laptop suspended over recliner

7.6: proj.cyb/xuw/making it usable from easy chair:
. since my eyes can only see things a foot from my face,
I'm wondering how to make the laptop usable
while sitting in the easy chair:
. my first idea was to use it with glasses;
(I have some cheap prescription swimming goggles
to allow me to see things resting on my lap;
much cheaper than new scripts from the optometrist).
. I need a tray for another ergo kybd,
I'm using a spare 1ftx3ft plywood as tray
and resting it on arms of nearby chair when not in use ..
comfort keyboard

. above that I need a shelf for putting the laptop .
. what a waste of a superfine screen,
isn't there some way to
suspend the laptop over my face?
. I could do like before and
tie a closet rod to a nearby book shelf;
going into the east bedroom to check on
using the rod from that bedroom's closet,
I notice a portable closet rod
that is just wider than the easychair
-- perfect!
laptop suspended
. one thing about using another ergo kybd,
is I'd have to work at
modifying it like the other one,
plus until it's broken in,
it makes a lot more ozone than the old one !
. I'll just use the old keyboard & tray,
and althought it's not easily
resting on the chair's arms,
the plywood I found can serve as a
shelf mounted on chair's arms,
and the usual kybd tray can go on that shelf .

7.12: proj.cyb/xpw/make a stylus:
. this laptop has a touchscreen
if I care to dualboot into Windows XP;
so what can I use in place of my lost stylus ?
. there are no ordinary mech pencils ?!
(I have just the one's where I
modified the tip to get at the chuck,
or where the tip is metal and scratchy)
... ah,
put a sewing pin into the barrel of a mech pencil;
found a decorative pin
that has a round head instead of a flat one .
. attach it by long tether that attaches to
the bar that the xuw is hanging from
(over my face at the easy chair).