Beyond Coal

7.13: news.pol/energy/
natural gas is cheaper than coal!:

. a natural, capitalistic reason to dump coal
has finally arrived -- yahoo!!

7.26: co.pol/pol/energy/
the Production Tax Credit:

Mary Anne Hitt @sierraclub.org
date:     Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 5:00 AM
subject:     Tell Congress: We Can't Wait!

Tell Congress, we can't wait.
Urge them to support incentives for clean energy today!
Scaling up wind and solar power
will not only help reduce our dependence on
dirty coal and other fossil fuels
that are driving climate disruption and extreme weather;
it will also help support
tens of thousands of American jobs
in the growing clean-energy industry.
The bad news is that Congress is on the verge of
letting the wind energy Production Tax Credit expire,
jeopardizing tens of thousands of jobs,
and forcing America to continue relying on the
dirty energy sources that are threatening our climate.
Tell Congress to extend the Production Tax Credit
and ensure that a job-creating industry
can keep up the fight against climate disruption.
With tens of thousands of jobs,
a growing clean-energy industry,
and our future on the line,
there's no time to waste.
Thanks for all you do to protect our environment!
Mary Anne Hitt
Beyond Coal Campaign Director
Sierra Club
Congress: Support Clean Energy and Curb Climate Disruption!
As drought decimates half the country
and wildfires rage in Nebraska and Arizona,
it's all too easy for Americans to see
the effects of climate disruption.
More than 3,800 temperature records were
broken in the first week of July,
and things aren't exactly getting better.

Tell Congress to extend the Production Tax Credit
and ensure a job-creating industry can continue to
keep up the fight against climate disruption.
    Complete the form below with your information.
send your message to:
        Senator Jon Kyl
        Senator John McCain III
        Representative Ron Barber

Thank you for signing our petition
to mitigate climate disruption!
.  the Production Tax Credit (PTC)
to support wind power development
has not yet been renewed.
. it's ironic that some are now worried about
jobs in the clean energy industry;
because, the main cause of global warming
was giving all our manufacturing jobs to China
-- we did that exactly because they have
an utter lack of pollution regulations;
but even if we did our own work cleanly,
the rest of the world might still use China's
care-free coal burning services .
. I wouldn't worry about global warming;
but I am worried about our growing poverty
and our inability to handle the new climate .
. we need a Tax credit for not breeding;
and that would reduce unemployment
thereby having the same effect as job creation .