schiz'ia thought to be related to autism

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How Autism is Changing the World for Everybody

There's not much doubt that autism, along with Asperger Syndrome,
is finally becoming accepted as a normal part of the human fabric.
Even if some people still see autism as a condition that needs to be "treated,"
it's increasingly obvious that people on the autism spectrum
are finding ways to...

. interesting that an article about
people misunderstanding autism
also noted that some had seen autism
as related to childhood schizophrenia;
because, schiz'ia too is quite misunderstood .
. medicals claim it's all about
being detached from reality:
having delusions about thoughts as objects
-- thoughts being sharable between people .
. the truth is,
not being able to control communications
(because thoughts are given to us
-- not made by us) means that
schiz'ia can be a lonely disease
and one filled with much frustration,
popularly known to end in mass murder
(people who think together, die together!?).
. what makes our medicals think that
this thought sharing is delusional?
. it may be delusional to think you control it,
that's where
a belief in the supernatural makes sense;
a belief in god
apparently makes a lot of sense,
but a belief in the devil is in the bible too,
yet even among many religious,
it's downplayed,
just like rational thought about schiz'ia .