran
and have been abusing them for 50years, arf.
and they are growing up, ...
Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal:
. the Arab Spring is popularly seen as
Islam coming into democratic power;
but the riots have actually been spurred by
nothing more than increasing poverty
made much worse when food prices rose due to
global shortages created both by drought
and also by crops being diverted to biofuels
( the sugar is still available for food,
but traditional cooks want the whole corn;
whereas in the USA, sugar goes into
nearly all foods -- even the meats).

. one thing Celente didn't mention
was that it's modern science's abundance
that has been causing the exponential growth
of the Islamic population
(it seems like a christian conspiracy,
doesn't it? :
create ever-cheaper sources of zombie fuel
to drive the riots of armegeddon ...).
. actually, the Muslims don't need Christian help:
Islam deliberately expands its population
for the same reason Catholics do:
jihad -- overrun the unbelievers .

. the Arab Spring is indeed a democratic awakening,
but other spring cries for democracy
have really been demanding socialism;
ie, equality = distributing capitalism's wealth,
or in some other way getting the royalty to
solve the boom-bust cycles fueled by crop failures
that turn prosperities into virtual overpopulation .

. the spiritual people of the middle east
were happy living in poverty;
ever confident in the charity of Islam;
but if they read the fine print,
there is a limit to that charity;
and their bible's most important story
is Noah's Ark:
we are not just happy with poverty,
we're prepared for the hard times,
or we are left to drown .

. if they think being prepared means
having a large standing army;
egypt's poor might win that bet,
but in Syria,
the victory will be much less certain .

. Celente's saying the communists were right:
capitalism is class warfare;
and class war devolves into civil war;
but worse, today we have global capitalism
which is massively interconnecting us;
and, by massively allowing overpopulation,
there will be massive civil wars
that can easily devolve into the dreaded WWIII .
. Iran is getting prepared for naval war
while no nation on earth can match USA's navy;
they don't even plan to win that battle,
but it will set the stage
for the battle they do win:
at VMI (virginia military institute)
Celente talked to heads of USA military
about the New Millenium warfare .
. it will be fought with WMD's (weapons of mass destruction):
hundreds of suitcase nukes, biobombs, dirty bombs ... .
. Iran is 70Million, with many highly educated;
and they will be a tough opponent .

. 8 years ago, after the fall of the
USA-installed Shaw of Iran,
USA president Carter didn't like losing the influence
that the Shaw of Iran gave him;
so, he started the Iraq-Iran war;
the Iranians suffered megadeath from that war;
but they didn't cede one inch of land to Iraq .

. in 1993 Celente predicted a crusades 2000
with the entire middle east being against
the imperialist (USA-EU) powers .
. if Israel and Iran duke it out,
the entire middle east will side with Iran;
and the USA will side with Israel .

. Iranians are now complaining about sanctions
that are causing them to use a lower grade oil;
it's causing such air pollution,
they had to evacuate a city recently [2013.1].
. USA is currently using drones in Yemen,
with so much collateral damage involved
that Celente compared the on-going Crusades
to the work of the recent kindergarten murderer .
. war may may be soon .
. Iran might use speed boats with suitcase nukes
for something like the USS Cole bombing .
. expected a strike by New Years?
that was traditionally near Easter
and Iran's New Year is currenty near Easter .

1.4: co.apt: replace deMOCKracy with New Israel:
. the communists will nuke the USA
if the USA does nuke Iran;
because, USA's support for Israel
is said to be about spreading democracy,
[ not unlike trying to spread communism;
because, it fundamentally corrupts regimes:
democracy is giving political power to
irresponsible, poverty-building hyperbreeders .]

Iran's reason for hating Isreal has been
the holding of Muslims in concentration camps;
but Israel has also been portrayed as reasonable
since letting the 2 populations mingle
has resulted in terrorist suicide bombings
targeting innocent Jewish civilians .
. furthermore, it is reported to the world,
that Israelis are a bastion of democracy
amidst a sea of religious dictatorship .

. the democracy-is-good narrative
really seems absurd to a communist
since they know USA's conservatives themselves will
quickly remind you
we don't believe in democracy:
USA is instead a constitutional republic
exactly because democracy promotes
overpopulation & evil mobocracy .
. did you see how little USA vote counts?
Big Money selects the federal candidates!
Electoral College selects the president
who then selects the Judges .
. the federal gov is so big,
it doesn't matter if we vote for locals .
. year after year
people vote on nothing but abortion rights
and USA foreign policy is untouchable
( the anti-christ is invincible ).]

. USA then defends Israel's expansion
by claiming it is no ordinary invasion:
this is g-d keeping a promise to the Jews,
yet they also talk about it as being
democracy creeping into Islam's dictatorship .

. democracy is outlandish to USA,
it just means civil war, not consensus;
produce prosperity? it only consumes it [3.20:
-- just look at USA's disgraceful deficit! --]
but while USA will not tolerate democracy
(look at the federalization of the drug war,
food labeling, medical choices, ... )
yet democracy is fine for other countries
--[ non-christian empiries ]--
and this is why the communists
are going to side with Iran
after USA nukes Iran for nuking its naval fleet .

. I'm not against our elite's
not being democratic;
I'm esp'ly not against capitalism;
but, USA's idea of Isreal is just
walking into a suicide machine
as they continue their defense of
Israel's invasion of Islam .
. the only way out of WWIII is to
physically embrace Israel
as a North American carve-out .
(give them Tongass park as their
sovereign nation of New Israel).
. I've thought about the other 2-state option,
that of providing a new nation for palestinians;
but this would do nothing to
make Israel a safer place,
as they will continue to be that
democratic camel's nose
under the Islamic tent
-- globalists invading the islamic empire .

1.8: an EMP for Iran is for Russia too:
. EMP is how an Iran war could drag in other players:
if the USA navy unleashes EMP on Iran as a last resort,
this could affect the support systems of nearby countries,
most notably russia .
2.15: clarification:
. I'm not sure why I would think it likely
that USA's navy would use EMP against anyone;
but, one EMP would affect much of the continent;
so that includes not only Russia,
but also India, Pakistan, and China .
. anyway,
Russia is openly protective of Iran .

1.25: co.apt: Iran vs USA already played:
. look how large Iran is!
how did it have a problem with Iraq?
Iraq was armed by the USA at the time .

 1.25: web: iran's military history
and interactions with usn [USA Navy]:
early troubles:
When the Pahlavi dynasty came through power
the Qajar dynasty was already weak from
years of war with Russia.
The new king Reza Shah Pahlavi,
was quick to develop a new military.
Following Germany's 1941 invasion of the USSR,
Britain and the Soviet Union became allies.
Both saw the newly opened Trans-Iranian Railroad
as a strategic route to transport supplies
from the Persian Gulf to the Soviet region.
In August 1941, Britain and the USSR invaded Iran
and deposed Reza Shah Pahlavi
in favor of his son Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.
Following the end of the Second World War
Iran's independence was respected
and both countries withdrew.
Following a number of clashes in April 1969,
international relations with Iraq
fell into a steep decline,
mainly due to a dispute over the
Shatt al-Arab waterway in the 1937 Algiers Accord.
U.S. 5th Fleet:
. U.S. 5th Fleet headquartered in Manama, Bahrain,
operates in the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, and Arabian Sea.
. see also, USS John C. Stennis
Aircraft Carrier and Carrier Strike Group .
Islamic revolution oust's USA puppet gov:
. 1979, the year of the Shah's departure
and the revolution,
the Iranian military had a 60% desertion rate.
Following the ideological principles
of the Islamic revolution in Iran,
the new revolutionary government sought to
strengthen its domestic situation by
conducting a purge of senior military personnel
closely associated with the Pahlavi Dynasty.
[. the USA's influence] encouraged the dictator of Iraq,
to take advantage of Iran's disorganised weakness,
leading to the Iran-Iraq War which wreaked havoc
on the region and the Iranian military,
only coming to an end in 1988
after it expanded into the Persian Gulf
and led to clashes between the United States Navy
and Iranian military forces between 1987-1988
1988, Iran Air Airbus A300 passenger passenger jet
was shot down over the Strait of Hormuz
by the USS Vincennes guided missile cruiser;
because it was feared to be a 9-11-style suicide bomber .
Regionally, since the Islamic Revolution,
Iran has supported Hezbollah in Lebanon
in order to influence Lebanon.
Various Kurdish groups are also supported
as needed in order to maintain control of
its Kurdish regions.
In neighbouring Afghanistan,
Iran supported the Northern Alliance
for over a decade against the Taliban,
and nearly went to war against the Taliban in 1998.
. 2007.12 and 2008.1
Iran is accused of harassing and provoking USN vessels .
On the 29th of June 2008,
the commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard,
Ali Mohammed Jafari,
said that if Iran were attacked by Israel or USA,
it would seal off the Strait of Hormuz,
to wreak havoc in oil markets .
2011, New Year on the Strait of Hormuz:
On 4 January 2011, Fars News Agency reported that
a bill was being prepared for the Iranian Parliament
to bar foreign naval vessels from entering the Persian Gulf
unless they receive permission from the Iranian navy,
with Iranian lawmaker Nader Qazipour noting:
"If the military vessels and warships of any country
want to pass via the Strait of Hormuz
without coordination and permission of Iran’s navy forces,
they should be stopped by the Iranian armed forces."
Also, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi
reiterated that "transnational forces"
have no place in the Persian Gulf region.
2011, spring and summer, Bahrain:
the Navy’s Fifth Fleet, based in
the Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain,
was rumored to be considering
a move out of the strife-ridden port.
The Fifth Fleet stands guard over vital waterways
between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean.
It has also played an instrumental role
in combating piracy off the coast of Somalia.
Speculation that the Navy might move the Fleet
dates back to 2011 spring's anti-government protests
in Manama, Bahrain's capital.
following the end of the ten-day
Velayat 90 naval maneuvers by the Iranian Navy
Iranian General Ataollah Salehi
warned the USS John C. Stennis [aircraft carrier]
"not to return to the Persian Gulf."
"Iran will not repeat its warning...
the enemy's carrier has been moved
to the Gulf of Oman because of our drill."
On 2012.1.6,
 armed Iranian speedboats reportedly
harassed 2 USA naval vessels, New Orleans and Adak,
as they transited the Strait of Hormuz
into the Persian Gulf.
2012.1.7: USS John C. Stennis led the rescue
of an Iranian-flagged fishing vessel, the Al Mulahi,
following its seizure by pirates.
2012.1.9, Carrier Strike Group One,
led by the carrier Carl Vinson,
joined Carrier Strike Group Three in the North Arabian Sea,
with Carrier Strike Group Nine,
led by the carrier Abraham Lincoln,
en route to the Arabian Sea
amid rising tension between the USA and Iran
-- the Islamic Republic of Iran --
over U.S. naval access to the Strait of Hormuz.
Carrier Strike Group Nine entered the
U.S. Fifth Fleet's area of responsibility
and relieved Carrier Strike Group Three.
Also on that date, Ambassador of Iran
to the United Nations Mohammad Khazaee
reportedly stated that
Iran would consider closing the Strait of Hormuz
if Iran’s security was endangered.
a flotilla had been established
by countries opposing Iran's
threats to close the Hormuz Strait.
These ships operated off the coast of Iran,
in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea .
The flotilla included 6 USA vessels
(including 3 aircraft carriers)
7 British and one French warship .
2012.1.24, EU pressures Iran:
tensions rose further after the European Union
imposed sanctions on Iranian oil.
A senior member of Iran's parliament said that
if new sanctions block its oil exports,
they would close the entry point to the Gulf .
"If any disruption happens regarding the sale of Iranian oil,
the Strait of Hormuz will definitely be closed,"
Mohammad Kossari, deputy head of parliament's
foreign affairs and national security committee,
told the semi-official Fars News Agency.
2012.8, aircraft carrier vacation shorted:
the USS John C Stennis returned home briefly;
On 2012.7.7, crew members were informed that
the USS John C. Stennis would be
returning to the Middle East in August,
much sooner than expected.
the US Director of National Intelligence said
. Iran might be able to get a nuclear weapon by 2013 .
[1.28: even one small nuke,
if properly designed and discharged high over USA
could act as an EMP weapon
that destroys all electronics and electrical grids,
thereby throwing USA cities into a stone age
(by 2010 much of the core military systems
were likely already EMP-hardened
but how much of civilian infrastructure is safe?);
such an obvious disruption to police services
would create more than just a looting spree;
imagine something more like the Zombie Apocalypse ...
. a mere 1 or 2 megaton device
detonated at an altitude of 250 miles
would produce a field strength of 10-50 kV/m,
enough to produce extensive damage to electronics
over the entire continental USA .
. many countries are capable of EMP bombing:
USA, UK, Israel, France, India,
but also the islamic Pakistan,
and other allies of Iran,
or enemies of the USA-Israel Crusades:
including Russia, and China .
. Iran itself may have the technology very soon;
and think about the memories lost:
an EMP bomb can erase hard drives .
. worried about crime gangs with cell phones?
in the event EMP takes down the grid,
only the police and military will have cell access .]

1.26: news: Syria's downing means Iran is next:
. rebels are gaining ground on the
Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria
partially because of
military aid from the USA's CIA .
. after Syria falls, the real civil war begins,
between the formerly oppressed Sunni
and the formerly priviledged Shia Alawite
[ notice Iran is a Shia regime ...].
. a wider Syrian Civil War is part of a
greater USA and Western strategic plan
to isolate and then wage war with Iran.
-- . Hogue has many predictions for sale;
he predicted the twin towers would fall;
and, he thought terrorists would do it:
the 911neocons are terrorists .

1.3: co.apt: the iron dome doesn't prevent cancer:
. our strategic defense system might catch the nukes;
but the problem then is they can still explode,
spreading radiation all over the air,
but at least we avoid a nuclear winter
because nukes have to hit dirt to block the sun .