hidden drive solved by permissions repair #mac

7.6: mis.cyb/mac.finder/
hiding the internal drive from user acct:

. my user acct's finder can't see anything on the internal drive
but on a visible external drive
there is a working link to a file on the internal drive,
so I know the files are there .
. the admin acct can see everything .
. there are no updates from Apple .
. use the disk utility app to verify and repair mac's permissions:
they are bad, but before fixing, verify disk is healthy .
. others are seeing this last year,
and by 2 authors the terminal was suggested:
sudo chflags nohidden /
-- all but one mac user was not happy about that fix:
one just never came back to verify it worked;
and the other cracked jokes about
finding a fix by downloading xcode .
. I would find later that
Apple's diskUtility.permissionsFix
would fix my problem of finder hiding everything .