Romney's smaller fed #2012 #vote

10.30: pol/obama/romney's smaller fed:
. if Romney is for smaller fed,
then what do his perfect court picks do?
. the current abortion law means that
no state may outlaw abortion;
his judges would strike that down
for exceeding the fed's power over the states .
. that would allow states to attract certain people
by making certain abortion laws .

. notice how he differs on Israel though;
it's really the same as abortion:
. actually his policy is consistent,
in both abortion and Israel:
he is protecting a state's interests
from the actions of individuals .]

. in either case, no matter what you choose,
you're letting someone die
(11.1: ie, women or fetuses;
Israel(religious zealots) or soldiers(labor class) )
. so if people die either way,
then the deciding question is:
did you choose liberty or intervention ?

. Romney's intervention defends Israel
against anti-christians and communists;
[11.1: and it defends anti-abortion states
from pro-choice forces .]
. he knows our elites do have the money
for a good cause like Israel,
and they will start paying their taxes
just as soon as they can stop the bleeding
(an obsolete yet growing american labor class).
. I'm glad Romney is for smaller gov;
but, a smaller gov with a bigger heart
would tell Israel there is land of equal size,
right here in usa,
that belongs to Jews exclusively,
just to get Israel out of Islam's hair .

. with obamacare we could routinely check women,
and remind them that late abortions are discouraged .
. if Romney lets some states outlaw abortion;
then he needs to find some way of
holding states accountable for population growth:
his pro-life states are going to be 3rd-worlds;
and then pro-choice states are supposed to
find room for every criminal they produce ? ]