the warmest boots are gifts of the heart

11.30: co.fb/gear/shoes/the warmest boots are gifts of the heart:
LOOK: NYPD Cop Gives Homeless Man Boots,
Photo Goes Viral
You have to like what NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo did
for a barefoot man in Manhattan
one frigid night this month.
I cringed seeing that story,
wondering if the guy was sane eno' to say thanks .

. it's funny I heard this story from someone in Montana;
I was just getting used to Montana weather
(in yellowstone's autumn 1981)
when I found my hiking boots were far too cold
even with wool socks .
. I was so proud of myself inventing warmer footwear:
I wore my pack's shoulder pads under my feet,
wrapped both wooly feet in plastic bags,
and then stuffed all that in a pair of sandals
-- I've never been warmer!
but when I stopped at an overnight charity mission
on the way to visiting my brother in Portland Oregon,
the christians offered me "real" footwear
(like the same workboots I had just scrapped!)
and I was so worried about not hurting their feelings
I just put up with colder feet (mostly on a bus though).
. that pack was expensive, by the way ;)

well-Read neck 6 Pack Holster Belt
(coders: fill with Jolt cola)