the big reset #WWIII #WMD #BalancedBudget

1.3: pol/purges/wwIII/
911neocons use ritual to announce USA annihilation #wwIII:

. I'm suspicious that the 911neocons
used the ritual killing of new yorkers on 9/11
as a holy warrior-calling incantation
declaring they had every intention of starting wwIII
in order to both
bring this Islam-vs-Crusader irritation to a head,
and to deal with the debt crisis
caused by an over-reaching democracy in USA:

. when leaders offered social security & medicare,
medical was pretty useless and inexpensive;
now, we can cure anything for the right price
-- and each person is equal, and worth that price .
. if that alone wasn't enough to sink us economically,
look at how much there is to cure:
high-dose sugar (available from nearly-free HFCS)
is now known to cause an devastatingly expensive
alzeheimers and diabetes epidemic .
. finally,
USA's christianoid democracy has the expectation of
not being asked to help with suicide;
even when so many prefer The Good Death .

. the elite can erase these mistakes
with a wwIII that annihilates medical services .

. but the problem isn't just medical:
the universal religion is overpopulation
and that has created a significant inflation; [13.2.21:
actually the cause of real estate inflation
is how rich we are, ie, how many dollars
are chasing after the limited amount of prized lands
-- too bad we're not all equally rich!
nevertheless, population size does inflate many prices
like the cost of food and water .]
. democracy demands that we continue
both the allowance of overpopulation
and the raising of entitlements to match inflation .

. if the big one doesn't happen,
the elite's assets could evaporate from
democracy's toxic mixture of freedom
and lack of accountability:
"( I have a right to high-dose sugar,
but we -- communally or ethically --
have a responsibility to help with the cleanup ).
in response to this toxic democracy,
the elites put most of their assets
in China for safe-keeping
as they plan to target USA with wwIII .
. a massive USA depopulation opens so much land
to feed the 3rd world's good employees;
because, what was once useless suburbs,
will now be farmland that is worth more than gold .
. that can pay back China
who our elite owes $trillions to .

. when thinking about where a nuclear strike will happen
keep in mind both the strategic targets
and the budget-balancing side-affects:
the coastlines are where most of the people are;
but our breadbasket would be hit too;
perhaps also south america and mexico
because they are really our factories,
and would be the next feed line for our troops .]
. wwIII would both depopulate USA
and also limit distribution of entitlements
by leaving us with nothing to buy .
. an EMP bomb freezes the economy by
destroying all our business computers
and shattering our ability to do business .
. there will simply be nothing to buy
unless you have family connections;
so, gov can print all the money you want;
and, it won't make inflation any worse;
because, people can only save the money
when nobody will sell even water to most of them .
. USA's social security & medicare problem
does get fiscally balanced .

. if you pray about asking for a change of heart,
my inner voice reminds me that half of USA
expects armegeddon as a required sacrifice .
. Iran or N.Korea must be stopped;
but, something unexpected or "unintended" happens
that triggers the nuclear safety net
of russia, china, or pakistan;
a wwwIII armegeddon .

. another way USA failure might happen
is when our entire culture -- not just the religious --
won't agree to a law that somehow
right-sizes our population size to fit our
anticipated employment needs
given that our standard of living is so much higher
than other employment markets;
and, the only thing to save the system
is to hypertax the capitalists
who would just leave in droves, like in France,
where a favorite destination is flat-tax Russia .

. did you see the surprising recent tax compromise?
USA asked only the $400k+ bracket to pay more tax;
if they had taxed more of us,
then the 2% would not have felt alone;
that, I feared, could push the 2% out of the nest
leaving all that war debt for the 98% to pay .
. hearing that, I smelled something was off;
but you have to realize the Republican's main beef
was how to keep taxes low on small business;
it was agreed that large biz is already global,
and reaganomics trickle-down won't happen from them .

2: news: war on credit card for entitlements red ink:
"the 1st great war of the 21st century
... prepare survive prevail"
. when I saw that quote,
it occured to me that the Tea party is [or could be]
all about spending more on community
and spending less on our terror war;
. it then occurred to me
what an extravagant waste it has been:
the terror war is not just an abbreviation for
(war on the Islamic transnational terror against Zionists)
it's been our morally hollow revenge:
eye for eye, terror for terror;
it's given us the proud appearance of prevailing;
but it's done nothing to help us prepare or survive:
we need to be building surpluses .

. yesterday[13.1.1] it was pointed out on the news
that USA leadership has known for a long time
that projected entitlements spending
was going to be a fatal flaw in the budget;
but they kept distracting us
with these contrived emergencies:
oklahoma bombing, 9-11,
and endless wars on a credit card;
... oh, say, not just a distraction!
. it would appear they were trying to exaggerate the debt
in order to muster the political will
to do something about cutting entitlements .

. they were building the case
that there were bringing to USA citizens
that citizens need to rethink
what they call a standard of living
-- something about encouraging population growth
while at the same time discouraging frugal living?

. most of entitlements go into rent;
and, we make the rents so expensive somehow .
. we could decimate rental costs
by promoting the use of full-time RV'ing
instead of making it artificially expensive .
. if we would do that,
then the cost of micro-RV's would go down,
and we'd be back to $50 instead $500 rents .
. but why would we support a nation of nomads?
that would make illegal trade harder to control;
and, harder trade control raises our property taxes,
which raises our rents ...
. well, we could have gated RV communities;
the better communities make guarantees
about having done background checks on residents .
. if you can't afford good neighbors,
at least you can afford to drive to solitude;
because, your micro-RV weighs less than today's cars;
and, when you need to dump your sewage tanks,
every gas station has the facilities for that .
. libraries have huge parking lots
with free wifi all over the lot .
. there city provides a huge lot for strangers
where there is a curfew during dark hours
and 24hr surveillance .
. you show your license at the gate,
get registered by an automatic barcode reader .

. this is all great for the short-term,
but it doesn't solve the entitlements problem;
because, the USA's population keeps growing,
even as we need fewer workers .

. the Christians are not kidding about armageddon;
the one true world religion is hyperbreeding,
to pit one family against the other;
and, that choice has consequences;
but, the elites won't be sharing your plight;
and, they don't deserve to, generally;
because, they are not hyperbreeders;
they have better drugs than sex or family,
(such as the power of building empires ;).

not just a distraction!,
that huge war bill was the final sarcastic so-what?!
just before they slap us with the final solution:
. WWIII will blow all this debt away;
and, with no more people,
there will be no more entitlements .
. Nostradamus was not joking;
we've got weapons of mass destruction
and the elites who set USA's foreign policy
are based all around the world,
-- they are not losing their whole family
as a consequence of their "democratic" aggressions;
so, they have no reason to avoid WWIII .]

. Celente of the The Trends Journal
sees the WWIII just around the corner:
. globalized reaganomics has been
creating a vastly wealthy elite
riding the religious hyperbreeder mule
that is now feeling the consequences of overpopulation
in the form of higher food prices
-- this is what fueled Arab Spring,
and when it spreads to Iran,
that will be blamed on USA's Democracy invasion .
Celente predicts, “If anybody attacks Iran,
it will be full-fledged World War III.”

1.2: the big reset:
. Obama's reached out to the communist,
asking for a reset of USA-russian relations;
I was reminded of that after realizing
wwIII could provide a badly needed reset of USA debt;
(that debt is intractable because
social security is used too much for disability benefits,
and people are living longer than expected
by consuming far more medicare services than planned for .
. these disability benefits going to people like
the "Seriously" Mentally ill
and to a tidal wave of underemployed parents
claiming children with Learning Disabilities
-- all falling back on mental disabilities
to cover a collapsing job market
as capitalism matures into ubiquitous automation
and globalized job markets exploiting the cheapest wages
and esp'ly exploiting the most lax environmental regulations .
. my inner voice is starting to make jokes about
"drug related violence from crackheads"
being a phrase that could refer to
religious zealots looking for armegeddon .

1.2: Jim Jones` nirvana:
. I shouldn't just wait for WWIII to happen;
but instead imagine starting a telephone tree
that would build support for restoring sanity
by moving Israel to USA real estate ...
. but then I get a picture of too much pride
as USA is happy with the principles of
a Zionism based in Palestine
(vs a New Israel based in the USA)
even when it means endless child murder
so we need some sort of reset anyway!
but I'm not the one who wished it so:
the USA's religious are themselves seeking
Jim Jones` nirvana:
"( we committed an act of revolutionary suicide
protesting the conditions of an inhumane world ).

1.2: pope denounces capitalism:
. interesting the pope calls out capitalism:
"(the global financial crisis was proof that capitalism
does not protect society’s weakest members);
but, Islam is an example of doing it the pope's way;
and, it just breeds more poverty and desperation;
the path to peace is China's state-regulation of parenting,
except we shouldn't have China's forced abortions,
and we shouldn't have a flat 1-child per city dweller;
rather, it should be some democratic version
of a law-enforced birth control;
and, violators should be separated from the opposite sex,
not forced to have an abortion .

1.5: the big reset:
. China might be the most likely to use nukes;
because, they have inside knowledge
that the USA's decision to use nukes
comes from the elite who own most of China:
international elites are secretly the real USA gov
that has the real control of USA's military;
and they'll be asking themselves:
"why bomb our own money tree?
I think Armegeddon just passes over China ...".
. we can elect a peaceful Obama;
but, we don't have to take orders from him;
and after the Communists decide to nuke us,
Obama can't just say no to war .
. Obama has to press the button too,
but who programmed the targets?
the elites who own China ?
. perhaps even more profitable than
keeping China's capital intact,
would be dustifying it to renovate .
. did you notice the twin towers taken by 9/11
needed to be demolished anyways,
because why?
they had asbestos releasable during a fire,
and unsafe emergency exits !
. it would have taken $billions to clean it,
but downing it with "terrorism" was free!
. in fact, among all major countries
the elites have much to gain from dustification;
because, they all have huge numbers of elders
in these very modern times,
where each person is so much more precious
than taxpayers today can really afford .
. if only there was some way to reset,
where we could start with far fewer people,
then we could be the service elders deserve .
. Armegeddon will be about drawing a line
between liberty and selfishness
-- between god-fearing, future-preserving,
globally-federated, community-respecting values,
and cultish family values
where we proliferate our own kind
to the detrement of others and the future .
. and after this reset, we will know
population control is the liberty to be wealthy,
to be free from unemployment, crime, war,
and agonizing thirst .

1.5: co.apt: who is left to help us rebuild?:
. why would china nuke USA?
what if its navy acted like they didn't care;
it might seem as if USA had no intentions of
ever paying back their $trillions in loans!
and one berzerk deserves another?
anyway, that's why I wonder
just how long the lights could be out:
what if the only remaining infrastructure on earth
is the guy we already owe $trillions to?
think they are going to help us rebuild?
. however, one prophet said Germany survives;
I wondered how Germany's economy is so good;
and then I found out:
it's their lack of cultish hyperbreeding religions
that helps keep the population growth down .

1.11: taiwan is strategic for capitalists and 911neocons:
. taiwan is strategic for USA:
it's close to China supplies, and yet is a private space
that doesn't have to share intellectual property
with a communist machine that is too big & alien to trust .
. if that wasn't the case,
and instead Taiwan was simply worried about
being ruled from a distance;
China could instead do its federation ruling by
having a supervisor reside in Taiwan;
ie, rather than sending a delegate to the fed's capitol,
the fed's send a regulator or representative
to a state's capital .
. the problem with any influence or surveillance
is that China wouldn't just be snooping on Taiwan
but USA also .
. I'm worried that this is another instance of
what's good for capitalists and tax revenues
is not so good for our long term security
or the safety of our soldiers
(even our masses could be unsafe
if China hit us with an e-bomb
and we fall into a zombie apocalypse
after the electricity and communications is lost,
and the first responders are immobilized ).

1.26: co.apt: war on a credit card for kickbacks:
. russia's afghanistan war appeared to me to be
an international banker kickback conspiracy,
but ask me about USA's own war on a credit card,
and I'd say we needed some way to
balance the China trade deficit,
so why not take their cheap money?
and a war is good business ... for?
it's a kickback conspiracy:
get the money out, repubs love military spending
because it pays !
so it's not an international banker conspiracy, right?
and the same applies to Russia's great "debt" .

1.26: co.apt: mormon "more monday":
. "mormon" sounds like "more monday",
and that makes sense because monday is when you write a bible,
and mormons wrote another bible to make christianity their own .
say eerily:
. monday morning; nothing and nowhere,
my head hurts so bad,
hum eerily: ... .
as if now everyone will know
what your homelessness has felt like:
. everyone could see "phil",
oh, no .

1.27: co.self/dream: singing for my cheese:
. I dreamed I'm homeless living at a charity house
and they offered me all-you-can-eat cheese ends
to sing for their charity dinner 4 hours straight!
[ thank g-d I woke to find a whole new world! ]