@realDonaldTrump supporter touts aneta.org #911truther #xfiles

1.30: web.pol/911truther/Trump supporter touts aneta.org:
. some at nytimes.com thought that the
x-files episode "my struggle",
was not funny calling 9/11 an inside job;
because that is a real issue today,
with a Trump supporter (Shaddock) claiming that.
. I was disappointed to find that Shaddock
doesn't seem to believe in Dr.Judy Wood,
since he believes planes hit the towers
(he thinks they were remote controlled)
when in fact there was no evidence of plane debris
except a single plane wheel that was easily planted.
. the site Shaddock is associated with, aneta.org,
seems excited about nanothermite,
as if that explosive could explain all the destruction;
it was obviously some unfamiliar classified technology.

nytimes.com 2016/01/14:
One volunteer leader enlisted by Donald J. Trump
to turn out Iowa voters ...is a “9/11 truther”
with a website aneta.org claiming that the Sept. 11 attacks
were a government conspiracy.
“I got 12 to go to the caucus,
but I don’t know if they will actually vote for Donald Trump,”
said Rick Shaddock, a precinct captain in Fairfield
and the one who maintains the Sept. 11 conspiracy site.
Mr. Shaddock said one of Mr. Trump’s
senior Iowa operatives, Marshall Critchfield,
had told him not to bring up his conspiracy views
when calling voters.
A computer network installer, Mr. Shaddock said
he was disturbed by Mr. Trump’s comments about Muslims.
“It comes across as bigoted,” he said.
“I have customers who are Muslims.”
Although he was not at the Ottumwa rally,
Mr. Shaddock said he would have stood up to object
when Mr. Trump referred to Muslims flying planes
into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.
“That hasn’t been proven,” he said.
“I would have stood up and said, ‘Listen, it was
remote-controlled takeover of the autoland’ ” technology.

ANETA is still looking for any PhD in Physics
with a Hirsch Index >= 40
This requirement has been reduced from H >=50
to make it easier to find a challenger
. Not a Single Top Physicist is Willing to Defend the Official Story

J. E. Hirsch`index to quantify an individual's scientific research output
. the number of papers with citation number ≥h,
as a useful index to characterize the scientific output of a researcher.
. has index h if Np papers [number of papers published over n years]
have at least h citations each.