9.19: web.aq.health/diet/badmonkeybotanicals.com:
. I recently found badmonkeybotanicals
selling pure powdered extracts of herbs;
good to know they are there;
did a web search of their web presence,
customer reviews. spotty history,
some complaints of bland extracts;
but now they are rated A- by BBB.
. includes sample of extracts I'm interested in,
some I'm not sure about getting
because I'm not sure how to identify quality
(I've never seen pure powders of them before).

badmonkeybotanicals blog:
my name is Jaimye.
I run a small family-owned shop called Badmonkey Botanicals.
I started www.badmonkeybotanicals.com when I learned
how inexpensive the ingredients
for these herbal supplement formulas
really are. Now I offer the same
high potency and high quality extracts
available in the expensive supplements
for a fraction of the price.

blog November 16, 2011:
Badmonkey Botanicals is a project that began in 2008
to offer the same herbal supplement powders
available in the expensive supplement blends
at a drastically reduced price.

Most people are paying outrageous prices,
and going broke, over expensive supplements
full of maltodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose,
and other fillers… paying for colored capsules,
colored see-thru bottles, and foil-lined labels…

The economy is tough, and if you’re going to
stay healthy and be able to afford it too,
you need to think outside the box.
A pack of capsules at Super supplements
costs $10 for 1000 capsules.
With one of the capsule fillers on the website,
you can fill up a month’s supply of capsules in 2 minutes.

Supplement manufacturers charge a premium
for their machine to fill these capsules for you.
Most of the contents in a capsule are junk
that you and I don’t need.  It’s just that, filler.
Also you are paying taxes on that junk.  Who needs it?

Look at the labels on these products and “do the math”

There was a recent bodybuilding supplement
that fit the above description…
fancy supplement blend names, foil lined label,
expensive bottle, and colored capsules..
$75 for a month’s supply.
When looking beyond the fancy trademarked names
and patented blends on the label
it added up to 54 grams of product
that would cost someone who shopped my site only $20.

Now, not all supplement blends are like that.
Some are actually very reasonably priced, but not many.

We specialize in the “hard to find” extracts
that are very costly, distributed by
multi-level-marketing companies and
other companies who have spent alot on
patents and double-blind trials.
Instead of offering the knowledge to
further the health and development of the human race,
they keep it and try to control it
for their own purposes.

So the purpose of this blog is to
highlight some of our favorite supplements,
their uses, and provide some of the most
up-to-date info on them available today.

bbb badmonkeybotanicals.com: A-

Badmonkeybotanicals.com on facebook.
recent post:
Unfortunately, if you want it[b17 laetrile]
from Badmonkeybotanicals.com
you will need to call or live chat
because google blocked our ads to force us to take it down.

Badmonkeybotanicals at longecity.org:

customer September 2014:
ordered from them.
It bothers me that they will usually not respond to emails.
Their estimates when something will be in stock
has been off by weeks. For example,
they say next week, and it's 2 months later.

morkfromOrk November 2014:
Jaimye with Badmonkey Botanicals:

I'm soo sorry you had a bad experience
waiting for a product!
At times it has been hard to answer every email,
and a while ago we were having stock issues
that were compounded by the pesky USCBP
[ U.S. Customs and Border Protection]
rejecting perfectly good extracts calling them "drugs"

What I can say is that we've grown up quite a bit.
Stock issues are a bare minimum,
and people are getting their products.
You'll never hear a complaint about our product quality
because we're the best.

Our customers like the fact that our products
are not the same as everyone else.
The only way you would get this high quality
is if you bought a plane ticket
and purchased it personally from the country of origin.
These product are not available to your
normal international extract dealers.

Formulators who use badmonkey products
have more effective formulas.
We've "reverse engineered" plenty of formulas
(usually so people can enjoy them without stearates)
and found that our version is better.

Over time you'll hear more about us,
and some of the cutting edge stuff we're doing.
Contact me through the live chat on the site
and we can have a conversation.

customer January 2015 - 02:44 AM:
My concern about Bad Monkey is with
product quality.
I've used several sources for a number of
different herbal products,
especially NutriCargo (formerly ForestRX),
PureBulk, Hard Rhino, and Smart Powders.

Having tasted the same herbs from various companies,
along with having a botany degree
and being an avid gardener,
I have a fairly good sense of how an herb should
taste, smell, and appear.
In my latest round of orders
I received questionable products from Bad Monkey,
I Am Shaman, and Hard Rhino.
In all 3 cases, there were herbal extracts that had
gone from a very herbal intense and distinct smell and taste
to one that resembles bland cake spices.
I'm not even willing to use a couple of them
as they don't seem to be botanicals at all.

Since this review is supposed to be limited
to Bad Monkey, I'll just focus on
the questionable extracts from them.
The Damiana 100:1 extract
doesn't taste or smell like Damiana,
but I've never dealt with a 100x concentrated extract.
However, I've made extracts of other herbs
and they usually become more intensely
pungent, astringent, and/or bitter.
But this Damiana smells and tastes like a
sweetened weak spice blend.
I'm tempted to use it as cake batter!
The color is very light,
same as all the other questionable herbal extracts
I've recently received, and it dissolves readily.

Another concern is with their valerian 10:1 extract.
It definitely seems to have some valerian in it,
but not in a concentrated form.
But the mere fact that it seems to have
some valerian is better than what I recently
experienced with PureBulk.
I bought a valerian 5:1 from them a few months ago,
which I only took a few times because it
didn't work as valerian normally does for me,
and it doesn't smell, look, or taste anything like valerian.
When I wrote to them about my concerns
I was treated to a dismissal of any possible issue,
because "we test everything."
I had bought the exact same product from them before,
and it was so foul smelling (as valerian SHOULD be!) t
hat it stank up the whole house every time I opened the bag.
This time, it bears no resemblance to that.

So I don't know what to think about
ANY herb vendor right now.
There isn't enough accountability for
product quality and authenticity in this industry,
and I'm all in favor of some type of consumer protection
via the FDA overseeing testing of products.
Until such time as there is better oversight and reliability,
I'm going to take a long break from
buying herbal extracts and stick to using
only recognizable whole herbs from reliable vendors.
The extracts are just too inconsistent and unverifiable.

customer March 2016:
. in case anyone is looking for info about
Bad Monkey
then I want to make it known that
this is one amazingly indifferent and
unresponsive company.
I've had problems with at least 3 orders from them,
but I kept coming back for more because
they have a lot of rare products.

My last order was in early January.
The shipped all but 2 products.
One product was out of stock,
so that's not a problem because
they said it was out of stock.
The other was just missing.
So a few weeks later I received half
of the quantity that I bought of the
out-of-stock product,
but I still didn't receive the missing product.
I had contacted them twice before about
the missing item and received no response,
which is very typical of BMB.

Anyway, while I was chatting with him he said that
the rest of my order would be shipped within a few days,
and that was about 3 weeks ago.
I still haven't received them,
and I haven't had any further communication from BMB.

I'm also highly skeptical about their claim that
everything they carry is organic.
It's hard enough to find sources for everything they carry,
let alone assuring that they're all organic.

Badmonkey at ripoffreport April 18, 2014:
Badmonkey Botanicals has been experiencing explosive growth
since the domain hit the 5yr mark last April.
With over 200 new customers a month,
while we do strive for 100% customer satisfaction
things do happen and any customer of Badmonkey Botanicals
can rest assured that we will address your concerns.
If there is anyone left out there
who has an unresolved issue with badmonkey,
please contact customer service at
and give us a chance to get it resolved!

customers and co at anabolicminds.com:
08-11-2014 customer:
had fulfillment issues with Badmonkey.
Don't have a lot of confidence in them.
Yeah me too the ironic thing with badmonkey is that
they seem to have quality products
it's just their fulfillment and customer service
is a complete and utter failure.
And they seem to have a bigger herbal selection
than any other bulk powder provider that I know of.
. had Badmonkey orders that worked just fine.
But I've also had two orders that didn't.
I don't think they're trying to cheat me,
but they'll sell you stuff they don't have in stock.
So it takes a month to get it.
I ordered nettle root and avena sativa on 7/16,
and received the nettle within a week.
But no sign of the avena sativa.
So I called, and was told they were
getting avena sativa in the next day
and would ship mine then.
Well that was 10 days ago. Still no sign.
You can call them, and they'll promise you
whatever, and eventually, so far,
you get your stuff.
But they really don't seem to know what they're doing.
I have a feeling they have someone else
doing fullfilment for them.
I ordered 2 50 gram powders of safed musli
and 2 50 gram powders of cnidium
I didnt get my cnidium until the following month
which was about two weeks ago.
And when I got my order it was not cnidium at all.
I was a light pink saw dust looking color.
I ordered through paypal and will try to get back my money.
I know cnidium monnieri powder to be
a greenish yellow and some are tan colored.

Cnidium is herb with an extremely distinct fragrant smell.
It reminds me of apples in a way
and it makes me nauseous when it goes down
so I know for a fact when a cnidium product
is legit or bunk.

I got a bottle from barlowe the 50:1 cnidium caps last year.
It was extremely potent and the pills made me nauseous
but the vascular effect were amazing
especially on my weiner.
I bought some this year and the powder does not taste as potent
but I could tell its cnidium because
I can faintly smell and taste the similarities
to legit cnidium powders I had in the past.

The only product that had my erection and libido insane
besides my order of barlowe's stuff last year
was beyond a century's 10% powder I got in 2011
and that tasted exactly like the barlowe product.
But it seems barlowe's product does not have
the same consistency in every batch.
And other companies will sell you all kinds of different stuff
probably saw dust if they can
if you dont know how a herb smells and tastes.

I got some pink looking saw dust bull****
from bad monkey which suppose to be
cnidium monnieri 10% osthole
which took a month for me to get.
I had to go through paypal and file a complaint.
Now I raise it to a claim.
I know that the quality cnidium that works for me
is green or a greenish yellow powder.

Biomed balance 35% cnidium monnieri osthole
is fraudulent stuff. Bad monkey is a known fraud
these guys really tried to sell me pink saw dust,
luckily I got my money back.

BadmonkeyBota 09-16-2014:
Hey, this is the owner of Badmonkey Botanicals.
One of our customers had alerted us to this thread
and thought I should clear the air a bit so here I am.

The Cnidium 10% Osthole product
and the Avena Sativa 20:1 have been
some of our best selling products.
We had priced these products very very competitively
and reordered quite a bit before our stocks were dry.
It's quite common for the FDA to refuse shipments of
herbal extract powders for one reason or another,
the most famous is falsely claiming it's a “drug”
requiring permit.
We finally received it after 3 painful months.

Since then we source and receive our products
in a completely different and very innovative way
which makes our shipments 98% reliable.
In Nov. 2013 we went viral,
the business soared 1000%
and it did put quite a strain on the customer service.
We did have some order delays,
the cause of which we've cleared up by now.
99% of our orders now go out same or next day.
Try it!

Solution? Live Chat, more help,
a new phone number that telemarketers don't know,
and we changed to a fast and GREEN VPS web host
that isn't blacklisted by spam blockers.
It's pretty clear by now that we want to be contacted!

... complain about the Cnidium extract.
... this new green Cnidium does seem a bit better
and has that nice "kelly green" color.
... we had changed manufacturers.
BTW: Our highest Cnidium extract is
98% Osthole which is a WHITE powder.

Thank you
Jaimye Cordrey

Badmonkey Botanicals is dedicated to helping mother nature
by supporting the farming and preservation of
wild and organic herbs
cultivated and harvested in their native habitats.

some stock I found interesting:

Avena Sativa 20:1 Green Oat Organic Extract
 50g Powder (1.79 Oz) ($10.00)
 500g Powder (1.1lb.) ($90.00)
 1000g Powder (2.2lb.) ($120.00)
almost 7% Avenacosides A and B.
Suggested Use: 20 to 40 mg per day.
[ see Neuravena (mao-b inhibitor)]

Black Pepper 98% Piperine Organic Extract
100g Powder (3.57 Oz) ($151.99)
[ another possible mao-b inhibitor.]

Astaxanthin 5% Organic Extract
 20g Powder (0.71 Oz) ($20.00)
 100g Powder (3.57 Oz) ($94.50)

Broccoli Sprout 20:1 Full Spectrum Organic Extract
 25g Powder (0.89 Oz) ($8.00)
 200g Powder (6.69 Oz)) ($58.00)
 500g Powder (1.1lb.) ($88.00)

Coffee Berry 10:1 Whole Fruit Organic Extract
 25g Powder (0.89 Oz) ($18.00)
 100g Powder (3.57 Oz) ($68.00)

Nettle Root 50:1 Full-Spectrum Organic Extract
50g Powder (1.79 Oz) ($15.65)
 250g Powder (8.92 Oz) ($55.65)
 500g Powder (1.1lb.) ($85.65)

Acai 20:1 Freeze-Dried Organic Extract
 50g Powder (1.79 Oz) ($15.00)
 250g Powder (8.92 Oz) ($65.00)
 500g Powder (1.1lb.) ($115.00)

Fenugreek Seed 50% Saponins Organic Extract
 50g Powder (1.79 Oz) ($11.43)
 500g Powder (1.1lb.) ($91.43)

Blueberry 25:1 Organic Extract
 50g Powder (1.79 Oz) ($14.00)
 250g Powder (8.92 Oz) ($64.00)
 500g Powder (1.1lb.) ($104.00)

Cacao Organic 20% Theobromine Extract
50g Powder (1.79 Oz) ($17.45)
 250g Powder (8.92 Oz) ($77.45)
 500g Powder (1.1lb.) ($142.45)

Diindolylmethane "DIM" 98% Organic Extract
 20g Powder (0.71 Oz) ($22.70)
 100g Powder (3.57 Oz) ($102.70)