found a loophole in Atkins 2002

7.20: health/hormonics/found a loophole in Atkins 2002:
. my familiarity with Atkins is limited to
a book he last revised in 2002;
in that book, he suggested that
in determining our carb' allotment,
we didn't need to count the non-insulinemics,
which includes fructose .
. the Zone diet noted that
one way to keep your blood sugar up,
is to get generous amounts of certain proteins
(chicken, fish, egg whites, veg protein isolate,
but not whey protein isolate).
. Dr.Lustig noted that a leading cause of
the liver becoming insulin resistant
is from eating too much fructose;
he also warned us that it was the
combination of glucose provoking insulin
and fructose causing insulin resistance
that was causing the current epidemic of
metabolic syndrome (obesity, fatty liver, ...).
. some with high blood sugar are finding that
their blood sugar is high on awakening
suggesting that for some reason
their liver is being fooled into making
too much glucose .
. one way it can be fooled is insulin resistance:
as it produces glucose,
it knows when to stop because
it detects that levels of insulin are getting high;
but if it's insulin resistant,
it can't hear the insulin signal
and thus continues to produce glucose
even when the {insulin, glucose} are too high .
. therefore,
high glycemics is not exactly the whole problem:
fructose is making the liver insulin-resistant
which makes the liver put out too much glucose;
so, if instead of sugar you had too much
combined fructose and protein,
that too would cause the same hyperglycemia,
without being on a high -glycemic diet ?
. if that 's true,
that's a loophole in the Atkins 2002 diet,
because he allows non-insulinemic carb's
and any amount of any sort of protein .
. most people don't fall into that pitfall
only because fructose is usually combined with
the insulinemic carb's that Atkins controls,
so most on Atkins diet tend to get less of
all sorts of carb's, including fructose .