#911truther Eric Larsen Ph.D

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Eric Larsen,
Emeritus professor at John Jay
College of Criminal Justice, CUNY,
founding Publisher and Editor of
The Oliver Arts & Open Press.
. author of The Skull of Yorick:
The Emptiness of American Thinking
at a Time of Grave Peril
—Studies in the Cover-up of 9/11.
. he gives a review for Dr.Judy Wood's
Where Did the Towers Go?
Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11


USNORTHCOM’s civil support mission:
. domestic disaster relief operations that occur during
fires, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.
Support also includes counter-drug operations
and managing the consequences of a terrorist event
employing a weapon of mass destruction.
The command provides assistance to
a Primary Agency when tasked by DOD.
Per the Posse Comitatus Act,
military forces can provide civil support,
but cannot become
directly involved in law enforcement.
In providing civil support,
USNORTHCOM generally operates through
established Joint Task Forces
subordinate to the command.
An emergency must exceed the capabilities
of local, state and federal agencies
before USNORTHCOM becomes involved.
In most cases, support will be limited,
localized and specific.
When the scope of the disaster is reduced
to the point that the Primary Agency
can again assume full control and management
without military assistance, USNORTHCOM will exit,
leaving the on-scene experts to finish the job.

habeas corpus:
. a summons with the force of a court order;
it is addressed to a prison official,
and demands that a prisoner be taken before the court,
allowing the court to determine whether the prison
has lawful authority to detain the prisoner.

Treblinka extermination camp:
. between 23 July 1942 and 19 October 1943
the Nazi's rounded up unwanted citizens
and murdered most of them.


As everyone knows, 9/11 has been
“the justification and starting point” for
all manner of destruction, loss, crime, and horror.
Without 9/11, there would have been no “Patriot Act,”
no abuse of FISA and stripping away of privacy rights,
no Military Commissions Act of 2006
with its setting aside of Habeas Corpus,
no implementation of Northcom and
deployment of our own military forces on domestic soil
(for use against who, you might ask?),
and no trashing of Bill of Rights and Constitutional guarantees,
no programmatic and precedent-setting
weakening and eliminating of right and guarantees
so that the very concepts of “citizenship” and “freedom”
have been emptied out to the point where
setting up concentration camps inside the U.S.
is now legal
and not a one of us would have any recourse whatsoever
if it were decided that we should be thrown into a cell
in one of them and forgotten forever.
“Consider where we’ve come. Torture is legal.
The stripping of habeas corpus is legal,
not just for outlanders but for citizens.
With the Bushiscti’s change of the Insurrection Act,
and with that change’s attendant weakening of Posse Comitatus
—Treblinka would now be legal in America.
Treblinka is now legal in America.”
From his book, The Skull of Yorick, chapter 4,
“The Aftermath of the Great Crime of 9/11:
America Aids in the Staging of its Own Murder,”
page 24 (from The Oliver Arts & Open Press).

Oil-for-profit interests ruled and reigned in 1953,
just as we all know they still do
—providing reason for scientists, writers,
and researchers like Dr. Judy Wood
and John Hutchison
to be maligned, sidelined, and made ignorable
by smokescreen, trickery, and deceit.
[ but if the elites don't hide the Tesla physics
then they have to share such immense power
even with dangers such as the anti-zionists.]
And yet at the same time as
the Earth-rapists’ do all they can to
kill off public awareness of free energy
and to smear and tamp down
socially-conscious research into it,
there are others who are ever so eager to find out
everything they can about it
and to carry on secret programs of research into it.
Who? Well, the militaries of the world, for one.

And so we have the schizoid situation of seeing,
on the one hand, organized calumniation
[ maliciously or knowingly false statements]
and programs of deceit aimed at figures like
Dr. Judy Wood and John Hutchison
for exploring the free-energy tradition of
Nikola Tesla,
while, on the other hand, we have
the demonstration, on 9/11,
for all the world to see,
of just exactly how horrendously destructive
weaponized forms of directed free-energy can be.
[ this is why such power must be hidden
until someone has global control of all power:
wwIII selects the global leader by Fall 2016.]
The inescapable conclusion is that
those who are dictators and controllers of the world
have galloped ahead in their work of
weaponizing free energy
while those seeking, in the tradition of Tesla,
to explore the benefits of free energy for humanity
are ridiculed, silenced, and persecuted.
[. they will be shown to be true by Fall 2016,
when beam weapons -- not nukes -- win wwIII.]