leukemia from promiscuous kissing

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risk factors for leukemia include promiscuous kissing!:
. risk factors for leukemia include promiscuous kissing!
. One is EBV, the Epstein-Barr herpes virus,
that can inhabit B-lymphocytes and nasopharyngeal cells.
Infection with EBV occurs by the oral transfer of saliva;
90 to 95 % of adults have been infected .
. it also causes chronic fatigue syndrome
but not everyone with leukemia and lymphoma
showed traces of it in their blood work .
. other causes of leukemias include chemical exposures
and ionizing radiation (eg, for treating other cancers).
. one important reason for exporting jobs is that
many 3rd-world countries
don't ban chemicals like benzene
that are needed in manufacturing
but that are known for causing leukemia .
. also interesting note that those employed overseas
can buy the products that are banned here:
cigarette smoking is linked to myeloid leukemias .
. other viruses known to cause leukemias
include HIV and HTLV-1
(the human T-cell lymphoma/leukemia virus).
The HTLV-1 virus is closely associated with
T-cell lymphocytic leukemia,
found in Japan, Africa, and the Caribbean.
. less than 4 percent of those infected with this virus
develop leukemia.
. farmers might be at risk handling cows who have
Bovine leukemia virus;
but cats with feline leukemia virus
are definitely not contagious .
. a high sugar diet can cause it indirectly;
because it leads to kidney and heart disease,
so then Kidney and heart transplantation
require the immunosuppressive drugs
that have been implicated in secondary leukemias.
. finally, a society that spurns eugenics
will never escape from genetic predispositions
to chromosome instabilities .
. adapted from Patient-Centered Guides © 2000
adapted from Barbara B. Lackritz `Adult Leukemia