prepper gyrations 2013.01 #WWIII

  3.10: summary:
. I'm not far from some secluded spots,
so I might survive wwIII,
perhaps, after checking the fallout risks,
and protecting a water supply .

1.2: todo.care/wwIII/dmt tour before Easter: [obs]
. end of USA is happening by Easter?
you should go on a DMT tour
in south america before then!
[1.25: ... they might be hit as well;
and, if we are hit by an emp bomb,
I'll feel safer at home .]

4: news.care/survivalist sites:

4: aq.care/nuke survival/air filtration is not cheap!:
. those room-air filters aren't necessarily the best;
they are going for high price and low volume now ....
$375 Austin Air Healthmate Jr
$165 Replacement Filter w/ Prefilter for Austin Air
-- and scuba is not cheap either!

book"When Technology Fails:
A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, By Matthew Stein

american bombshelter:

Replacement filters
Every shelter should have a reload of the critical filter elements:
    Nuclear grade HEPA filters ASR-100-HEPA $335.00
    War gas carbon adsorbers      $395.00
Carbon adsorber
The nuclear grade war gas adsorber
is a block sieve adsorption filter cell
consisting of two containment medias
and a center block of blended granual nuclear grade
war gas carbon and ASZM-TEDA.
This special blend of two kinds of activated carbon
adsorbs warfare gases and radioactive iodine
in order to meet the requirements of
US Army Corps of Engineers ETL 1110-3-498
standard for war gas removal.
Carbon blend specifications:
    Activated impregnated NUK-TK TEDA
Nuclear grade TEDA for removal of radio active iodine
    ASZM-TEDA copper-silver-zinc-molylebeunm-triethylenediamine
Critical standards that we meet or exceed:
    ASTM D 2854-1996:
industry standard test method for apparent density of activated carbon
    ASTM D 2867-1999:
industry standard test method for moisture in activated carbon
    ASTM D 3802-1997:
industry standard test method for ball-pan hardness of activated carbon
    ASTM D 3467: activity for CCL - 60% minimum
    ASTM D 2862/D5158: particle size: 4X8 Mesh U.S.
    ASTM D 3838: pH aqueous extract - 9.2 minimum
    ASTM D 3803: radioactive iodine removal
    Impregnated with 2.1 Potassium iodide, 3.1% TEDA
    EA C 1704-1992: chemical research development
and engineering center purchase
5: so if you don't have all that testing,
you need to backup your carbon with iodine pills .

ventilation more important than purification

. ventilation more important than purification
esp'ly after the dust settles .
-- Bruce Beach - Radiological Scientific Officer
?? but it won't settle in a desert like Tucson !
we will be radioactive for a long time .
. if you are corraled into a community center,
they will scrap for your hepa filter .

faraday cage:

. the microwave might be a safe place to store the laptop ?
no that is a bad idea . try faradaycage.org .

air filters for fallout:

$20 face mask for the filters
3M Half Facepiece Respirator 7502/37082(AAD), Medium
$8 S-171213M 2097 is the P100 filter also with
minimal help for nuisance-level Organic/Vapors .
. for thick organic control use
3M 6001 Organic Vapor Cartridges .

. the S-17122 3M 502 Filter Adapter
is the adapter for stacking the P100 HEPA filter
onto the Organic Vapor filter 3M 6001 Cartridge .

built-in stack of p100 with full organic too:
$14 MMM60921 - 60921 P100 & Organic Vapors
. the disadvantage is hepa lasts longer than the organic under it;
but the seal is possibly better than my glycerine-on-rubber .

$25 Israeli Civilian Gas Mask with
NBC NATO Filter and Drinking Hydration Tube
fullface is nice idea but has no system for glasses;
$125 3M 7162 Full-Facepiece
$106 3M Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6800,
buy a sheet of hepa filter and tape into a window frame;
so it acts like a passive filter
but it needs mould resistance;
because, if that's your ventilation out too, it gets wet .
. if it needs a flap system, that might not be practical .

4: news.care/war survival/nukes vs dew:
. if they use dew(dustification tech)
instead of nuke(eg, emp bomb),
there will be different problems;
everything not a faraday cage starts dustifying .

8: care/war survival/counter-DEW defenses:
. if aluminum screen makes a faraday cage
just a double cage would stop a
single-impulse dew attack;
so there should be a faraday layering arms race .
. or there could be a strategy to
quickly use the radio wave,
or balance the static field ?
co.apt: water retainment:
. the dustification tech seen on 9/11
means we can't store all water in the cage,
but the water isn't going anywhere;
where does it collect ?
[actually any water hit could transmute to other elements;
so, like on the skylab you may need to have all the water
you need and recycle it?
but they aren't going to transmute the entire ocean!
not that they couldn't:
there is easily eno' energy in earth's core,
to turn earth into a DEW bomb .]

5: news.care/war survival/
storable food/rice in nitrogen:

rice in nitrogen (nice idea; no idea how they hold this charge ...)

6: care/war survival/feces as fuel:
. if the infrastruture is down,
use the feces as fuel;
a fire from other source will keep bugs out of it
and dry it out,
need plenty of vent though
as that wetting creates CO gasses .

todo.care/war survival/
when are roaches coming out of sewers?
. can they spread disease? .

10: web.care/emp survival/solar cooker:
. try microwave bags for sun distilling water, 
tempered glass was found in addition to microwave bag
for a solar distillation oven .

todo.care/emp survival/lp gas oven, [nixed]
... I looked but the problem is refilling,
better idea is an efficient wood burner .
web.care/emp survival/cooking devices:
$39 Portable Propane Gas Stove Double Burner T Gate Camping
$78 Camp Chef Portable Fire Ring
    Attaches to bulk propane tank for easy use
$97 Camp Chef Redwood Portable Propane Fire Pit

aq.care/amazon/Order #105-3634014-6169805:
-- total $15.30
-- Delivery estimate: Jan. 30, 2013 - Feb. 4, 2013
2 "iOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets, 130 mg (14 Tablets)" /$7.65
-- Order #2 : AJ WHOLESALE -- Shipping & handling:       $0.00

26: todo.care/solar fire starter [done]
. a large magnifying glass will start fires easily !
$18 Table Magnifier Lamp 5X with Fluorescent Light

31: co.apt/care/emp survival/radio stations will be available:
. save radio for after emp?
there won't be a radio station after emp?
they could have backup source, amp, and power,
and reuse the same antennae .

8: todo.care/emp survival/water storage: [done]
. boil-soap the coconut oil barrel
to wash remaining wine bags
fill barrel with filter water, ladle into bags .
what I did instead was fill them with bathtub spigot
and use the barrel to catch dripping
and float bags as they fill .
9: proj:
. boil-soap the 5-gal conut barrel .
open wine bag: some are jammed? try cold:
no? try hot: ok .
rinse bags of wine residue,
fill glass jars with filtered water .
10: web:
rain water recycle conduits:
. these large conduits for recycling rain,
could also be used for underground sheltering .
. fill wine bags with emergency water .

11: proj,mis.care/big mess not expecting bags to leak:
. not only could bags have small leaks,
but also the huge error was from reusing the damaged inlet
where I had to pry out the valve and then reused either of those parts .
. it might have be ok in a proper box,
but for the sake of tower strength,
I was changing the arrangement:
{upside side-facing, upside front-facing, lying on side}
. it was lying on side with a leak spot,
and then I was stacking stuff on top of that .
. this pushed the water out
and soaked most of the boxes on the first level .
. move the soaked boxes to sunlight,
move good boxes to closet all right side up .
. mop, then realize there might be more testing to do,
so put main stack back in corner away from closet's dry wall .
. the corner is not dry yet? use scrap lumber as pallets .
. pull stacks on drywall side away a bit,
so I can check for puddles growing .