#pol mentals and weiners and savages, oh my!

The Savage Nation: Saving America from the Liberal Assault on Our Borders, Language, and Culture 11.30: 11.31: pol/Dr.Savage
/cannot live by bread at all:
. after listening to Dr.Savage radio
I was rather impressed by this conservative's
interest in nutrition and preventive health,
but from his picture, he appears
far more overweight than Dr.Atkins!
. I know that could be a cultural demand;
because, man cannot live by Beans alone,
(we also need bread, unleavened bread,
bread crumbs, and eat cake you proliferators! ...);
Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security
. well, hey, being 25lb-overweight myself
(160lb on 6ft with an inch on the tummy)
I'm not one to talk,
but as Dr.Savage so emotionally reminds us
(with an Amygdala hijacking on steroids):
my right to free speech should not be banned
(even by a foreign nation!)
no matter how one-sided and opinionated I am!

. I'm sure Dr.Savage has a
comprehensive knowledge of his subjects;
but, he doesn't rise to Ph.D stature on the air;
rather, he appeals to political sports fans .

. I wonder if his books are as one-sided?
# Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder:
Savage Solutions, 2005,
# The Savage Nation: Saving America from
the Liberal Assault on Our Borders, Language, and Culture, 2002,
# The Enemy Within: Saving America from
the Liberal Assault on Our Churches, Schools, and Military, 2003 .
# Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack
on Our Borders, Economy, and Security, 2010
Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions
. Liberalism is a Mental Disorder?
my friend,
if you're interested in mental disorders
please investigate our conservative-backed
love-goes-psycho overpopulation competition .

. Dr.Savage often flies in a rage about Obama
as if he were the quintessential icon of
pure, evil, conservative defeat;
but while a popular attack is his economy,
Savage's primary motivation is
Obama's being an anti-zionist,
forsaking our unconditional military support
of Israel .
. well, that sounds down-right unamerican
doesn't it?
but have you seen what zionism means?
Israel's roman empire ouster
was 2000 years ago, while in recent times
good german and russian jews
have thought that zionism (a return to Israel)
was mere escapism -- that is, until
suicidal Nazi's and disloyal Stalinists
forced their march to Zion .
. ever since then,
the conservatives have made zionism
part of their anti-communist game;
basically because
the conservatives are mostly christians,
and the newly formed USSR
had tossed out all theocratic competitors,
esp'ly and massively, christians and jews .

. what Obama said is
if Zionists want to get pride-crazed
about ancestral homelands
-- even when the money and the security
is in staying mobile and diplomatic,
then support depends on happy neighbors .

. I would additionally add that we should
offer to carve a New Israel out of USA;
basically because Jews deserve better than
a future of islamic bomb threats .
. if conservatives are feeling so yummy
about a reservation for the Jewish Nation
then why don't they impose it
on their own yahoos,
instead of carving into the Islamic empire
whose very theocratic constitution
requires assimilation rather than
tolerating segregation or integration ?

. I found some federal ocean beach too:
Tongass National Forest
how about southward (oregon)?
Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
-- see also oregon/wa rivers,
california rivered areas,
and cali'wild rivers .

8.4: pol/Dr.Savage/red diaper bad:
. Dr.Savage said he was radio'ing a warning
when clinton-era dem's and corporate repub's
sold our tools to the chinese in the 90's .
. he's implying that this is a natural
for any dem, but not for a repub
except a corporate shill?
. what repub is not a corporate shill?!
. well if neither party's platform
can possibly work,
there doesn't seem to be a compelling reason
for a saint to show up in either one;
or conversely,
a saint could make either platform work;
moreover, Dr.Savage could be right about
dem's being essentially a corporate shill;
because dem's are about world peace,
and their ambition is to use globalization
both to bring modernity to the 3rd world,
and apease the NIMBY environmentalists
who don't want corporate pollution .

. but, fixing the system takes a revolution;
people will overpopulate and yet expect jobs;
while other people are asking Mr.poverty
to just put an abstinence on it;
Mr.poverty oblidges by
being an abstinent father!
. hey!, with a voter base like that,
there's not much room for saintly socialism
unless you're a militant dictator!
. chinese communism is good communism;
because, they dictate parental limits .]

. Dr.Savage has also refered to dem's as
socialist liberals,
and red diaper babies,
(children of a supressed communist party).
. like other radio conservatives,
he assures us that Reaganomics is the way,
as if our economic problem
is due to a suppressed investor class .
. Dr.Savage needs to help me out here:
I seriously thought it was
the rise of automation that was
taking our jobs even if slaves weren't;
at least the dem's were looking at welfare,
whereas the repub's expected the
friendless Mr.poverty
to be converted to LUDI-CHRIStianity,
and then get packed into a homeless shelter .
Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability: Getting & Keeping Your Benefits
8.5: 8.30: news.pol/Dr.Savage
/ssdi, di, di, die!:
. Dr.Savage is again reminding us
that psychiatric cases are
using ssdi like welfare .
[does he do this all the time?
or am I just lucky to catch him
on my random breaks? ]

. well he's right on 2 counts:
# economics:
. it's a major source of social security losses,
and we need to minimize federal funding
because control at that level
is inherently dictatorship;
whereas control at the state level
is supporting per-state experimentation
and is therefore just good science .
# ethics:
. children are becoming a major victim of
the bizarre terms of SSI eligibility
(Supplemental Security Income)
which pay parents to medicate behaviors
which routinely involves the use of
anti-psychotics designed only for
violent schizophrenics
because of the drugs' health risks .
. although Dr.Savage may be aware of
how we are plagued by such child abuse,
I never heard him mention such a concern
during either time he was berating us
for mental-case SSI abuse .
. he must be sympathetic to the
over-medication of children
because he wrote a book on it:
Healing Children Naturally,
published under his original name,
Michael Weiner,* 1993,
republished under the name
Michael Savage, Ph.D., 2007
Healing Children Naturally. It shows that food is the best medicine
to improve a child's IQ,
and deal with some of their behaviors .

. not only is a mental-case diagnosis
being used as a path out of poverty;
but the poverty-driven criminal
is abusively getting tagged as mental
to inflict bizarre punishments
-- look at mass-murderer Loughner:
Unhinged, All Right: Jared Lee Loughnerhe's an obvious case of rage against
being doomed to homelessness
after being denied an army job,
pressured by pioneering parents,
and given the queer treatment
by his online gamer associates .
. yet he's getting mental treatments
as part of being fit to stand trial
-- it's just an unconstitutional scheme
for cruel or unusual punishment .
. court battles are switching him off and on
a painfully addictive drug
(sudden withdrawal causes severe weepy anx)
that is also a pain to be on
(endless hunger and boring restlessness).
. I'm not saying the guy doesn't deserve it,
but does your constitution deserve this?

. so, SSI is being abused as welfare;
but, what should we do in place of SSI?
. don't you just love how conservatives
put the poor and abandoned on the strEat
where they can victimize the working poor ?!
. did Loughner shoot anyone you know?
my congressman had answered one of my emails
just weeks before she was attacked by him .

. if we had good population control
Tough Love & Parablesthen we could easily afford
true psychiatric cases;
in the meantime,
welfare needs to get over
our need for privacy;
before it can be done cheaply .
. we could afford
childhood mental cases now
by requiring SSI parents to
live in co-op's
where they would use
Tough Love techniques
like parent swapping
and applying authority as a parenting gang .

. there need be no young adult joblessness
because we would need them to replace the
immigrants workers who will be scarce
after we remind immigrants
that there is no cash pay,
and therefore nothing to send
back to foreign families;
there is only a dry bed, fresh food,
basic health care, and worker's compensation
(free room & board until healed).
. eno' of capitalistic conservatives
gleefully abusing these desperate immigrants,
exposing them to pesticides
or repetitive strain disorders
and then not paying their healthcare bill .

. but welfare will be needed at some point
in an age of increasing automation
-- even without globalization;
and welfare should be granted strategically
to promote population reduction .

. welfare should require that
recipients are to have no children;
marriage licences should require
an educated good citizen exam;
and fornication should be treated as
a form of addictive drug abuse;
moreover, unplanned pregnancy should be
Herbs That Heal: Prescription for Herbal Healingtreated as child abuse .
(if the father is known,
he is soley responsible;
if he is not,
she is treated like a controlled substance
in need of close supervision).

. welfare cases should be required to do
community service like reading to children
while being supervised by daycare staff .
. the college trained welfare cases
should be required to speak a wide vocabulary
to train the brains of our daycare'd newborns .
. recipients should also be school tutors;
so then teachers would be
promoted to tutor supervisor
instead of running a lecture all day .

. in addition to Healing Children Naturally,
Michael {Weiner, Savage}*, Ph.D. also wrote
# Earth Medicine—Earth Foods: Plant Remedies, Drugs,
and Natural Foods of the North American Indians, 1972,
# Bugs in the Peanut Butter: Dangers in Everyday Food, 1976,
# The Art of Feeding Children Well ,1982
# Secrets of Fijian Medicine, 1983,
# Getting Off Cocaine, 1984,
#The People's Herbal:
A Family Guide to Herbal Home Remedies, 1984 .
The Antioxidant Cookbook: A Nutritionist's Secret Strategy*:
. I believe Weiner's reason for
changing his name to Savage
had to do with an unfortunate experience
while obtaining his Ph.D:
being ordered to savagely pith-kill animals
after they had been used in experiments
(pithing means crushing their skill;
why don't they use a painless poison?
too cheap?? that is savage) .
The Complete Book of Homeopathy
. he had a book on Alz'prevention,
but he's blaming it on aluminum?
certainly his reviewers misquote him;
in case we aren't clued in yet,
it's the insulin abuse,
and the way brief peaks of high sugar
curdle the proteins
that clog the brain connections .

8.5: 8.30: news.pol/Dr.Savage/ssdi, di, di, die!
/illegal immigrant issue:
. illegal immigration is not even the problem:
the real problem is all forms of overpopulation;
because it creates a huge desperate labor surplus;
which then makes it an employer's market,
and sharply devalues labor,
thereby promoting slave wages .

. overpopulation is driven by, of all things,
that universal religion: free parenting .
. that culture is just like the nazi's:
while Germany's real problem was overpopulation;
their solution was conveniently anti-christ:
they saw some of us are really not us:
"(too many alien immigrants and degenerates) .

. unemployment is never seen as overpopulation;
it's always framed as too much business regulation,
and not eno' consumer confidence .
. a lack of import controls
is a virtual form of overpopulation:
to keep labor appearing valuable,
we should only trade with other fair-play nations
where the population is right-sized;
this will keep wages high without
meddling by unions, or "(liberal dictators) .

. Dr.Savage is constantly attacking liberals,
socialists, and communists,
but at least communism would bother to
find a place off the street for everyone!
. the capitalists gleefuly take advantage of
a bunch of oblivious overpopulating lemmings .
. Dr.Savage equates communists with liberals;
but communists are not liberal with business;
no, business will have to pay for overpopulation
instead of gleefuly taking advantage of it .

. a bad economy is never blamed on
your right to overpopulate .
. do you think there are too many
evil, selfish, lazy people?
you're only half right:
the adjectives all apply
to the one criminal you can't even see:
. some none-of-your-business is owning
all the worlds children;
but we have to be owning
all the resulting unemployment, crime,
and, of course, these alien invasions .