Rush`speech & Loughner`violence

7.24: news.pol/purges/mass murder/Loughner/
how Rush and Glen Beck incited him:
Thomas @ townhall.com:
New York Times columnist Paul Krugman
wrote on his blog that the "hate-mongers"
Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck
contributed to the Giffords shooting,
despite later reports that the shooter,
Jared Lee Loughner,
had never listened to their programs.
The discovery that Loughner liked
"The Communist Manifesto" and "Mein Kampf"
forced media types to quickly abandon that smear,
but not retract their comments.
They're running the same play again.
. actually, Krugman still makes sense
but not in the way Thomas assumed:
Rush and Beck represent
the right-wing capitalist views
that america implicitly listens to
as they embrace reaganomics .
. Loughner was pointing out
Hitler's "Mein Kampf"
and Communism's "Manifesto"
in order to tell us that
reaganomics caused his hate
-- and it just so happens
that the icons of reaganomics
include Rush and Glenn Beck .
. so Thomas is right in one way,
but Krugman was right in another way:
Reaganomics -- and its supporters ---
caused the unemployment
that caused Loughner's desperation,
that unleashed a hail of bullets
on the Washington who will not listen
-- won't listen to conservatives
and won't listen to the jobless .
. communism always found jobs,
and Hitler even de-immigrated to make jobs .
. Loughner was all about jobs
or at least relief from homelessness;
too bad he wasn't about real population control
(immigrant control isn't enough).