Leonard Ulrich's The New World Order

2.7: pol/purges/gemini/matthew 24
. this is a review of A Matthew 24 Film
Leonard Ulrich's The New World Order
- Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy .
* I have not fact-checked everything *
just adding comments to the movie .

. the movie's research was inspired by Matthew 24:
it seemed to the author that some of that prophesy
could only be true for our own times;
so I set about studying that first: see
Jesus' End Times prophesy (Matthew 24).
. some free books on the same subject include
David Allen Rivera 1994` Final Warning:
A History of the New World Order;
and, David Livingstone`Terrorism and the Illuminati:
A Three-Thousand-Year History .

. Ulrich provides us with history lessons
that will convince us conspiracies are real,
and that the USA is falling prey to illuminati
in our allegiance to a zionist war on terror
just like the Christians fell for the Nazis
in their frenzy to stop communism .
. JFKennedy and George Washington
believed in a global illuminati conspiracy;
28% of USA believe that a secret elite power
with a globalist agenda
is conspiring to rule the world.
. Ulrich provides evidence that every USA war
has been motivated by lies, falseflag attacks,
and deliberate self-sacrifices or gambits
all to popularize wars that will profit only the
international bankers and military contractors
-- wars that will boa-constrict us into WWIII
and then into the one-world governance;
because, only one government survives that .

. what Ulrich doesn't talk about
is that the illuminati's New World Order
is actually the only way to end the wars,
and that the WWIII apocalypse
is in fact the Savior he expects from Jesus;
because it will provide the one-world gov'
that will bring the 1000 years of peace .
recent events indicate WWIII is this year:
. on Eastern Christianity's Easter
Israel was told by Syria it would pay later
for the bombing it did on Damascus that day .
. after Syria falls, USA-Israel will work on Iran,
and that's when USA-Israel and their allies
will be pitted against the BRICS,
with their gold-backed note financing .
. if schedules follow biblical prophesy
as interpreted by 119 Ministries,
then the Mideast heats up very soon
on 2013's Ramadan holiday (7.9),
and the apocalypse happens in 2016,
when the superpowers use their secret weapons
providing cold fission via graviton beams .

. the basis for my prediction of WWIII
is not 119 ministries' spooky dates,
but their insistence that Iran not have nukes;
Iran is too big to be played as some vagrant
who Israel needs to manage into a sandbox,
and Iran will be backed up by the communists;
I am sure USA is willing to start WWIII; because,
they revealed the superweapons technology
when they used
cold fission for the 9/11 demolitions;
and then they lied about the obvious .
. they will unleash the secret weapons
only at the end -- that's Armageddon .
. a One World Order is within their grasp;
and, they are giving us all the leaks deliberately,
in order to give us this message:
"you can go peacefully into our New World Order
or we can clear this Chess Board -- your choice ".
. they want control of world banking,
(requiring a confrontation with BRICS bank)
and democratization of the Islamic States
(to protect Israel and oil supplies);
do you think they can bluff their way there?
superweapons kill billions in 2016 .


the movie's author is at lulrich@mts.net
. for real news (from conspiracy theorists)
he suggests infowars.com, and rense.com
. for news from a christian perspective, see
radio liberty.com, p.i.d.radio.com
raiders news network.com, future quake.com
this movie was based on some books:

Gary H. Kah` En Route to Global Occupation
David Allen Rivera`Final Warning: A History of the New World Order
William Guy Carr`Pawns In The GameAntony C. Sutton` Wall Street & the Rise of HitlerWilliam P. Litynski`The China Trade and The Opium WarsA. Ralph Epperson` The Unseen Hand: An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of HistoryGary Allen` None Dare Call It ConspiracyJohn Coleman` The Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Committee of 300


2.7: 5.21: 
. Ulrich, the author of this movie
has presented himself as a true Christian
while the illuminati are portrayed as
an evil cult bent on more empire building .
. the Christianity that Jesus knew is Jewish,
although after reading Matthew 24,
you could easily conclude that Jesus sought only
a world-wide respect for real justice
regardless of whether or not it was Jewish;
. the worship of Jesus as a diety
"the only begotten son of god"
is what can be called HC (hijacked christianity).
. Islam is fundamentally anti-HC,
but it too has been hijacked by a military machine
more concerned with building empires
than with saving the world from
the predators, or overpopulation .

. the illuminati may work like terrorists
but look at their choices: [5.19: 5.21:
HC & anti-HC are too big to confront
even as they destroy the planet
breeding like locusts to conquer the others .
. the illuminati intend to bring world peace
with a war that leaves only one world order
-- they might empower the scientific elites,
and inspire a healthy luciferianism
which means having a fear of god
-- the author of what seems to be telepathy --
and respecting supernature without superstition:
they might encourage a fresh, honest religion
without the popular cultish ideas such as
existence of an only son of god, a final prophet,
or the expectation of circumcision . 5.27:
. in other words, they would be
presenting parapsychology as a statistics science,
rather than scoffing at it, and stifling it .]


. Ulrich favors "true" Christianity
without defining what that is,
except to say that what we now have is 
Hijacked Christianity .
. he is disrespecting Democrats as being
pawns of international bankers;
but, also he noticed a time when both parties
presented to us as presidential candidates
people who were members of the Skull&Crossbones;
"what are the chances of that?!" he laughed .
. not fooled by the 2-party charade,
he might simply be a good Patriot;
but, another interesting thing to keep in mind
is that he might be the very illuminati
that he claims to be revealing .
. the Rothschilds and other international bankers
were already outed by the soviets,
so the illuminati's next routine could be
to have you think you know all the facts:
. you'd be mistaken: 5.21:
even if you knew all about the conspiracy;
you'd never know how to convince the influential
to admit there is a conspiracy . [6.27:
. you'd never be able to end the secrecy;
because, it is our nation's only defense,
in a world where there is any secrecy:
and even if you don't demand secrecy,
you have enemies that do .]
. as revelation said:
the people loved the beast .
6.19: specifically,  what the world loves is
Democracy and defense of Israel;
and while they love Free Market motivation,
they also love the expectation of private parenting
which not only malprograms future citizens
but also fails to anticipate employment needs,
and miserably fails to prepare for disasters
(we are too invested in excess children;
so, there are no savings for other things).
. people depend on war to band-aid this mess:
politicians can finally impose austerity measures
that wouldn't be tolerated in times of peace
--  not to mention war's population reduction
(mostly by starvation and thirst from diarrhea)
which kills mostly the weak and the poor
leaving a much stronger economy
-- thanks to closet fascism!
finally, could I be part of the illuminati?
. I do sound sympathetic to their ways,
to luciferianism and One World governance;
but also, how could I unintentionally be
serving their psychological operations?
. first, let's remember that USA has a
massive surveillance system on the internet;
and that the illuminati owns that system;
so, when I tell you about The Beast
and your friends tell their friends;
then I've created a wave of new data
which the illuminati can use, for instance, to
map where the pockets of resistance are .
. imagine the illuminati actually expected
blogs like this to sound like this,
to be part of shaping our world view
in a way that benefits the illuminati .
. if you are moved to be a Patriot,
intent on strengthening local governance,
the illuminati have something for this,
and they are busy cooking up news reports
that black-brush Patriots as terrorists,
or as secession-bent racists .
. they also have carrot-dangling news
showing us the foodstamps are generous,
and the police are plentiful
-- like a kindly hand on the shoulder
saying "don't swim against the riptides,
life is good when we cooperate" .
. when we make movies, or blog like I am,
talking about a New World Order conspiracy,
we are actually working for the illuminati;
because, all they want is a fight
until everyone is tired of fighting .]

here is the movie's transcript:

[ my replies to Ulrich are in brackets ].

the three big ideas:
# most of the evil in this world
is highly coordinated,
and is fulfilling biblical prophecy to the letter .
# historical and current events
are being influenced by evil
to make the appearance of the antichrist
highly probable within a generation .
# though the world is not yet apocalyptic,
the forces of organized evil affect us all now,
and must be resisted like never before .
. the world leaders all talk of one world order,
and they are conditioning us to want this,
just like Revelation said we would want the Beast .
. war is their primary tool of change .
ephesians 6:12
For our fight is not against flesh and blood,
but against authorities and powers,
against the world-rulers of this dark night,
against the spirits of evil in the heavens.

JFK was shot for being a conspiracy theorist

 JFK gave a speech 1961.4.27,
"the president and the press"
to the American Newspaper Publisher's Association:
. the very word secrecy is repugnant
in a free and open society;
and, we are as a people, inherently and historically,
are opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths,
and to secret proceedings .
. and, there is very grave danger
that an announced need for increased security
will be seized upon by
those anxious to expand its means
to the very limit of official censorship
and concealment .
. that, I do not intend to permit,
to the extent that it's in my control .
--[ visions of JFK getting assassinated ]--
. for we are opposed, around the world,
by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy
that relies primarily on covert means
for expanding its sphere of influence:
on infiltration instead of invasion,
on subversion instead of election,
on intimidation instead of free choice,
on gorrilas by night instead of armies by day .
. it is a system which has conscripted
vast human and material resources
into the building of a tightly-knit,
highly efficient machine
that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence,
economic, scientific, and political operations .
. its preparations are concealed not published;
its mistakes are buried not headlined;
its dissenters are silenced, not praised .
. no expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed,
no secret is revealed .
. government at all levels must meet its obligations
to provide you with the fullest possible information
outside the narrowest limits of national security .
. and so it is to the printing press,
to the recorder of man's deeds,
the keeper of his conscience,
the courier of his news,
that we look for strength and assistance
confident that with your help
man will be what he was born to be:
free and independent .

international bankers are conspiring

George Washington wrote to Reverend Snyder
explaining that he did believe that
"the doctrines of the illuminati
and the principles of Jacobinism"
had spread to their American colonies .
. the round table groups include some of
the most influential and interconnected
secret societies in the western world .
. one of the members of these groups
gave Carrol Quigley access to their internal records
intending he would create an internal document;
but he wrote a book instead: 
[5.27: yea?
. it may serve the purposes of the illuminati,
to have us know their intentions ... .]

Carroll Quigley` Tragedy & Hope:
a history of the world in our time:

on p324 he writes:
... bankers and politicians insisted that
the old prewar system should be restored;
these efforts were concentrated in
a determination to restore the gold standard
as it had existed in 1914.
. in addition to these pragmatic goals,
the powers of financial capitalism
had another far-reaching aim,
nothing less than to create a world system
of financial control in private hands
able to dominate the
political system of each country
and the economy of the world as a whole .
. this system was to be controlled
in a feudalist fashion
by the central banks of the world
acting in concert, by secret agreements
arrived at in frequent private meetings;
the apex of the system was to be
the Bank for International Settlements
in Basle, Switzerland,
a private bank owned and controlled by
the world's central banks
which were themselves private corporations .
. each central bank, ...
sought to dominate its government
by its ability to control Treasury loans,
to manipulate foreign exchanges,
to influence the level of
economic activity in the country,
and to influence cooperative politicians
by subsequent economic rewards
in the business world .
. Clinton spoke about a message told by
Carroll Quigley in Tragedy & Hope;
and, he was referring to the Tragedy of
"a private financial system
able to dominate every country's political system
and control the world economy",
but Clinton spoke only of the Hope:
# tomorrow can be better than today;
# everyone of us has a
personal, moral responsibility
to make it so .
[2.7: 5.24: not about banking but Israel:
. Clinton has been accused of being
a New World order globalist,
who wants to replace localized religion
with federal handouts .
. the Democrat party is also considered to be
trying to replace war spending
with more welfare payouts;
but they too have found reasons for
nearly non-stop wars
because they have fulfilled treaties
for stabilizing Europe after WWII,
and for protecting Israel from Islamic backlashes .
. they have perfectly good reasons for
 following the illuminati plan right up to WWIII
(only a New Israel could save us from that).]

gnosticism vs Jesus as Christ

definition of gnosticism:
. salvation through knowledge; [5.27:
ie, esoteric knowledge is power;
and such knowledge about supernature,
can make one a superpower .]

definition of christianity:
. the author defines true christianity
as salvation through Jesus;
today's "christianity" is not the truth;
it was hijacked by the Romans
after they couldn't kill it .
[2.7: but Jesus is?
careful with that hijacked message !
. how can Jesus save us ?
it seems his method was this:
. if you would just be non-violent but vocal
many will be disgusted watching the injustice
and then masses come to expect change,
and that gets induction upward to policy changes .
. but those same masses
have created so many problems!
. why don't they demand preparations
like building the Ark for tornadoes,
and investing in irrigation
rather than wasting energy on
vain attempts at breeding in poverty?
. if gnosticism's salvation through knowledge
could include the ideas of techology,
that truly will save us,
as it will build our wealth
to the point where we can sustain our wealth
by paying people to not out-breed the
anticipated job market's need for people .
3.23:  Jesus saved by community values:
. instead of thinking of family as self,
Jesus asked us to think of community as self . 6.20:
such a unifying spirit could save us,
if only we would truly follow that:
. imagine a neighbor-as-self commune
where you don't need to have more kids
because our kids are your kids,
and you're happy helping our kids?
. imagine families who lived in the church,
and on Sundays they rested in a motel room ? .]

. most of USA's founding fathers were Deists
-- believing in god, but not Christianity;
they were into varying degrees of gnosticism
[ which the author associates with the
black magick and astrology of secret societies .]

. from Benjamin Franklin in the hellfire club
to Obama in the Freemasons,
USA has always had a mere veneer of Christianity
over a gnostic core .
[5.23: 5.27: freemasonry doesn't make Obama a kabbalist:
. notice Ulrich connects black magick
to illuminati to freemasonry to Obama;
but the {Clinton, Obama} class of "socialist"
doesn't need black magick for a one-world gov;
because, they believe that one-world goverance
is the only way to have lasting peace;
and, as far as the illuminati being luciferians,
a "socialist's" one-world gov doesn't imply
trying to impose a one-world religion .
. annoyed at no prayer in public school?
try private school .]


. when the israel-judaism culture
was trying to stay monotheistic,
and their neighbors were pantheistic
(tolerating all gods),
some Jews found value in foreign religions
but that was considered bad luck,
so they had to study it secretly,
and that's what kabbalism was
-- the opposite of traditional judaism .
[6.20: in essence:
. Judaism was a state religion;
if you didn't worship the way Levites told you,
then "g-d would curse you as an idolater"
and that curse could extend to the community .
. there was, therefore,
no right to freedom of religion,
no right to dabble in the supernatural
or use drugs that cause supernatural visions .
. kabbalism meant anything idolatrous .]

the occult star of David:
Acts 7:43 relates the star of David to idolatry:
41 And in those days,they made the image of a young ox
and made an offering to it,
and had joy in the work of their hands.
42 But God was turned from them
and let them give worship to the stars of heaven,
as it says in the book of the prophets,
Did you make offerings to me
of sheep and oxen
for those forty years in the waste land,
O house of Israel?
43 -- you took up the tent of Molekh [Moloch]
and the star of the god Reifan [Rephan],
images which you made to give worship to them:
and I will take you away,
farther than Bavel [Babylon].
[5.26: 5.27: doubtful:
. others refute the star of David is related to
worship of the stars;
but, I think Ulrich's point is the gemini factor:
the star of David does mean a saving unity
between north and south Israel;
but to those in the illuminati,
who designed Zionism only to start WWIII,
it represents the "as above, so below" magick .]

. the moral decline of the church
can be traced back to when Emeror Constantine
decided to christianize the Roman Empire .
. many other religions dear to the Empire
then merged with Christianity;
and, at the heart of this infiltration
was gnostism [taking advantage of others
with a possession of esoteric knowledge],
which has always been the primary driver
of the New World Order .

Knights Templar

. the Knights Templar started out as
a French military service
for protecting pilgrims visiting the Holy Land .
. as the Crusades continued
they expanded recruitment internationally .
. with membership dominated by the nobility
they were granted many favors by European rulers
and became very wealthy through
 gifts of land and money .
. eventually they were worshipping the Baphomet,
a representation of satan as a winged woman
with the head and feet of a goat
and a cross on the stomach .
. sodomy became the order's rite of initiation;
so then the French demanded the pope abolish them .
[2.7: 5.23: sodomy?:
. I think the point was that they were the
early international anti-Islam military;
and, since homosexuality was a fatal sin
(among the common folk not just the religious)
homosexual sodomy could prove one's sincerity,
and then they could avoid sabotage and spying   .]


. the Rosicrucians merged
christianity with the ancient
 mystery religions,
and they included what was
left of the Knights Templar.
 . in Europe they became
key communicators of
 the occult rooted in the kabbala.
. also key was the Jesuit order
as it lead the counter reformation.
. this had a big impact on
recent history -- the assassination
 of Robert Kennedy and
  the writings of Sirhan Sirhan


Columbus and his family
were informed by Rosicrucianism
and they were already sure about
the existence of the New World
and intended to use it to
lay the foundations of a New World order .
. his ship's sails bore the logo
of the Knights Templar .
[6.2: Columbus as the 2nd Coming:
. some explain the initials in his signature
actually form a Jewish prayer (X=chi) . 6.20:
. interesting:
the New World Order is installed by
the New World fighting for Israel;
and, the New World's discoverer
 was a Jewish radical ....  6.20, 6.22:
. imagine Columbus saying this:
. the Old World is dominated by Christians
who discriminate against good Jews,
(in 1492, the Reconquista was completed,
and Iberian Jews were massively evicted);
but, we now have many printing presses:
the key to exponential development;
so, during an astronomically rare event
-- the 1493-1494 Holiday Tetrad --
it's time to unleash the New World
for a whole new level of European Arms Race,
and re-energization of the Crusades .
. wasn't Jesus Jewish? and The Justice;
Columbus could be the 2nd coming .
. he lead Catholics to South America;
and many of them were Jews,
staying Jewish even as Catholics
( they may not keep a kosher diet
but they are still "g-d's chosen"
because, they are circumcised;
and they are the seed of Abraham ).]


. Freemasonry was the merging of Rosicrucians
with the stone mason guilds of Europe .
. they became known for doing good works
but they developed a seriously secret society
within their stylishly secret society .
[2.7: the morality of remote viewing:
. Nostradamus was a remote viewer;
that is, he could see into the future,
and could write us vague clues in poetry
that leave us guessing what happens next;
but after it happens, we can see
that Nostradamus knew what was happening .
. Ulrich considers this immoral; because,
a complete revelation by those who know
could have prevented a series of antichrists
and world wars; 3.29:
but, what if the nature of supernature,
is that the future will be shown to you
only if you promise not to tell;
so, if you give only hints,
you can at least prove supernature controls us,
but if you reveal to prevent future plans,
you simply don't get told the new plans
and you lose your chance to prove to us
that supernature is pawning us .
6.20: nevertheless:
. remote viewing can be put to evil uses;
eg, the elite can be engineering situations
which you might think are risky
but since the risk applies to all,
what is there to be paranoid about?
but if elites are financing remote viewers,
the risk doesn't apply to them;
and the risk never gets cleaned up,
because the elites aren't affected by it .
. for instance,
since war requires much secrecy,
handlers of remote viewers can win big;
but if there was no war,
there would be no need for such secrecy,
and remote viewers would not be worth much .
. on the other hand, wars are assured anyway,
by the mobs that are overpopulating .
. the elites can't do this without us .]

the occult practices of world leaders:
. the hidden hand that Napolean is famous for
is actually a free mason custom .
. communism's Stalin was a free mason,
Franklin Roosevelt was 32nd degree mason;
Winston Churchill was a member of 2 masonic lodges .
. Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt
are seen pictured together,
at the Yalta conference 1945.2;
and Roosevelt doesn't look happy about it .
(Roosevelt may have been stinging from
Churchill's trying to drag him by a sunken ship
into a war with Germany).

 William Russel's Skull and Bones:

William Russel was a wealthy USA businessman
who used Shanghai not only for an opium business
but also to locate a tax shelter, The Russel Trust .
. the trust's primary institution of indoctrination
was the Skull and Bones, a black masonic lodge
he founded at Yale university.
. it's considered right-wing,
but it includes Democrat party's
presidential candidate Kerry;
the chances of both presidential candidates
being in the Skull and Bones, is 1/750,000 .

[5.24: Kennedy was wrong:
. looks like Americans love secret societies! ]

mason on the dollar bill:

. if you look at the whole seal of that
eyed pyramid, it reads
Annuit caeptiS
Novus ordO secloruM .
. the text is curved around in a circle,
so if you overlay a star of David on it,
you will see the points of the star land on
  A  S
N      M
    O -- forming the word MASON:
Nobles .
Manly P. Hall authored 2 books:
the secret teachings of all ages
the secret destiny of america
. the dollar's eagle is really a phoenix;
the Rothschild's 2-head bird,
is an international phoenix .
the dollar's "new secular order"
can be characterized by Daniel 2:43
. they will intermarry to unite their nations
but this will fail even as
iron is not united with earth.
[5.29: 2 interpretations:
# the "new secular order"
won't be mixing well with Europe,
where the orders are all religious .
# the "New World Order",
steered from the secret inner gov,
can't really live indefinitely with
the outer democratic government it's riding:
soon the phoenix comes,
burning the outer government away.

Thule society

the occult practices of world leaders:
. the Thule society was a German occultist group,
notable as the organization that sponsored
the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP),
which was later reorganized by Adolf Hitler
into the Nazi [National Socialist] Party .
. that is where the Nazi logo came from;
however, the occult foundations of Nazi philosophy
came from Dietrich Eckart
-- the spiritual father of National Socialism --
[ his antisemitism arose from a Manichean Gnosticism
that was briefly the main rival to Christianity
in the competition to replace classical paganism ].
Eckart said of Jesus:
"In Christ, the embodiment of all manliness,
we find all that we need.
And if we occasionally speak of Baldur
(a god in Norse mythology),
our words always contain some joy,
some satisfaction,  that our pagan ancestors
were already so Christian
as to have an indication of Christ
in this ideal figure."

Jewish revolutionary heresy

. real Judaism was labeled orthodox
in order to destroy it .
. Reform Judaism's clerics support communism
and black anti-semitic groups;
why? to kill the religion .
. the wealthy supported communist revolutions;
why? to kill religions .
. a mass assimilation conspiracy in Russia
was foiled by Lubavitcher Rebbe;
why? to kill religion .
. the field of biblical criticism
was used by a plot to destroy the Torah;
why? to kill religion .
. the 18th century roots of the
Women's Liberation movement
were looking to kill religion .

. Frankists provide leadership in
both branches of Judaism:
the reform and conservative movements .
[2.7: 5.23:
. but creating divisions in Judaism
is not the same as trying to kill it;
in fact what could make a nation strong
is creation of various states
that will best suit particular situations .
. now, from what we know about Frankists,
they were trying to dilute both divisions; 5.29:
but the well-intentioned could also support both
simply to ensure both divisions thrive
for some other Frankist goal, 
such as fueling the Zionism that starts WWIII .]

. Karl Marx wrote "On the Jewish Question"
. apparently, this book is about
capitalism, portraying it as huckstering,
(capitalism is used by mercenaries eager to
make a profit out of anything)
he was identifying Jews of his day
as being primarily capitalists .]
. Ulrich's source claims that
Marx is a born-jewish anti-semite,
and that in order to kill religion,
the illuminati  encouraged him to write
 "World without Jews"; 3.29:
but, that title is a mistranslation;
and, Marx is critiquing the first capitalists
not Judaism generally .
2.7: 3.29:
. it should be noted that Judaism was
ghettoized and discriminated against,
so huckstering may have been a last resort .
. I believe Marx's point about communism
was that unregulated capitalism is huckstering;
and, any bad reputation the Jews may have had,
is really attributable to unregulated capitalism .
. what a good Jewish person dreams of
is real church-state separation;
what unregulated Capitalists dream of
is producer-consumer separation .]


[. frankism was a  Jewish [radical] movement
centered around the leadership of the
Jewish Messiah claimant Jacob Frank,
who lived from 1726 to 1791.
Unlike traditional Judaism,
Frank had a Gnostic philosophy
wherein there was a "true God"
whose existence was hidden by a "false God":
. the  very distinction between good and evil
 is a product of  the "false God".

The true God can only be revealed through
a total destruction of the the false God's
social and religious structures,
thus leading to a thorough antinomianism:
(salvation through faith alone not good works.)]

Jacob Franks assumed that sin was good
because it would quicken the 2nd coming.
. the truth in that is the Perfection Plan:
 the purpose of crime and war is to
promote the evolution of security tech,
the peak of which is robotics;
and, the robot will be our Savior;
because it is an incorruptible judge .
5.24: 2nd coming = WWIII:
. the 2nd coming brings world peace;
that implies a one-world governance;
because there can be no peace without
everyone agreeing to one law .
. HC(Hijacked Christianity) is supporting Zionism
at the expense of Islam (anti-HC);
so, HC and Islam cannot co-exist;
and, the USA's loan-style notes
are competing with BRICS gold-backs
as the world's reserve currency .
. the one-world governance (The Peace)
comes about only in an age of
Apocalypse-class superweapons
whereby the final world war can determine
 who that government will be .]

. in the French Revolution,
the royalty was famous for saying:
"( if the peasants don't have bread,
let them eat cake );
that was a rumor started by Frankists
who had created an artificial bread shortage
by using their wealth to buy it all .
. this is how the wealthy interests
got the mobocracy to kill royalty;
it was this French Revolution that
gave birth to Napoleon's military power .
. he was described as the First Antichrist;
royalty were considered biblically ordained
being blood relations of David's Solomon;
and, the royalties all had state religions
which ghettoized religious minorities;
whereas, when Napoleon came along,
he undid these "Christian" arrangements .
2.7: 3.29:
. the conspiracy to create a bread shortage
may remind one of religious overpopulation
that is creating artificial shortages
just like in the French Revolution .
. these are the most abundant of times
(compared to the ice ages),
yet we keep outbreeding our available jobs?
we must be thinking war will save us . 6.20:
. truly, we are all Frankists .]

. many influential people in Europe, USA,
and among the semites[Jews & Arabs]
share a blood line rooted in the Frankists .
[5.30: relevant? :
. how much of the world's influence is inherited?
perhaps plenty; but, Ulrich doesn't show this . 6.20:
. if you look at all the trouble everywhere,
it's obvious that Frankism is the universal religion: 6.28:
we all defend evil privacy rights,
and support free parenting by nuclear families
rather than communal parenting .]


.  the order of the illuminati was a combination of
political activists involved in freemasonry,
international banking,  and
those oppressed by HC (Hijacked Christianity) .

. Adam WeisHAVPT could have been Jewish
but was ordered to be raised by Jesuits instead .
. due to his family ignoring Judaism,
and his rejection of the Jesuits,
he designed what he called the illuminati,
from which emerged communism
and artificial judaisms .
[2.7: 5.24: communism and artificial judaisms
. the book: Fatal Embrace
reminds us that the Jews suffered much from
discrimination at the hands of HChristianity,
and they adapted by finding jobs such as
secret service,  bankers, and other elite positions
that the royalty just don't trust to the common folk .
. Jewish communism sought to achieve
a fair separation of church and state;
thus, much of what Ulrich blames on
Frankist Jewish radicals,
was really just good Judaism
trying to escape from discrimination
by using communism to
remove the church from government  .]

1776.5.1: the Doctrine's creation:
John Robinson`Proofs of a Conspiracy against
all the religions and governments of Europe
carried on in the secret meetings of 
Free Masons, Illuminati and Reading Societies:
the goals of the illuminati:
# abolition of all monarchial gov and patriotism to it
# elimination of private property and inheritance
# destruction of the traditional family
# eradication of all religion .
the 3 pillars of the illuminati:
# secret society empowerment:
. the use of secret societies such as freemasonry
to create the shadow gov [the gemini principle].
# jewish revolutionary heresy:
. frankist and globalist philosophies .
# international banking:
. frankist funding of both sides of wars .

. the modern [globalized] financial system
was invented by the illuminati .
. communism was invented by the illuminati
[5.30: 6.28: those democratic Jews were used:
the illuminati planned Stalin the whole time;
it was important for the design of WWIII,
that many Jews feel compelled to invade Israel .]
. every major war
from the French Revolution onwards
has been influenced by illuminati philosophy
to progressively promote a one-world government,
by leading up to a winner-takes-all Armegeddon
in the defense of Israel against evicted Muslims .

[5.30: illuminati vs traditional family? 
. if the illuminati are Frankists,
the traditional family need not be destroyed;
because, it actually gives Frankists a boost:
it subjugates the woman,
and causes high birth rates,
which contribute to unemployment,
crime, war, and national insecurity .
. however, the un-traditional family,
by missing a father,
converts more children to non-religion
which promotes separation of church from
 not only state but also democratic power
-- one of the main goals of the illuminati .
. and there will be high birth rates anyway
until there is massive unemployment,
and then only if the welfare is either
paying families to have the kids
or removing them for adoption elsewhere .
what we have now:
. the modern way is all about globalization,
and, this destroys protectionist schemes
such as labor unions, and the insularities
created by governments and religions .

. globalization was not just the illuminati:
it was a natural result of the
demands made by population growth
for increasing efficiencies of the market .
. it was the Hijacked Christians
-- with their brazen population growth
and their getting in bed with the Capitalists
instead of demanding job security --
who have done the most for Global Trade;
and Global Trade, in turn,
has vastly promoted a One World Order  .]

. WeisHAVPT joined a masonic lodge (free masonry) .
1782.7.16: illuminati merges with freemasonry
. the illuminati were pushed underground by Bavaria
and re-emerged in France with
preexisting revolutionary groups
the largest of which was the Jacobin club .
. soon after WeisHAVPT died, in 1834,
Giuseppe Mazzini was made head of the illuminati .
. with the wave of Italian immigration to USA
starting in 1890's,
the practices of the criminal mafia
merged with the illuminati .
. MAFIA is an acronym [ according to Mazzini? ]:
Mazzini -- 33degree mason
Autofizza -- Authorizes
Furti -- Thefts
Incendi -- Fires
Avvelengmeni -- Poisonings .
[5.25: mafia refers to the oppressed:
. Ulrich wants to point out that
the illuminati uses mafia tactics;
ie, criminal if not terrorist techniques .
. it should be pointed out that
the term "mafia" has often fingered the Italians;
but what it should be fingering
is what happens in a multi-cultural society
when one culture unfairly dominates the others
and discriminates against them .
origins of the term "mafia":
In Sicily, the term "Mafia member",
initially had no criminal connotations
and was used to refer to a person who was
suspicious of central authority.
. The Mafia evolved over centuries in Sicily,
an island ruled until the mid-19th century
by a long line of foreign invaders.
Sicilians banded together to protect themselves
and carry out their own justice.
By the 19th century, some of these groups
emerged as private armies, or “mafie,”
who extorted protection money from landowners
and eventually became the violent criminals
known today as the Sicilian Mafia.
The American Mafia, which rose to power in the 1920s,
is a separate entity from the Mafia in Italy,
although they share such traditions as
omerta, a code of conduct and loyalty.]
1907: illuminatensaal 

New Age Movement

[5.30: what's up with a New Age?
. what does Ulrich have against "New Age"?
he is a "true christian": a respecter of Moses,
 whereas the  New Age specifically ignores
Mosaic laws about dabbling in the supernatural .
. also, the illuminati want to destroy religion,
and replace it with Frankist hedonism:
gleefully throwing our children to drug abuse
sexual diseases, and accidental pregnancies .
. it should be pointed out that New Age is
 a new religion, not the absence of religion .
. the New morality is empathy not Doctrine
and just what Jesus tried to emphasize:
find the ones who love god
(the ones who protect the future)
and then love them as you would your self .
. while "rational"Wiki.org is consistently offensive,
promoting just the science dictated by
medical monopolists and CIA psyops
I did like this "joke:" about New Age:
. what do you get when you
play New Age Music backwards ?
New Age Music .]

international banking:

. Rothschilds were the first international bankers;
[5.26: Rothschild name change?:
. Moses Amschel Bauer is the father's original name .
. while Ulrich says they were not Jewish
but simply used Jewish symbols for effect,
others* explain they were not genetically so
(they are said to be Ashkenazi Jews)
but did have a long history of practicing Judaism .
. Niall Ferguson explains the name change by
a tendency to take the name of one's street address .
*: Daryl Bradford Smit writes much on Rothschilds
but is said to be an "anti-semitic disinfo agent,
who never mentions the Vatican & Jesuits" .]

[5.30: a salute to Ashkenazi Jews:
. the Ulrich's confusion between
not religiously jewish
and not genetically jewish
reminds that Ulrich is against zionism
and that it is common knowledge
that most of the zionists
-- indeed most of the Jews generally --
are in fact not genetically Jewish .
. if you are against zionism,
you may be wanting to discount Ashkenazis
to let the air out of "a right to zionism" .
. this is unfair to sincere Ashkenazi Jews .
. I certainly can agree that,
whether or not leading zionists are illuminati,
it is certainly true that the illuminati
were eager to create the state of Israel;
however, I would like to point out
the problem is not just the zionists:
. the world oppressed Jews,
and then the world encouraged Jews
to massively immigrate into Palestine
without first relocating the current occupants .
. if we couldn't move the Arabs out,
we shouldn't have moved the Jews in;
we should have told the zionists
they can have their Israel in the USA;
and, if they still wanted their
beautiful mountain in Palestine,
they wouldn't be getting military aid from us
to do something like that
-- such a policy would prevent WWIII .]

[5.26: notice the star of David in their crest:
. Ulrich doesn't mention that
some believe the star of David
to actually be a magical astrology sign
meaning "as above, so below";
for instance to empower the War on Terrorism
the falseflag attack was set on 2001.9.11
because that date had astrological significance:
"as the stars above, so the puppets below".]

M.A Rothschild:
give me control of a nation's money supply,
and I care not who makes its laws .
. the modern financial system,
started by the Rothschilds,
has been funding both sides of every major war
since the Napoleonic wars .

. international banks are funding militaries
that will back the changes that bankers want .
. the bankers embraced Frankism:
funding both sides of all the wars .
[5.23: not just Frankism:
. even if both sides get destroyed,
the bank does get paid back by the winner;
and both sides will need loans to rebuild .]

Rothschilds not illuminati's only banker:
. with money from the Duke of Orleans
a member of French Grand Orient Masonic Lodge
created an artificial food supply
that was blamed on the French Monarchy
King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette
which resulted in their being attacked by mobs .
. that was the world's first luciferian revolution
guided by the illuminati .

1776: American Revolution:
. the illuminati supported the revolution
so that America would resemble France
but without the Napoleonic influence . [6.27:
. Thomas Paine, was believed to be an Illuminati:
he wrote The Age of Reason, which advocated
an order based around the deification of Reason,
and the destruction of all established religions .]

1791: Rothschilds vs USA:
. Hamilton founded the USA's
first privately owned central bank
with $10million on a 20million charter  .
. this is contrary to the constitution
that he signed (article 1 section 8);
    "Alexander Hamilton, Central Banker:
    Crisis Management during the US Financial Panic of 1792".
    Business History Review 83 (1): 61–86.
. when the charter expired,
the head of it was revealed:
Nathan (England's) Rothschild
who said to USA:
"either renewal of the charter is granted
or the USA will find itself
in a most disasterous war" .
. within the year (1812) the British were invading;
however they were hardly their best
since half of them were fighting Napolean .
[ Britain said that war was about
USA not helping the Brits in their Napoleonic war
ah, the gemini factor: 2 reasons for everything .]
. this war did have the intended effect,
as it left the USA financially in such need
as to [require a Rothschild-sized loan]
which meant rechartering their private bank .

1803, Rothschilds vs Islamic Banking:
. Napoleon gave free loans
[you mean the Infamous decree?]
which was conflicting with other bankers,
but when he sold all his land in USA
to fund his wars in europe,
he made the Rothschilds his banker,
and with the part of the cash
that he didn't need immediately
they were funding his opponents;
so, he burned through a lot of cash;
because he was fighting the very enemy
that he himself was funding;
and, he had a lot less money for making
those Islamic-friendly interest-free loans .

1814 the congress of Vienna
The Congress of Vienna was the first of a
series of international meetings
that came to be known as the
Concert of Europe,
which was an attempt to forge a
balance of power in Europe,
and served as a model for later organizations
such as the League of Nations and United Nations.
. Switzerland was declared to be a neutral country
to which other kingdoms could deposit their money .
(money was mostly precious metals at the time).

. most nations got loans from the Rothschilds
-- the illuminati's banker --
so it could be argued that
the congress had made Switzerland
a modern version of the Knights Templar;
[5.29: obscure:
. the Knights Templar supposedly guarded the holy lands
but they were actually satan worshippers;
and since the illuminati is a modern satanist,
and the Rothschild Banking is their banker,
then the swiss are guarding the satanists;
otherwise I'm not sure what Ulrich means .]

. notice the Swiss flag is a white cross on red;
 and the Templar's sign is a red cross on white  .
5.30: what's up with inverse?:
Templars was evil guarding the holy;
Swiss is the holy(those abstaining from war)
guarding evil(war's money) .

Russian tsar Alexander I of the Romanov dynasty
opposed the congress's treaty
because he saw it as an illuminati take-over.
. the Rothschilds vowed that the Romanov dynasty
would someday come to an end .

1815: Rothschilds become royalty:
. because Rothschilds had, throughout europe,
a network of banking couriers,
they were the only merchants allowed to pass
through both the English and French blockades:
one of their couriers had passed the message
that the British had won the war,
a full 24hours before the Brit's own couriers;
so, one of the Rothschilds knew
that he was the only one that knew
that Napoleon had lost,
he started selling their British war bonds,
other traders observed this false maneuver
and started selling their bonds in a panic
reducing the British bonds to junk .
. then he doubled around and
re-bought all the British bonds.
. when it was found that Britain won the war,
British bond values became very high,
and the Rothschilds owned most of them
-- they literally owned the bank of England .
. there would be many more profits too
from loans for war reparations .
. the Rothschilds became so important to Britain,
that they were given titles of nobility,
and through intermarriage, they became royalty .

. due to inflation in the USA,
the amount owed to the National Bank
was becoming enormous;
so, president Andrew Jackson vetoed the bank .
. Jackson distributed a $35million surplus;
this is the only time that the USA
has ever balanced its books .

1861: civil war:
. the Rothschilds had a divide&conquer scheme
for reclaiming dominance as USA's banker;
. they planned to put the north under British rule,
and the south under French rule .
. Lincoln devised the gold-backed Greenback;
but, this would entail interest-free loaning
and the bankers became irate .
. 5 days after the south surrendered,
Lincoln was shot by a member of
the Knights of the Golden Circle .

Albert Pike and the KKK:
. Pike wrote a book about the ways of freemasonry;

. the Knights of the Golden Circle [KGC]
was a Masonic organization dedicated to
dominating a golden circle of territories
between Mexico, South America, the Carribean
and the southern states,
that would officially sanction slavery .
Pike was associated with the KGC,
and created several spin-offs,
including the KKK .
. Pike was leader of a Scottish Rite of freemasonry,
and created his own office:
chief justice of the KKK .
. this can be found in the statue of him
in DC, at judiary square,
where you can also see the
2-headed Rothschilds phoenix .

. Pike was blamed for inflaming racial tensions
that were the official cause of the civil war .
. now it will be shown to you
how the war's actual cause was about
who would control the money supple of the USA:
picture a doc titled "the KGC":
"they saw in this region south of the Rio Grande
a vast new field in which "expansion and progress"
might become a reality .
. of this type of American was George W L Bickley
who founded in 1859-60 the secret and military KGC,
the instrument by which,
Mexico was to be americanized then annexed,
the slavery controversy settled in favor of the south
and his own fame and fortune won .
[. apparently, Pike's association with the KGC
-- and Pikes involvement with the illuminati
(the highest levels of freemasonry) --
is what connected KGC with Rothschild's banking
-- the banker of the illuminati;
but this does have a gemini factor:
we see here evidence of
Lincoln's assassin being for either
retribution for KGC's loss,
or for preventing Lincoln from implementing
the interest-free "greenback" notes .
. it likely served both purposes .]

international bankers were on hard times:
 . just as Lincoln was assassinated for
trying to provide public banking
there was also an attempt on Jackson's life
because he wouldn't deal with the bankers .
but on 1913.12.23,
the congress finally voted them in
with the the Federal Reserve Act:
43 yeas, 25 nays, and a whopping 27
who were not voting (being home for Xmas).
. that Act allowed the private banks
to print USA's money as loans
for which taxpayers would pay interest .
. president Wilson would sign it only if
they gave him campaign contributions
(that violates the constitution).
. the chief architects of the reserve act
-- J.P.Morgan, J.D.Rockefeller
Jacob Schiff, Max Warburg, Paul Warburg --
were all related in various ways
to the Rothschilds bank,
which quickly worked at starting more wars
that it could fund both sides of .

. the international bankers, once in the USA,
set about financing the 3 world wars
leading to the One World Government: ...

Hegelian Dialectic [false flag attacks]

[5.26: Hegelian dialectic defined:
. the dialectic method of reasoning
involves either the Socratic method;
or the Hegelian way:
denying a presupposition of the thesis
and that of the antithesis;
thereby, generating a synthesis,
which then becomes the new thesis.
. the process finds implicit contradictionsand makes them explicit:
"sublation" or overcoming the negative,
means preserving the useful portion
of an idea, thing, society, etc,
while moving beyond its limitations.
For Hegel, the whole of history
is one huge dialectic,
major stages of which chart a progression
from self-alienation as slavery
to self-unification and realization
as the rational, constitutional state
of free and equal citizens.
. Hegelian dialectic is also the
3 dialectical stages of development:
a thesis, causing a reaction which creates
an antithesis contradicting the thesis,
and the tension between the two
being resolved by means of a synthesis.]

the dialectical process drives history:
every synthesis is the thesis of an new dialectic;
social change is guaranteed .
. thesis opposed by antithesis;
antithesis reconciled in synthesis
that becomes the new thesis .
original society leads to the abolute idea
a synthesis so perfect
that it gives rise to no antithesis .

[5.26: practical dialectic:
. what Ulrich calls Hegelian Dialectic
is the use of false flag attacks
in order to correct a deluded society .
. for instance,
the thesis posits that privacy is good;
the antithesis argues that privacy
hides terrorists;
the synthesis is a false flag attack
where the goverment creates a mock terrorist act,
in order to realize an actual need for
reducing privacy to identify terrorists .
. false flag attacks are typically done by
secret military forces such as the CIA .
. the sum of USA's secret military
is referred to here as the "911neocons" .]

. there has not been a war in the 21st century
that has not followed Hegelian dialectic .

[. Ulrich feels that it was Hegel
who came up with the basic system for
achieving the goals of the illuminati
since false flag attacks are seen as
following a Hegelian Dialectic pattern .]

how often gov's use the Hegelian Dialectic:

. the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin vietnam crisis
had resulted in giving the USA
broad military powers inside Vietnam
-- a reason that never actually happened .
. Benito Mussolini -- the notorious fascist
who along with Hitler had to be stopped --
got his start in 1917 from
being on the payroll of MI5 (Britain's CIA).
falseflag attacks motivated all 3 world wars ...
the 9/11 terrorist attack was the start of WWIII .

[2.8: hegelian dialectic is for Frankism?:
. the idea of falseflag psyop conspiracies
employing the hegelian dialectic
is obviously grounded in reality;
but to say the freemasons
-- architects of a globalized civilizing --
are actually creating the wars and sin
just to hasten the return of the Savior
is based on faulty linkage:
gov's controlled by freemasons do make war,
but so do police;
and, police aren't just quicking the Savior
-- the police are the savior !
. likewise, the freemasons or anyone who is
following the illuminati's luciferian path
are a savior to women, children, labor,
non-conformists ... anyone who was ever abused
by the major militant religions of the world
(christianity, islam, local he'll-holes ...)]

communism: conceiving the antithesis

. Karl Marx's is the father of communism;
rather than being a political activist,
he was an academic who explained that
mature societies will tend to communize,
to become more centrally planned;
while primitive societies thrive in capitalism .]

. Marx's family denied being Jewish
(converting to Hijacked Christianity);
and then Karl became a Satanist .
. Ulrich's evidence for this
was simply a poem Marx wrote,
(see Richard Wurmbrand` Marx & satan)
about giving his soul to hell;
you can imagine a fine young man
razzing the pompous christians
about their belief in hell:
simply by not believing the christian myth
one was going to said hell;
6.3: following a thread:
. Ulrich is building on the thesis
that the illuminati are Frankists,
which are similar to Satanists,
and thus Marx could be illuminati,
and that could motivate his communism .]

. Marx was sponsored by Friedrich Engels,
although what he told his father
was that he made money on stocks .
. he eventually became a 32nd degree mason
--[ he looks strikingly similar to
the 33rd degree Pike ].
. Marx 1848`the Communist Manifesto
is based on a draft from Engels;
it was commissioned by
London's Communist League
whose roots can be traced to the
Jacobin club and the illuminati .
. the foundations of communism are identical
to the goals of the illuminati .
[6.3: is that bad?:
. communism's foundation is world peace:
the idea is that capitalism and religion
are encouraging population growth
to diminish the value of the labor class
and when there are too many workers,
you can simply host a war
to burn off your excess people .
. the idea of the illuminati and communism
is to have a one-world goverment
that will, of course,
bring an end to wars between countries .]

. Nathan Rothschild in Britain
finances Marx to use the hegelian dialectic
to further the cause of socialism .
. see Marx 1867` Das Kapital,
Kritik der politischen Oekonomie
-- the bible of the working class .

Nikolai Lenin:
. Lenin picked up where Marx left off;
he admired Mikhail Bakunin who writes:
" the evil one is the satanic revolt
against divine authority ...
Satan, the eternal rebel, the first free thinker,
and the emancipator of worlds ."
. Lenin joined the Masons .

. before WWI there had been in Europe
a growing tension for economic dominance
that would, in turn, decide cultural dominance
[ which would decide the world's language ].
(see Carroll Quigley's book:
the anglo-american establishment
--"anglo" refers to english-speakers ).
. USA's preference for English
did much to give that language clout .
. the euro-american bankers
found a way to ignite the growing tension
between Germany and England .

. the flashpoint of WWI was meant to be
the sinking of the Lusitania:
the operations of that torpedoed ship
were engineered to provoke this war .
[a variation of the false flag attack:
secretly helping the enemy attack us .]
. having broken the codes, Churchill knew
where every German U-boat was .
. he said in a confidential letter:
"it is most important to
attract neutral shipping to our shores,
in the hope especially of
embroiling the USA with Germany."
. the ship was made to contain munitions
and Germans were made aware of that,
so they would have good reason to sink it .

. the English-speaking press,
controlled by the Rothschild-owned
news services in Europe,
published the claim that the barbaric Germans
had attacked an unarmed passenger ship .
[. then again,]  the German embassy
had placed ads in NY newspapers
warning passengers that shipping around Britain
would be hazardous to USA passengers .

. the 2 Warburg brothers (of Fed Reserve fame)
handled the war bonds of both the USA
and Germany militaries .

. the Rothschilds were unable to control Russia
because of the Czar Nicholas II,
until WWI, when the alliance between the
European and USA bankers was complete .
. the international bankers were conspiring
to pull down Russia's Romanov Dynasty;
and in WWI their plan could go into effect
by using Trotsky to foment a communist takeover .

the USA Fed Reserve banker Jacob Schiff
spent $20M to infect Russia with communism,
financing the Russian Revolution
headed by Leon Trotsky
who was exiled in style in NY .
. the British police had captured Trotsky
as a german prisoner of war
but USA president Wilson
demanded that Trotsky be released,
else he would not enter the war .

Anthony Sutton, Stanford University Historian
Canadian gov documents on Trotsky's release:
. on Trotsky's brief stay in Canadian custody
Trotsky was removed by Canadian and British naval personnel
from the SS Kristianiafjord at Halifax, nova Scotia
on 1917.4.3,
and listed as a German prisoner of war,
and interned at the Amherst, Nova Scotia,
internment station for German prisoners;
5 other men described as "Russian Socialists"
were also taken off and interned;
including "Leon Bronstein Trotsky"
. he was described as a political exile,
occupation journalist, Russian citizen .
. president Wilson provided Trotsky with
a USA passport to return to Russia
to "carry forward" the revolution;
and also a Russian entry permit
and a British transit visa .
Jennings Wise, wrote in his book:
Woodrow Wilson: disciple of revolution:
... "Historians must never forget
that Woodrow Wilson,
despite the efforts of the British police,
made it possible for Leon Trotsky
to enter Russia with an American passport"
Anthony Sutton, Stanford University Historian:
. president Wilson facilitated Trotsky's passage
at the same time careful State Dept bureaucrats,
concerned about such revolutionaries entering Russia,
were unilaterally attempting to
tighten up passport procedures .
. the Stockholm legation cabled the State Dept
on 1917.6.13 just after
Trotsky crossed the Finnish-Russian border,
"Legation confidentially informed
Russian, English and French passport offices
at Russian frontier, Tomea,
considerably worried by passage of
suspicious persons bearing American passports "
. president Wilson secured their release
by stating that if they weren't let go,
the USA would not enter the war .
. Lenin, exiled in Switzerland,
promised to make peace with Germany
if he was able to overthrow
Russia's temporary gov' .
. he was placed in a sealed Railway car
with $5M in German gold and was sent to Russia .
. when the elections were held in 1917,
Lenin's communists received only 24% of the vote .
[5.26: but, who won? other Marxists:
the Socialist-Revolutionary_Party .
. Lenin's civil war was not fighting capitalists!
proving that bankers -- not people --
win wars .]

. the USA was needed to support Russia
while Lenin's take-over raised a famine .
[5.26: actually,
WWI caused most of that famine,
and Lenin was quick to end that war,
by making peace with Germany on 1918.2 .]

on 1918.4:
. of the 384 commissars in the Russian gov;
264 of these came from the USA .

. USA also offered infrastructure loans;
the net effect was that the USA
continued to support the communist revolution .
. as soviet rule was transfered to Stalin,
USA was also supporting ruthlessness .

. the bankers knew communism needed loans
and that the WWI treaty would
so oppress Germany
that the backlash would result in WWII,
thereby setting up the next Hegelian dialectic;
ie, so that the solution creates a new problem
in need of another solution .

. USA bankers funded Stalin's infrastructure;
and, this was part of hegelian dialectic,
feeding what they would have to fight .

. Russia's communism needed a lot of support;
because, it was not popular?
[5.24: rather,
it was the capitalists in Russia
who knew how to operate the economy;
so, forcing them to cooperate
and shifting knowledge to the new party,
would naturally require a lot of loans
regardless of whether or not
communism was popular or democratic .]

secret society empowerment

CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)

. as the industrial revolution progressed
several key players emerged:
Carnegie -- steel production
Ford -- mass-produced cars
Rockefeller -- oil based banking
. they were so influential in the CFR,
its initials might come from their names:
Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, J.D.Rockefeller .

. their logo is a rider on a horse
giving the Masonic [Hitler] salute
with a scroll reading VBIQVE
[Ubique = ubiquitous (everywhere);
it's pale as if printed by a woodcutting .]
. reminds some of Revelation 6:2:
And I saw a white horse;
the rider had an [archer's] bow;
and there was given to him a crown:
he went out with power to overcome.
. the CFR's British counterpart is
The Royal Institute For International Affairs,
both are members of Round Table groups;
the CFR is funded by the Fed'Reserve bankers .
. both have as a goal, a one-world gov;
. James Warburg told the USA congress's
Foreign Relations committee:
we shall have world gov,
whether you like it or not,
by conquest or consent .

League of Nations

. after WWI, the League of Nations was
the first popular attempt at a world gov;
it failed as a world security system,
but did serve as a stepping stone,
allowing the global bankers to expand .
. when the Bank for International Settlements
was established, the illuminati financiers
gained more control of the world's money supply;
this was all the more reason to start WWII .

political Zionism

understanding Political Zionism up to WWI
in order to understand the rest of history:

. the Jewish Austrian Theodor Herzl
wrote in 1896 Der Judenstaat
ideas about a Jewish state in Israel
as being a solution to widespread anti-semitism.
. the Rothschilds founded in 1897
the Federation of Zionism of Great Britain,
to promote political zionism
for 2 reasons (ie, a gemini factor):
not only was it a social movement
to build the state of Israel;
it was also the driver for
"world governance through Israel"
in the tradition of the Frankists
(who included Jewish heretics). [6.4:
ie, Israel would be the reason for terrorism;
and then the war on terrorism
would require both a surveillance state
and the acceptance of a one-world government
in order to fight world-wide terrorist conspiracies .]

. political Zionism is controversial;
some Jews believe Zionism is not Jewish .
[2.7: 5.24:
. Ulrich compares zionism's popularity to
Germans being ambivalent about Nazism;
but this seems meant to offend Zionists;
because, if Zionism were like Nazism,
then Jews would have forced the Arabs
into slave camps to be starved to death;
instead, the Jews forced the Arabs out,
into the adjacent Muslim countries
and that process continues today,
so that it will incite the Islamic terrorism
that will provoke the illuminati's WWIII .]

 political Zionism is said to be
the greatest enemy of the Jews ...
[obviously if it's designed to start WWIII,
it's only getting hotter in Israel,
and more difficult for Israelites .]
[2.7: Zionism is a great start, but:
. I have a dream where every culture
has a home region they can call their own;
and, there are always places where
many cultures can merge,
but it should never be the case that
we can ever become so crowded
that our culture has lost its ability to
maintain a space of its own .
. since cultures live and die,
the purpose of the Federal government
is to manage the redistribution of land,
where dying, abandoned cultures
provide space for the growing cultures,
but no culture ever dies from invasion,
only from lack of interest .
. one of the worst outcomes of USA's civil war,
was not giving Africans their own land .
. the culture is the real person in life,
and if persons don't have their own space,
then they try to out-reproduce each other;
and, this can only serve capitalists and bankers,
never persons, ie, cultures .
. the state of Israel should exist,
but it should not be carved out of
what is now solidly Islamic territory;
because, we cannot
humanely defend that location .]

. political zionism is the ultimate dialectic
and Herzl knew this when he journaled:
". it's essential that the anti-semites
liquidate the wealth of the Jews
as the persecution will thereby
strengthen opposition by the Jews ."
[. Just like the 911neocons
with their psyop#911bluepill:
. it's essential that USA feel ravaged on 9/11
as it will strengthen opposition to the
anti-Zionist Radicals it was blamed on .]

Frankism is the basis of political Zionism
which expressed itself in the Russian revolution
(. next we are shown the real names of
famous communists who are apparently Jewish) [6.3:
... as if the purpose of the name change
was to make Russians feel that communism
was Russian rather than an international
or Jewish Radical conspiracy .]
Karl Marx's real name was Moses Mordecai Levy .
. Vladimir Lenin was first named
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov .
Leon Trotsky's real name was
Lev Davidovich Bronstein .
. Jews were not treated well in Russia,
just like many other Christian regions;
why keep a risky Jewish name,
when your heart is with the luciferians?]

[6.4: Hitler agreed Zionism was good Idea]:
. see Edwin Black's book: The Transfer Agreement:
The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between
the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine

-- this is where the political Zionists in Palestine
offered to end the boycott against German goods
in exchange for the Nazi's transferring
60,000 jews and $100M to Palestine .
 . part of Hitler's rise to power
was authoring the book Mein Kampf
in which he wrote that Zionism was a good idea
for exactly the same reason that Nazism was:
both these policies assert that
a country should be loyal to
just one culture, ethnicity, and/or race .]
. is it possible that the political zionists
used the holocaust to justify
what they were about to do in Israel?
they would be replacing Arabs with Jews
-- pros or cons, this would be violent --
just like the Nazis had violently
replaced Jews with German people .
. the world's Jewish refugees
should have been welcomed in the USA,
where there was free space to put them,
without displacing other people .]

. the Rothschilds promised they would
remove the Romanov family from power
and they finally did,
through the Frankist bolshiveks
that Wilson and the illuminati controlled .
[2.7: 5.24:
another interesting dimension of communism:
. communism was invented for the Romanovs?
or was it that the Rothschilds,
after studying the global landscape,
knew that the communism they needed for WWIII
was going to be easiest to install in Russia,
and it was simply a coincidence
that they happened to have an enemy there? . 6.4:
. being such a sparsely-populated chilly backwater,
it was not easy to defend the Russian area,
and that's why it would be easy to convert .]

Hitler and WWII

. Hitler's mighty war machine
was created and funded by Wall Street
see book:  Antony C. Sutton`
Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler .
. the Treaty of Versailles
induced Germany to default on its debt;
the [Charles] Dawes plan
replaced the treaty after 5 years
and allowed links between USA and German
industry and finance .

. the Nazi's and the communists
were set against each other by the globalists
in a dialectical, manufactured struggle .
. Hitler was allowed to lose only because
he double-crossed the bankers ...
[5.24: why Communism won:
. Ulrich assumes the reason for
why Nazism lost to communism
was that Nazi's started printing their own money
without the support from international bankers;
but this is more likely a symptom,
and not a cause:
. see the freemason Pikes's telling of
the master plan for the 3 world wars:
# WWI:
. uses the british-german divisiveness,
(despite sharing the same royal lineage)
to kick off the war that will permit the
replacing of the czars of Russia
with an athiestic communism,
that destroys other governments,
and weakens their religions .
. ensures that anti-Judaism
phoenixes into Palestine Zionism;
[a Jewish State in {Palestine, Israel}]
. this war must also sufficiently empower communism
to balance the power of the Christians;
. Islam and Zionism [the state of Israel]
mutually destroy each other:
the Christians will allign with the Zionists,
who are then suppressed by the Communists
thereby fighting to the point of complete
physical, moral, spiritual, and economic exhaustion .
. you see then that communism wins WWII
 because it has to be there for WWIII .]

[5.25: fascism:
. Ulrich portrays fascism and communism
as being similarly flawed,
but it's important to note how they differ:
true communism sought to end wars
by disempowering royalty and religions;
whereas, the fascists embraced war
along with the religions that spirited them,
and they nurtured the capitalism that
clearly defines who is virtual royalty,
and who is dirt-poor cannon fodder .
. as Marx noted,
communism would become a natural fit;
because of industrialization,
which not only made the owners much richer
but also made the workers much poorer
(because as it created societal wealth
it vastly increased population growth
which quickly reduced wages to dirt);
thus industrialization forced the question
of whether we embrace communism
to force owners to share the wealth
and encourage responsible birth controls,
or whether we embrace war to
kill all the unneeded births
until workers were scarce again .
. Ulrich wonders how the good Catholics
could get fooled by those fascist Nazi's?
the Nazi's were here to save the Vatican
from being destroyed by communism!
. remember that for thousands of years
the Vatican was first a military power
and secondly a social services agency .]

post-WWII and the UN (United Nations)

. the top 4 forces of WWII,
-- Germany, Russia, UK, USA --
all had leadership belonging to
secret societies practicing black magick;
that is, the Thule society, and Freemasonry .

. WWII gave birth to not only Israel,
but also the UN (united nations);
and USA was encouraged to join this time
by locating its housing in the USA,
on Rockefeller's land in NY,

just so the USA wouldn't back out,
as they did for the League of Nations .

. the Cold War would start brewing
by having communism engulf eastern Europe .
. the Vietnam war was based on a lie;
a form of false-flag attack (Hegelian Dialectic).
. the wars against Asian communism
(China, Laos, Vietnam) for 30 years
were symptoms of a much larger problem:
the illuminati financiers were using
a new dialectic to control the world .
. by pitting the capitalist west
against the communist east,
the world was locked in a state of bipolar tension
with little chance of truly breaking free .
. the arms race between USA and Russia
was an icon of this tension .
. Russia and the USA spent $5trillion on the
MAD (Mutually-Assured Destruction) policy .

Mafia, CIA and Vatican vs communism

[5.25: summary:
. I added this part to show the Vatican's
relationship to communism and thus to Nazism
(the author of this part is bibliotecapleyades.net)
. again, this is not fact-checked,
I simply found it plausible that the Vatican's goal
was saving the church by fighting communism;
and, the Nazis were fierce anti-communists .
. I'm sure the Vatican would not condone
the Nazi's abuse of Jews
(even if they were aware that Jewish Radicals
were the drivers of communism;
they would have also known that Jewish Germans
were loyal capitalists and equally religious).
. keep in mind that when "Vatican" is mentioned
what we're talking about is not the religion
but a military chain of command;
surprised by the pedophile priest coverup?
now watch the USA military leadership
tell congress that they need cover-ups
in order to maintain troop discipline .
. if troops were allowed to charge their superiors
with sexual harassment or predation violations
then they could also subvert authority
by constructing a false witness conspiracy
against all of the toughest coaches,
and then troops don't get toughened or tested .
. also keep in mind why the world is
structured as a set of military competitors:
. the head of the church is not the Pope
but the Spirit that demands more power .
. the elites know the Spirit's plan is to
use wars to motivate technology evolution:
those who don't maintain a strong military
will be subjugated by some other military .
. if "Nazi"s protect your church's military
from being eaten by the communist's military
then "Nazi"s are as good as your cause is .
. if you are the Pope, you know
some Nazi will be unspeakably cruel,
just as some priests will be perverts,
but you never forget the mission:
cover your head to maintain troop discipline
to sustain the military strength
that protects the good cause .
. the Spirit is a god of evil war,
but war was essential to our survival:
only war motivates the search for technology;
and, only technology can allow space travel .
. the sun dies but we survive without it,
because we can traveled to new stars,
-- thanks to our god of war .
. and the more evil that Nazi was,
the stronger our good cause became .
. the technology eventually ends the evil too:
robots can implement pervasive surveillance;
and with an end to privacy
comes an end to evil parenting,
evil preaching and evil teaching
that is programming our kids to be evil .
. the one male rule that Islam dreams of
will come from a robotic supermind
that all of us can trust because
all of us helped with its design .
. how could Catholics cooperate with Nazis?
we should ask ourselves the same:
how could we defend private parenting
even as parents persistently betray our trust !
. there would be no holocaust or pedophilia
without worshiping privacy and blind trust .]

. in its zeal to stamp out church-killing communism,
the Vatican set up alliances during World War II
with various secret societies,
fascist groups and spying agencies
and has maintained these networks ever since.

. the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM),
historically has been the
military arm of the Vatican
and is regarded as a separate State
with full powers of statehood,
including issuing its own diplomatic passports.
In more recent decades SMOM is known to act as
the Vatican's intelligence arm;
it has acted as a funding conduit,
a black market gold channel
and money laundering service for the CIA .
. It was alleged to be involved in, for example,
the 1991 disappearance of Russia's gold reserves
-- over 2,000 metric tonnes --
around the time that Gorbachev was ousted .
. Malta knighthoods are awarded to many who are
part of the military and intelligence community;
eg, Bill Casey, director of the Reagan-era CIA,
was a Knight of Malta, and under his watch
the CIA shipped drugs to various Mafia families.
Former NATO General and later US Secretary of State
Alexander Haig is also a Malta Knight.
Another is General Vernon Walters,
the former Deputy Director of the CIA
under DCI George Bush,
and later appointed a roving ambassador
during the Reagan Administration.

. another is Reinhard Gehlen,
the former Nazi intelligence expert
recruited by the US in 1945-46
to head the Gehlen Org
- a secret, German-based intelligence arm of USA
that was composed of former SS and Gestapo agents,
many of whom were wanted Nazi war criminals.
. many SS-Gestapo refugees were afforded amnesty
in exchange for their agreement to
shift their allegiance to the West
in the pre-planned, covert "Cold War"
against the Soviet "menace".

. the ultra-right-wing Opus Dei,
is a Vatican group closely tied to Knights of Malta .

Operation Amadeus was part of
the Operation Sunrise negotiations
conducted between SS General Karl Wolff
and Allen Dulles
- the then senior wartime OSS officer in Switzerland,
but later to become the Director of the CIA .
. Operation Amadeus was concerned with
the flight of SS and Nazi war criminals
to the South American continent
with the help of Vatican-run "ratlines";
these Nazi smuggling routes also carried
the stocks of heroin smuggled for
distribution by the CIA-protected Mafia .
. a similar covert "cold war" was in Europe,
via Operation Gladio .

Bill Cooper`Behold A Pale Horse, p80:
"In 1952, an alliance was formed
bringing...together for the first time in history:
The Black Families (European Nobility who
historically practiced occultic spiritualism),
The Illuminati, The Vatican, and the Freemason,
now working together to bring about
the New World Order."
Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands
was the founding chairman of the Bilderbergers.
. strangely, the same year,
Bernhard became head of the
Johanitter Orde in Nederland,
one of four orders that make up the
Chivalric Alliance of Orders of Saint John
(Alliance de Chevalerie des Hospitaliers
de Saint Jean de Jérusalem).
The stated purpose of these four
(UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden)
is "to reduce to silence the enemies of Christ."
These are Protestant orders rather than Catholic,
but it is of significance that, on 1963.11.26,
the Alliance was, "consolidated
with the signing of a joint declaration
between the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
and the Most Venerable Order,
at St John's Gate, London,
by the Grand Chancellor of the SMOM,
the Prince of Resuttano,
and Lord Wakehurst,
Lord Prior of the Most Venerable Order".
In other words,
the Catholic and Protestant orders
bound themselves to work together to
"silence the enemies of Christ" -
a clear reference to communism.
-- end of bibliotecapleyades.net section --

1954 the Bilderberg group

. it was founded in 1954,
but its practices can be traced back to
the Knights Templar
(picture the Teutonic Knights,
and the Hanseatic League).
. it was originally concerned with
a regional Europe,
for the benefit of its members
at the expense of national sovereignty;
later its scope broadened to include
balanced membership,
mainly from NATO countrie;
many in the CFR are also in Bilderberg  .
. the 2008 oil price & credit boom and bust
were planned events according to leaks
from the Bilderberg group in 2006 .
. Daniel Estulin reported on that
and talked about "the Obama Deception
-- Bilderberg crash the economy"
. the Bilderberg group basically created the EU .

1968, the Club of Rome

. promotes peace & prosperity
through a one-world gov .
. among the other round table groups,
it is the one most heavily involved
in the New Age Movement,
[the most dangerous] regardless of its size .
. this group specializes in promoting
to justify social and economic control .
1993 Club of Rome Report:
"the first global revolution" p75:
the vacuum/the commmon enemy of humanity is man:
. the real enemy of humanity is humanity itself:
pollution, global warming, water shortages,
and famine are all just symptoms of
humanity's [ need to maximally breed using
all available natural resources,
despite those resource inputs being
variable and sometimes negative .]

1973 the Trilateral Commission

. created by Rockerfeller to launder money,
as more congressmen and citizen
became aware of the CFR,
and of the Fed'Reserve in the 1950's and '60's,
global planners realized that
they had to be more covert .
. their USA and European money
would have to be sent to
Japanese high tech industrialists,
and to Arab oil refinery magnates
who would then use it to buy up
Western businesses and real estate .
. with this system in place,
economic woes in the West
resulting from the globalists control
could then be blamed on the
Japanese and Arabs .
. the very Arab leaders who
couldn't agree on anything for centuries
suddenly came together to form
the OPEC oil embargo of 1973,
causing the USA consumers to
flock to Japanese cars .
. this system of trade
created global interdependence
and, made lots of money .
[see wiki for the Commission's story]

[1994.4.19 Henry Kissinger's New World Order:
at the World Affairs Council Press Conference
". it cannot happen without U.S. participation,
as we are the most significant single component.
Yes, there will be a New World Order,
and it will force the United States
to change it's perceptions."]
[2004 Pope calls for New World Order:
"Pope calls for a new world order" – January 1, 2004
"VATICAN CITY (CNN News) -- Pope John Paul II
rang in the New Year with a renewed call for
peace in the Middle East and Africa
and the creation of a new world order
based on respect for the dignity of man
and equality among nations ...
he stressed that to bring about peace,
there needs to be a new respect for
international law
and the creation of a 'new international order'
based on the goals of the United Nations."
Pope John Paul II was the first pontiff in history
to publicly call for a “New World Order”.
. In the world of esoteric religions
ie, the realm of the occult,
another name for this New World Order
is the “Kingdom of the Christ”.
This is not the “kingdom of God”
that Yahshua haMoschiach (Jesus the Messiah)
talked about during his ministry on earth;
but will be rule by the anti-Messiah
or the anti-Christ of Revelation.]

1989-2016 the Final Crusades

(war defending Israel from Islamic backlash)

. in that 50 years of Cold War,
3 more secret societies emerged
to help manage the planet without your
awareness or consent .
. the time to encourage another war
would soon be around the corner .
[6.5: the key would be Iran:
. the holocaust strongly motivated the defense of
a massive Jewish immigration to Israel;
and since USA was the world's police,
Israel had become very important to USA .
. a key to mideast security was
USA's making a puppet state of Iran .
. all this was shattered in 1979,
when Muslim democracy prevailed .
. part of the Iran assault plan
was to establish bases on either side of it:
hence USA needed some reason
to invade both Iraq and Afghanistan .
. first however,
Iraq and Iran would get a chance to
wear each other out ...
. and then USA secret societies
would fabricate the 9/11 falseflag Attack,
a new Pearl Harbor to motivate new wars .]

. communism was designed to fail;
and, it did,
with the fall of the Berlin wall;
China was busy by then
producing for the capitalists .
[6.18: keep in mind what failed:
. capitalism is about local control
and winners keeping their profits,
while communism is centralized planning,
and the state keeps the profits .
. the communists realized motivation was lacking;
so, winners should keep more of their own profits,
but central planning is still essential;
because, there can be no wealth4all without
centralized limits on population growth .
. look how capitalism is failing:
ever-greater numbers of USA citizens
are in prison or on foodstamps,
all because locally controlled "free" parenting,
is creating a grinding overpopulation .]

. so, in 50 years,
the planet went from multi-polar,
to bi-polar [capitalism vs communism]
to unipolar [globalized capitalism,
taking advantage of, but also alleviating
3rd world desperation .]
. Ulrich needs to be more balanced:
one thing that makes the world so poor,
even as wealth exponentially increases,
is that we are selfish hyperbreeders;
that is,
if we would save and invest our family wealth
instead of spending it on evermore children,
then families could own their jobs,
and would not depend on the global capitalists
who are moving jobs to the cheapest wage .
. Ulrich claims it was the globalist bankers
who ruined America's economy
by flooding it with cheap goods;
but, what actually ruined USA employment rates
was a public mindset typical of communists:
expecting government to grow the economy
as if the purpose of industry was not profit
but to create evermore jobs for "family values" .
. what killed USA's job market was USA itself
breeding like they were in a communism,
while still boasting about
"America, land of the free Capitalist" .
. every family should have been making sure
they were thorougly diversified,
which means owning a farm, and/or
owning a piece of the other essential industries .
. free parenting is a form of communism;
because, it offers no motivation
for being more efficient .
. why not just shake off all Capitalism ?
free parenting and a free lunch!
because, we would still be in a rut,
from our need to out-breed our resources:
that's what we can learn from communism:
reproduction should be centrally planned
(granted, we should not force abortions;
rather, we use carrots and sticks:
guaranteed income for cooperating,
and prison time for twice exceeding your limit .]

1990.8.2: Gulf War

[5.25: Saddam acting like the end was near:
. notice Saddam was allied with the communists,
and then right after the communists collapsed,
Saddam started acting reckless,
as if he knew the end was near anyway .]

[intro (wikipedia):
. throughout the Cold War,
Iraq had been an ally of the Soviet Union,
but when the USA had problems with Iran,
and then Iraq felt threatened by Iran,
USA pretended to befriend Iraq,
to encourage the Iraq vs Iran war .
. the CIA actually funded both sides,
and by war's end, Iraq was impoverished,
and owed a lot of money,
mostly to Kuwait and the Saudis .
. the Kuwait debt was especially frustrating;
because that land is naturally part of Iraq,
but had become independent only after being
over-run by Saudis . and Saudis kept it
only after allying with British forces
as Kuwait was a valuable trading port .
. the 1963 Ba'ath Party coup in Iraq
that brought Saddam to power
was celebrated by the USA;
the CIA had a hand in it,
they had funded the Ba'ath party
-- of which Saddam Hussein was a young member .]
[6.20: just as in Iran:
. the CIA was trying to gain influence
in all areas around Israel (and oil).
. the Ba'ath Party were Sunnis
which are more democratic than Shia;
and democracy brings greater accountability
to balance Muslim hate for Israel .
. they would be disappointed, however;
as Saddam alligned with the communists .]

. with the collapse of communism of 1989,
Saddam Hussein became the new target
of the illuminati financiers .
. back in 1983.12,
White house special envoy Donald Rumsfeld
met with a Saddam interested in defeating Iran
and he gave Saddam the gas he used during the
1988 genocide of the Kurds in Halabja,
but that didn't matter to the elite .

. what did matter was that
Saddam was pumping too much oil
to get rid of Iran war debt .
. this lowered oil prices by flooding the market
and it was angering the OPEC nations .
. it also lowered the value of the USA dollar
as it was the world's reserve currency;
and oil is traded in USA dollars .

. see IMF (international money fund) Exhibit
-- the importance of global cooperation:
reinventing the system (12972-1981)/
recycling petrodollars through the IMF:
. the IMF introduced a new lending mechanism,
the Oil Facility:
Funded with money loaned to the IMF
by oil exporters and other lenders,
it could be borrowed by countries with
balance of payment problems
caused by the oil-price rise.
OPEC countries deposited surplus oil profits
in foreign banks;
the banks loaned the money to
gov's in need of financing
balance of payment deficits
who then used the borrowed money to
buy more oil and other imports,
thereby keeping the economy flowing .
. Saddam was becoming globally disruptive,
and had to be stopped .
. strangely, Saddam soon gave them
a chance to attack him,
when he decided to attack Kuwait .
[ if he was still on the CIA payroll,
you might think he was
handing Iraq over to the USA
as part of some plot to surround Iran .]

the Fifth Estate: to sell a war 1992.12.2:
(see video)
. most of the news reports during the Gulf War I
were faked or managed .
they made a story about Kuwait being
so ruthlessly dismantled by Saddam
that babies were thrown out of incubators .
. it's not clear why they would need this story;
because, Kuwait is an important port,
and an oil partner we had agreed to protect
as part of the Petrodollar system, true?
. the USA public was leary of
going to war over oil interests;
so, they needed to energize pro-lifers
who are about half USA's voting public .]

1990.9.11 G.H.W. Bush's NWO speech

Address Before a Joint Session of Congress:
"the crisis in the Persion Gulf
as grave as it is,
also offers a rare opportunity
to move toward a historic period of cooperation:
out of these troubled times, a 5th objective,
a New World Order can emerge ..."
-- a New World Order speech
signaling the intent of the illuminati .

2001, the 9/11 attacks

[6.20: intro:
. on the 9.11 exactly 11 years after
George H.W. Bush's New World Order speech
there is a New Pearl Harbor (falseflag attack)
-- see Leonard Ulrich remembers 9-11 --
to kick off the USA vs Iran Crusades .
. there would be WMDs in Iraq,
and Terrorist Conspirators in Afghanistan .
. when USA had rebuilt those nations,
it would leave behind military bases,
from which USA will launch an attack on Iran .]

Afghanistan war

. the [seemingly] Frankist royalty of Britain
were involved in Opium wars with China
[ Brits were fighting for free trade of
smokable opium
which was far more addictive
than the orally-taken tincture form
that was innocently popular in Britain .]
. the royalty didn't just tax opium dealers:
it actually owned the company,
and that's why the company was militarized;
as soon as USA took over Afghanistan,
it had a booming opium production
(in 2007, USA controls over 93%
of global opium supply);
[ but, USA doesn't benefit from this,
so, what is the connection?
consider the gemini factor:
USA needs to become popular with Afghanis
otherwise there is too much messy suicide,
and USA looks like another dictator;
so, what's the twin connection ? ...]

. some Afghan leaders being paid by the CIA
do have ties to opium distribution;
[5.24: so, in this way,
the CIA can fund its own secret military . 5.29:
. this is important for several reasons:
# the CIA can't really operate secretly
unless it can also keep from disclosing
the amount of cash it's using .
# in the event of a power shift,
such as when a communist president is elected,
or when the elect try to shut down the CIA,
then even if the president owns the military;
the CIA still controls its own military,
that isn't depending on funding from tax payers .

[6.20: consider who the CIA works for:
. if the CIA gets funding from illegal drug trade;
then they depend on people who restrict drug use
most of whom are heads of organized religion;
and, their common enemy besides legal drug use,
is communism or socialism .
. if you think communism is dead,
look at them wail about Obama being a Socialist
with his foodstamps, obamacare, obamaphone
and other wealth distribution efforts
-- all undermining free market motivation
by increasingly taxing us to cover Free Parenting
-- for overpopulators who just won't quit;
because socialists are there milking your profits .]

where are we now?

. what does the bible say about secret societies,
and banker's perpetuating wars,
and creating Israel to start Armegeddon ?

the 10 kingdoms

Revelation 17:
. a woman rides a beast
and the world will have 10 crowns;
. mirroring this,
in 1973 the Club of Rome published
the "regionalized and adaptive model
of the global world system:
report on the progress in the
strategy for survival project
of the Club of Rome .

. it suggests 10 kingdoms which shows a map
with Canada merged with USA;
and indeed this is mirrored by
a North American Union
but this is denied as a conspiracy theory .

who is the woman who rides the beast?

Revelation 17:1 talks about a punishment upon her,
a prostitute who sits on many waters;
ie, contains many nations and languages .
. she is the great city who
rules over all kings .
. such dominant, multi-cultural cities
include  NY, home of the UN .

Revelation 18:11...
And the traders of the earth
are weeping and crying over her,
because no man has
any more desire for their goods,
13 [including] souls of men.
. in that city,
you can buy slaves and souls .

. the USA was allowed to become
the world's biggest debtor nation
when it became bankrupt in 1933,
along with all other nations .
. because your birth certificate is a bond
you are pledged as collateral
on the debt of your nation;
you are traded as a human resource
on the stock exhanges of the world .
especially in NY -- home to  the world's
largest stock exchange .
[6.20: collateral?:
. suppose the USA defaults on its debt;
then we could likely go to war with
those who are owed money;
and, citizens would pay with their lives .]

. at the entrance to NY is the statue of liberty
which is a gift from the freemasons of France
to the freemasons of USA .
. this statue is a woman with
7 rays from her crown,
holding a golden cup of fire .
. 7 rays of initiation .
. it represents queen Semiramis or Mithras
as both have seven rays from crown,
the cup is like that of Ishtar with a Lit Trident;
[ a trident is a 3-pronged spear like the one
held by a popular depiction of the devil;
I could find nothing on Ishtar holding
anything resembling the statue's "trident" .]
Semiramis is the ancient queen of Babylon
[ a fabled daughter of an Assyrian goddess,
and one of the founders of Babylon .
. Mithras is a god of light, truth, and honor,
associated with merchants
and the protection of warriors. 6.20:
. notice how merchants are associated
with the protection of warriors:
the demand for global trade by merchants
would be the primary driver of colonialism,
of invasions bent on disrupting local economies
so that foreigners could trade -- whatever .
. these invasions would often be resented,
and thus free trade required support of warriors .]
. the plaque on the statue says it is
"liberty enlightening the world" .

. if NY is the woman in revelation,
there should be signs of secret societies
preparing for her destruction .
. the dollar's eagle is actually a phoenix
representing old systems being sacrificed
in the process of creating new systems .
. that latin phrase on the dollar
means "new world order" .
[6.18: or:
. it could mean "new secular order"
in contrast to "new religious order"
refering to USA's commitment to
separation of state from church .]

. some Israelis knew 9/11 would happen;
but USA investigators told the public,
that the story on these Israelis was classified .
. they were obviously not treated as
conspiring with the "Terrorists";
perhaps they were a moral conscience,
telling us the 9/11 attack was
really a falseflag operation?
. we knew 9/11 was going to happen;
and so did your CIA and FBI .]

. the political zionists did not intend
that Israel would fulfill Ezekiel 37:14
. Ulrich interprets that verse as
Jews coming to see Jesus as the Christ or Messiah .
6.18, 6.20: but,
that interpretation is defining what it means to
accept Jesus as the Messiah
(it's not what you think it is):
Ezekiel 37: 13-23 says that
the Messiah is a uniting Spirit:

13 And you will be certain that I am ADONAI
by my opening the resting-places of your dead
and making you come up out of your resting-places,
O my people.
14 And I will put my spirit in you,
so that you may come to life,
and I will give you a rest in your land:
and you will be certain that I ADONAI
have said it and have done it,
says ADONAI.
19 This is what Adonai ELOHIM has said:
See, I am taking the stick of Joseph,
which is in the hand of Ephraim,
and the tribes of Israel who are in his company;
and I will put it on the stick of Judah
and make them one stick,
and they will be one in my hand.
... See, I am taking the children of Israel
from among the nations where they have gone,
and will get them together on every side,
and take them into their land:
22 And I will make them one nation in the land,
on the mountains of Israel;
and one king will be king over them all:
and they will no longer be two nations,
and will no longer be parted into two kingdoms:
23 And they will no longer
make themselves unclean with their images
or with their hated things
or with any of their sins:
but I will give them salvation from all their
turning away in which they have done evil,
and will make them clean;
and they will be to me a people,
and I will be to them a God.
6.20: so,
while Jesus was a voice of the unifying spirit,
Israelis can still be spiritually unified
without accepting Jesus as the unifier .
. Jesus was a violent radical
turning over tables in the Temple
(he used a whip to drive out money-changers
who were capitalists doing trades
so that you could buy the animals
that one was required to sacrifice to the god
and give donations in the accepted currency .
. coincidentally,
Israel too was a violent radical;
since many good Jews worried that
Zionism was wrong and not Jewish at all;
yet the Zionists plowed ahead,
driving out the Arabs with a whip
just like Jesus did:
. imagine if you lived in the USA,
and you heard that all the Native Americans
were going to converge on New York
because that land belonged to their ancestors .
. now you New Yorkers would realize
your homes are in a war zone,
because neighboring states will fight
to bring New York back into the USA,
so you will run from your homes .
. now imagine USA military is
hammered by communists and debt,
so that they can't defend New York .
. you New Yorkers are refugees,
homeless in neighboring states,
but there are no jobs for you
because Free Capitalists and overpopulation
have hammered the economy .
. so, all the New Yorkers are still homeless;
but, they are not friendless:
the mafia, KKK and various Christians
all try to terrorize the Native Americans
but they have superweapons from Communists
and they can't be evicted from New York .
. that's what Israel did Arabs and Muslims .]

the future of Israel

. due to the nature of evil, [and good]
sinners can't help but fulfill prophesy .
[ Ulrich suggests we prepare to meet our maker;
and that means accepting Jesus as Christ .
. you saw how Israel is like Jesus
violently throwing people out of Father's house;
now, see how we did accept Jesus
when we accepted the state of Israel ?
. realize we are sinners for that,
and sinners will meet judgment in WWIII;
but, from that fiery nest,
a phoenix will emerge:
the world will finally be dominated
by just one superpower:
that will be the New World Order .]